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Live Gold Price

 Bid|Ask 1223.92   1224.09
 Low|High 1217.79   1230.22
 Change -4.10 -0.33%
May 25, 2016 14:43:18 EST
 1 Month -14.045   -1.13%
 1 Year +17.1 +1.42%
  Low|High 1,046.18 1,303.80

Live Silver Price

 Bid|Ask 16.31   16.33
 Low|High 16.20   16.36
 Change 0.09 0.54%
May 25, 2016 14:43:07 EST
 1 Month -0.66   -3.89%
 1 Year -0.8 -4.65%
 Low|High $13.64 $18.01

Live Platinum Price

 Bid|Ask 990.99   998
 Low|High 985.23   1003.55
 Change -7.01   -0.7%
May 25, 2016 13:43:00 EST

Live Palladium Price

 Bid|Ask 529.5   535.51
 Low|High 521   536.5
 Change -1.50   -0.28%
May 25, 2016 13:43:00 EST


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  Wednesday Edition:   May 25, 2016

The Billionaires Are Wrong on Gold
By: Nick Barisheff

With this in mind some billionaires, as well as investors and financial advisors, have the right concept of portfolio diversification but the wrong execution. ETF shares, certificates, and futures contracts are all proxies or derivatives of physical gold. What good is insurance if the insurance company is insolvent when your house burns down? In order to receive the benefits that gold has offered for thousands of years, investors need to own physical gold, not a financial asset, derivative, or gold proxy.

Top 10 Countries with Largest Gold Reserves
By: Frank Holmes

Beginning in 2010, central banks around the world turned from being net sellers of gold to net buyers of gold. Last year they collectively added 483 tonnes—the second largest annual total since the end of the gold standard—with Russia and China accounting for most of the activity. The second half of 2015 saw the most robust purchasing on record, according to the World Gold Council (WGC).

By: Bill Holter

Have you ever wondered "who" would be blamed this time around? To this point, we speak about the "Lehman moment" when we look back at 2008. Of course it was not Lehman's fault as they were forced, sacrificed or purposely destroyed, however you'd like to describe it. The way I saw it, the banking system needed an injection of capital, cheap capital and lots of it. The only way to get public funds was to "create" an emergency BEFORE the emergency became all engulfing, this is exactly what they did.

All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go
By: Market Anthropology

"In difficult times, fashion is always outrageous"
Fool me once shame on you, fool me three times, well – that’s a trend. Despite the incessant clarion calls from the deflationist’s camp that the waters are once again lapping at the levees, we see a more pragmatic outcome developing, one that turns the capital tide from our shores to theirs, on the back of a weaker US dollar and rising inflation expectations.

Gold: Just the Facts Ma’am
By: Trader Dan

Considering the amount of gold that has been added since that time (66 tons), a 4 ton reduction is minor. What we will not want to see however is a PATTERN of falling reported gold holdings. That has been the one bright spot for gold that has held steady even in the face of weakness on the gold chart at the Comex. If this changes, then we have an issue.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Gerald Celente and Chris Waltzek

Head of the Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente outlines the bullish case for gold - the yellow metal is up 15%+ in 2016.
According to the Trends Research Institute, gold is destined to cross $1,400 on the way to $2,000 an ounce.
In the US, crushing debt and meager annual incomes of approximately $30,000 make buying a home and rearing a family unaffordable luxuries for the masses.
Modern financial markets are plagued by numerous unprecidented economic developments.

Can The Complex Break Out Sooner Than Most Believe?
By: Avi Gilburt

Back in April, the Fed made it clear that they want to hike interest rates several times this year. And, when the metals complex began to rise after that announcement, many were certain that the Fed was the catalyst that made the complex rise. This past week, the Fed released the minutes from its last meeting, which contained no surprises, and restated their plans. Yet, instead of the market reacting in the same way as its last statement of raising rates this year, the metals went in the exact opposite direction.

The Banksters Should Be Careful What They Wish For
By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks

Bears were trapped at Tuesday’s close, victims of last week’s hawkish announcement from the Fed. Ordinarily, expectations that the fed funds rate may be about to rise by 25 or perhaps even 50 basis points would not be cause for celebration. This time, however, Wall Street seems emboldened by its ability to take the Fed’s best punch without buckling. The initial price gyrations on the most recent Fed kabuki gave way to a short squeeze rally that has added 411 points to the Dow in the last four days.

US Dollar, Back from the Grave?
By: Rambus

As the US dollar is the key driver going forward lets take a look some charts which are showing it has likely bottomed and is reversing back up. Below is a daily chart which shows the one plus year trading range. We’ve discussed in the past that a false breakout, of an important trendline, can lead to a big move in the opposite direction. Remember the false breakout the HUI and other precious metals stocks had back in January of this year that led to this massive rally we’ve enjoyed up until today?

“Gold and Silver Bottom Is In” – Silver Guru tells Max Keiser
By: Mark O'Byrne, GoldCore

“Gold and silver bottom is in”, renowned silver analyst David Morgan tells Max Keiser on the Keiser Report and warns about paper and digital proxies for money and gold. Morgan, also known as the ‘Silver Guru’ of the, talks to Max about the gold, silver and global bond markets and the ponzi scheme that are these markets.

  Tuesday Edition:   May 24, 2016

Gold Seeker Closing Report: Gold and Silver Fall About 2% and 1% While Stocks Rise
By: Chris Mullen,

Gold Mining Buy-Out Binge Coming, And That’s A Mixed Blessing
By: John Rubino

Northwest Territorial Mint Scandal: Investors Had Fair Warning on This Blowup As Well
By: Clint Siegner

Gold and Silver Price Update #1
By: Stephan Bogner

Gold's Gentle Price Correction
By: Stewart Thomson, Graceland Updates

Hecla to Acquire Mines Management
By: Mines Management, Inc.

Former IMF economist asserts that gold is money as good as government bonds
By: Chris Powell, GATA

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Bob Hoye and Chris Waltzek

Gold Takes a Breather ... Is this the Buying Opportunity Investors Are Looking For?
By: Frank Holmes

Tired Stock Market Needs More Fed Mumbo-Jumbo
By: Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks

Gold and Silver Market Morning: May-24-2016 -- B o J warns on Yen intervention!
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold Forecaster

World’s Largest Asset Manager Says “Perfect Time and Place” For Gold
By: Mark O'Byrne, GoldCore

Asian Metals Market Update: May-24-2016
By: Chintan Karnani, Insignia Consultants

  Monday Edition:   May 23, 2016

Gold Seeker Closing Report: Gold and Silver End Slightly Lower With Stocks, Dollar, and Oil
By: Chris Mullen,

GoldSeek Weekly Radio: Peter Grandich and Ralph Acampora
By: Chris Waltzek, GoldSeek Radio

Greed and the Bible
By: Captain Hook

Zombie Economy Soon to Have its Zombie Epocalypse
By: David Haggith

Rand Gold Price Signals A September 2001-Type Event In The Financial Markets
By: Hubert Moolman

SWOT Analysis: Following Fed Minutes, Where Will Gold Go Next?
By: Frank Holmes, US Funds

Chart of the Day is $GOLD (Time to Hedge Metals Positions)
By: Gary Savage

Own Gold As “Extremely Low-Risk Asset” – Rogoff Advises Creditor Nations
By: Mark O'Byrne, GoldCore

Gold and Silver Market Morning: May-23-2016 -- Fed concerned Yen intervention, wants weaker dollar!
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold Forecaster

  Sunday Edition:   May 22, 2016 Radio: Ralph Acampora and Peter Grandich, and your host Chris Waltzek

Did AMAT Chirp? Implications for the Economy and Gold
By: Gary Tanashian

The Gold Chart That Has Central Banks Extremely Worried
By: Steve St. Angelo, SRSrocco Report

Gold Bull-Phase I Continues to Confound (The Trek to “Known Values”)
By: Plunger

Japan and US at G7 – Agree to Disagree
By: Dan Norcini

Stock Share Buybacks Now Bought Out — American Enterprise in Decline
By: David Haggith

Chart of the Day - $SPX NO BEAR MARKET
By: Gary Savage

Buy Silver – “Best Precious Metals Trade”
By: GoldCore

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May 25, 2016 13:43:18 EST
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May 25, 2016 13:43:08 EST
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May 25, 2016 13:43:04 EST
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May 25, 2016 13:43:10 EST

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