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Robert Lambourne: BIS activity in gold market rose again in August

The bank's gold swaps rose by 10 tonnes from July to an estimated 484 tonnes. The swaps are used to gain access to gold supplies from bullion banks and the gold is then deposited in BIS gold sight accounts at major central banks, such as the Federal Reserve. 

JPMorgan's COMEX Silver Stash: Another New Record High

Read full article on No one is happy about the underperformance of the precious metal equities, but with 'da boyz' in firm control of precious metal prices, we'll have to wait a bit longer for the situation to improve.  I know that Eric Sprott has some comments on this situation in his weekly interview posted in the Critical Reads section below -- and you may find it worth your while to check that out. As per the COT and Days to Cover discussion a bit…

Jeremy Warner: When money dies, gold comes into its own

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Today's London Telegraph has a surprisingly if begrudgingly favorable commentary on gold by the newspaper's assistant editor and economics columnist, Jeremy Warner. Those who follow GATA and gold may find his main point only obvious -- that gold performs splendidly when government-issued money is being devalued -- but then such devaluation is yet to be widely understood by the great mass of users of government money. Those who do follow gold may be most…

Gold & Silver Shine as Fed Targets Bondholders for Capital Losses

The Fed’s printing press won’t save holders of Treasuries and other dollar-denominated financial assets from real losses. In fact, the Fed’s open program of raising inflation rates will ensure bondholders and savers lose purchasing power over time. It’s just a question of how much.

Asian Metals Market Update: Indian Gold Loans

Indian market and gold loan market is still highly unorganized.

Inflation Virus Strikes Fed

One little-noted aspect of central bank policy is how rarely “policy” happens. Officials at the Federal Reserve and elsewhere long ago learned how to achieve their goals without actually doing anything. Creating perceptions is often enough to modify people’s behavior.

Gold & Silver Shine as Fed Targets Bondholders for Capital Losses

Now the question is: Where can investors look for leadership going forward? As would be expected during big down days for equities, gold held up relatively better.

The Law of Long-term Time Preference and Gold Ownership

Deutsche Bank’s Henry Allen recently pointed out that silver was the best-performing asset across the boards thus far in 2020 outperforming even the highly-touted NASDAQ.  “The jump in [the silver] price in July reflected renewed interest by retail investors potentially priced out of gold,” reports German-based refiner Heraeus in its latest precious metals forecast.

Vote Early, Vote Often

Gold is OB. The QE4ever dollars that boost Apple and Tesla also support gold and silver. I expect a correction, but who knows. Long-term, $10,000 gold is coming.

Gold Is the Most Stable Currency in the Long-Term

CPM Group recently released a video showing that gold’s purchasing power declines over time. According to my analysis this is false. Gold’s purchasing power is markedly stable, and outperforms any other currency.

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