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The Fed May 'Cause' You To Get Caught In The Next Crash

The main premise which is universally accepted is that the Fed can simply “print” money and push it into the stock market to cause the market to rally. In this way, the Fed has supposedly supported the market and has caused this rally we have been seeing for many years.

Robert Lambourne BIS gold swaps soared in July, may be at highest level ever

The recently reported July statement of account of the Bank for International Settlements discloses that the bank's use of gold swaps increased strongly that month to an estimated 474 tonnes, up 21 percent from 391 tonnes in June.

The New Red Peril Represents a Golden Opportunity

China, by contrast, is a rising superpower that could in time topple the U.S. dollar’s world reserve status.

A Silver Mystery in Full View

For more than 9 years, starting in April 2011, I have been observing and reporting on a highly unusual development that has continued to this day. Basically, out of nowhere, the physical movement or turnover of 1000 oz bars of silver being brought into and removed from the COMEX-approved silver warehouses erupted from what had occurred prior to April 2011. 

Gold Miners and Inflation

Gold has utility against inflation. But depending on the cyclical backdrop other assets can have better utility than gold against inflation. Where gold really shines is on the counter-cyclical phases when things are falling apart. Then it is unique, as money and as a haven.

Bullion Markets Catch a Breath

Gold bugs may finally be taking their summer (stay)vacation. After months of frenetic activity in the bullion markets, physical buying and selling slowed a bit last week. 

LBMA-COMEX collusion intensifies as CME approves 267 LBMA gold and silver bar brands

In a move which has gone entirely unnoticed in the precious metals markets, but which signals gold and silver bar delivery constraints for the COMEX gold and silver futures contracts, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group (CME), operator of the New York based COMEX, has quietly and under the radar, hugely expanded its lists of eligible refinery gold and silver bar brands that can be delivered against the massively traded flagship GC 100 (100 oz gold) and SI (5000 oz silver) contracts.

Universal Deceit = Universal Basic Income?

A narrow majority of U.S. adults (54%) say they would oppose the federal government providing a guaranteed income – sometimes called a universal basic income (UBI) for all adult citizens, whether or not they work.

Gold Debate: Is A New Gold Standard Coming? (Steve Forbes)

This episode of What’s Ahead walks us through why the volatile value of the dollar and gold may not be issues this November but will be by the 2024 elections. The Federal Reserve is printing too many greenbacks, which means economic trouble ahead.

Business on the Frontline

Small Business in a Pandemic | Temporary, We Thought | More than Hair | A Way Forward | Montana and Puerto Rico

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