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Asian Metals Market Update: Diwali Forecast

Diwali Greetings to all. Comex gold futures rose twenty four percent since last diwali. Comex silver future rose thirty five percent in the same period. MCX Gold futures have risen around thirty one percent between between last diwali and as we near diwali of 2020.

Recent Economic Data: More Fiction Than Fact

As I’ve been detailing on a weekly basis, it appears that most of the sugar high from the Fed’s money printing and the CARES Act has worn off.

The Mother of All Seneca Cliffs… and Virtually No One Is Prepared

After watching the U.S. Presidential Election and the circus sideshow that followed on both Mainstream media outlets, I am quite surprised how much Americans have invested their time, energy, and emotion in either political party when the world is getting ready to enter a GLOBAL DEPRESSION the likes of which we never recover.

Another attempt to help The Wall Street Journal solve the supposed mystery of gold

Today's edition of The Wall Street Journal published another clueless report about what it called gold's failure to function as a safe haven amid financial turmoil.

Complexity Wins Again

Pension funds are going to get devastated in this decade. So are many retirees. And it all comes from bad models on top of more bad models. It’s a big problem. But maybe technology has a solution.

Get Ready for a Post-Election ‘Fed Wave’ of Inflation

A wave of Fed-induced inflation is coming. The only question is how big it will be.

USA is Still Going Bananas

Sit back, relax, have a banana (smoothy, daiquiri, with your corn flakes or straight up). There are only two ways this story can ultimately end. Either a deflationary whirlpool or ole’ von Mises’ Crack-up-Boom.

Joe, Are You Sure You Want the Job?

The Democrats will soon own America's future, but they may come to regret it. The stock market is pumped so full of super-heated gas that it makes the Hindenburg look like a birthday balloon. 

Stimulus, Debt and Gold

In 2021, we will come to a dubious milestone – the fiat money system’s golden anniversary. Pandemic aside, the continuing inability of the U.S. federal government to come to grips with its fiscal problems during those fifty years largely explains the enduring, some would say stubborn, presence of gold in millions of investment portfolios around the world.

Election Day

Well, the day of the U.S. election is finally here. I suppose I could write some sort of elaborate and detailed post about the stakes and the consequences, but what would be the point? The Keynesian train is headed for the cliff, regardless of who's playing engineer for the next four years.

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