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Why These Gold Standardites Are Wrong

It’s widely believed that rising quantity of dollars causes rising consumer prices. And a rising gold price too.

Employment’s Recovery Road Comes to an End

Jobs didn’t get much worse in September, but they stopped getting better.

Gold SWOT: Silver an “Obvious Beneficiary” from Government Stimulus

The best performing precious metal for the week was silver, up 5.97 percent, perhaps related to Goldman Sachs suggesting investors go long with the boost seen from a greater expansion of solar energy.

Fed Chairman Begs Congress to Stimulate Beleaguered Economy

More stimulus is definitely coming. The only question is how many trillions and whether they get dished out before or after the election.

The Fed’s Quest for Higher Inflation: What Could Go Wrong?

The Federal Reserve is warning investors in no uncertain terms that higher rates of inflation are coming. Yet markets, for the most part, have disregarded that warning.

Tom Cloud Update: Some 401K’s Now Considering To Include Physical Gold Investment??

Most 401K’s do not allow investors to include physical gold as part of their portfolio, but this could be changing soon.  With just 1% of Americans moving into physical gold in their 401K, it could push the price much higher.

Central banks are selling gold, FT reports -- or want markets to think so

Of course that's not true. Central banks often accumulate gold for a long time before reporting it, if they report it at all.

Revolving Door at the SPDR Gold Trust – 6 CFOs since 2014

One would think that being CFO of the world’s largest gold-backed ETF would be a prestigious and sought after role. But the recent position holders might beg to differ. So is it a question of WGTS culture, a lack of fit with the CEO, a question of boredom with the WGTS plush Third Avenue offices in Manhattan, or a shock at what is under the hood in the operations of the SPDF Gold Trust?

Precious Metal Price Manipulation Continues

Recent news of settlements and convictions regarding Bullion Bank precious metal price manipulation has led some to believe that the era of price rigging is over.

The Price Of Gold When The Dollar Index Hits 70

There’s been a lot of media/Wall St/blog noise about the relative strength or weakness with the U.S. dollar.  With respect to gold, the daily vicissitudes of the gold price are associated with the daily price variations of the dollar index. This is incorrect analysis.

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