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  Friday Edition:   October 02, 2015

Gold Seeker Weekly Wrap-Up: Gold and Silver End Mixed on the Week
By: Chris Mullen,

Gold jumped up to as high as $1141.02 by midmorning in New York before it drifted back lower at times, but it still ended with a gain of 2.06%. Silver surged to as high as $15.309 and ended with a gain of 4.67%.

COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - October 2, 2015

COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - October 2, 2015

Tinder Box
By: Gary Tanashian

We have been using the Tinder Box theme in NFTRH lately. As in, stock market sentiment is so bleak, so depressed as to be a Tinder Box with the elements to ignite a flame that bounces the market, to clear the over bearishness at least.

Inflation via gold revaluation could take just minutes but probably needs longer
By: Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, GATA

First, somebody is massively short gold in the fractional-reserve gold banking system. The short position is probably shared between central banks, bullion banks, mining companies, and ordinary investors. A sudden spectacular rise in the gold price could destroy some of those institutions and people, unless force majeure could be declared to nullify their obligations or government agreed to assume them. There would be immense legal difficulties there.

Fed’s Serious Inflation Risks
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence

Traders today universally believe inflation is dead, that there is no persistent decline in the purchasing power of money. That’s what government price indexes around the world are indicating. But this false notion is one of recent years’ main Fed-conjured illusions. Price inflation is the result of rising money supplies, and they have been skyrocketing. Serious risks are mounting that they will spill into price levels.

Non-Farm Payrolls: There’s Not Enough Lipstick In The World To Pretty Up This Pig
By: Dave Kranzler

Well, now we know why they aggressively and blatantly tried to push gold as low as possible this week. Is this the best they got? I am not going to discuss the actual details of what was reported in today’s NFP (non-farm payroll report). This serves no purpose other than to imbue the numbers that were reported with some sense of legitimacy. The numbers are a fairytale and I’m not in the business of engaging in a debate over the “finer points” of fantasy-derived fiction.

Outside the Box: A Worrying Set Of Signals
By: John Mauldin, Pierre Gave, and Charles Gave

There is presently a bull market in complacency. There are very few alarm bells going off anywhere; and frankly, in reaction to my own personal complacency, I have my antenna up for whatever it is I might be missing that would indicate an approaching recession.

We Have Some Bad News
By: Justin Spittler

It was the worst quarter for U.S. stocks since 2011. Stocks around the world dropped too. The MSCI All-Country World Index, which tracks 85% of global stocks, also had its worst quarter since 2011. The STOXX Europe 600 Index, which tracks 600 of Europe’s largest companies, fell 10%. It was the worst quarter for European stocks since 2011 as well.

Chinese And Russian Central Bank Continue To Add Gold To Official Reserves: 16 and 31 Tonnes In August
By: Koos Jansen

The People’s Bank Of China (PBOC) has added 16 tonnes of gold to its official reserves now totalling 1,694 tonnes in August 2015. The gain in August is the third monthly increment in a row after a period of silence by the PBOC since 2009. The change in reporting, the amounts reported and the fact the gold is mark-to-market is a clear sign of a strategy not merely aimed at SDR acceptance. More so to prepare for a post-dollar international monetary system.

Knockout Punch for Gold Bugs
By: Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT

Two months ago the precious metals complex became extremely oversold and ripe for a rebound. Two months later and the overbought condition and bearish sentiment has been alleviated to some degree. Sadly for bulls, Gold barely rebounded while both Silver and gold miners performed worse. The broad precious metals sector appears to be in position for a breakdown that could be a knockout blow to gold bulls and gold bugs.

Does a big surge in silver coin sales worldwide indicate a price hike like 2009-2011 is coming?
By: Peter Cooper

A recent Reuters report about surging silver coin sales all over the world (click here) has precious metal investors wondering if this is not an early sign of the sort of increased physical metal demand that would surely precede another big take-off in silver prices like in 2009 to 2011 when silver rocketed from $8.50 to $49.50 an ounce, still just short of its 1980 all-time high.

India Issues Its First Sovereign Gold Coin… to Curb Gold Imports
By: Frank Holmes

Gold tends not to leave India once it enters. As the world’s largest importer, the country consumes massive quantities of the yellow metal—it’s on track to take in 900 tonnes of the stuff this year—where it remains in private families’ coffers, mostly in the form of jewelry and decorative heirlooms. It’s estimated that less than 10 percent of all Indian gold demand is in bars and coins.

The 10th Man: How to Fix This
By: Jared Dillian

This is a pickle wrapped in a conundrum surrounded by a puzzle, or something like that. The Fed declined to hike rates, which everyone thought was bullish, and then stocks got on the vomit comet. They’ve been going down on an elevator ever since.

Market Report: End-quarter influences
By: Alasdair Macleod

In a generally quiet week, gold and silver prices were marked down in thin trade towards the quarter-end, when traders make up their books, with gold falling $32 to $1114.5, and silver by 58 cents by the close on Thursday night.

Gold and Silver Market Morning: Oct-2-2015
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster - Global Watch

New York closed with the gold price at $1,114.30 down from $1,116.00. With China closed and the pre London opening seeing the gold price fall to $1,110 we find it difficult to accept such a fall when no market is open. When London opened the gold price slipped again to be set at $1,106.30 at the LBMA gold setting. The dollar Index was at 96.30 at the time and the dollar trading against the euro at $1.1165. In the euro the fixing was €990.86 down from €998.48. Ahead of New York’s opening gold was trading at $1,107.3 and in the euro at €992.12.

Silver coin demand is absolutely through the roof” – Perth Mint
By: GoldCore

If the continuing depression in precious metal prices has a silver lining, it is the enormous surge in demand world-wide for silver. With most mints and brokers experiencing higher than expected demand for silver coins, many are having to set weekly sales quotas after record coin sales.

  Thursday Edition:   October 01, 2015

Gold Seeker Closing Report: Gold and Silver End Mixed
By: Chris Mullen,

“Triggers and Trepidations” – with Graham Mehl
By: Andy Sutton

What Two Risks From Rising Interest-Rates Could Each Trigger A New Global Crisis?
By: Daniel R. Amerman, CFA

Is The Fed Preparing for QE4… Or Even Worse – “Helicopter Money”?
By: Gordon T. Long

NIRP, its likelihood and effect on commodities
By: Alasdair Macleod

Get Your Physical Silver … Dow About To Crash Like October 1929?
By: Hubert Moolman

Gold Cycle Running Out of Steam
By: Bob Loukas

The Great Illinois Gold Rush!
By: Gary Christenson

Stocks Are FINALLY Beginning to Understand the Currency Crisis
By: Graham Summers

Gold bugs hope they’ve put the weakest quarter of the year behind them as prices rocket in many local currencies
By: Peter Cooper

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Harry S. Dent Jr. and Chris Waltzek

GoldCore Quarterly Review by Dr Constantin Gurdgiev
By: GoldCore

Gold and Silver Market Morning: Oct-1-2015
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold Forecaster

Asian Metals Market Update
By: Chintan Karnani, Insignia Consultants

  Wednesday Edition:   September 30, 2015

Gold Seeker Closing Report: Gold and Silver Fall But Miners Gain
By: Chris Mullen,

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Bill Murphy and Chris Waltzek

Gaining 1 Million Followers on Twitter is Amazing. Doing it in 24 Hours is Mindblowing.
By: Randy Hilarski

What it means when gold sells at a NEGATIVE price…
By: Simon Black

Central Banks’ secrecy and silence on gold storage arrangements
By: Ronan Manly

Can the Rally Continue?
By: Avi Gilburt

What could reverse the global market decline?
By: Clif Droke

PREPARING FOR COLLAPSE: Record Eight-Year Silver Buying Intensity Continues
By: Steve St. Angelo, SRSrocco Report

Inca One Reports Fiscal 2016 First Quarter Results
By: Inca One Resources Corp.

Gold Standard Expands 2015 Exploration Program to Include New Drilling at High Grade North Bullion Deposit
By: Gold Standard Ventures Corp.

China Boosts Gold Reserves 1% in August, Diversifying Assets
By: GoldCore

Gold & Silver Market Morning: Sept-30-2015
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold Forecaster

  Tuesday Edition:   September 29, 2015

Gold Seeker Closing Report: Gold and Silver End Mixed With Stocks
By: Chris Mullen,

Speaker Boehner Readies Final Sellout As Debt Ceiling Debacle Looms
By: Stefan Gleason

Junk Bond Market Imminent Collapse Threatens (Unwelcome) Big Rate Rises
By: Clive Maund

Somebody call Warren Buffett - quick.
By: Peter Degraaf

Lack of liquidity!
By: Bill Holter

All The Marbles
By: Captain Hook

QE, Gold Stocks, and Money Velocity
By: Stewart Thomson

The Difference Between Gold and Debt
By: Gary Christenson

All Bad at 0%?
By: Axel Merk

Connecting the Dots: Wall Street Carnival Barkers, Cheerleaders, and Fools
By: Tony Sagami

Not Enough Gold To Pay All Holders Of Gold Obligations
By: Hubert Moolman

It’s Time to Get Your Gold Out of the U.S.
By: Ted Bauman

Peter Schiff at Jackson Hole Summit: The Monetary Roach Motel (Video)
By: Peter Schiff

How Will These Leaders of 4 Billion People Change the World?
By: Frank Holmes

Xi, Putin Stay at Chinese Owned Waldorf – Obama Snubbed
By: GoldCore

Gold and Silver Market Morning: Sept-29-2015
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold Forecaster

Asian Metals Market Update
By: Chintan Karnani, Insignia Consultants

  Monday Edition:   September 28, 2015

Gold Seeker Closing Report: Gold and Silver Fall With Dollar, Stocks, and Oil
By: Chris Mullen,

Gold Resource Corporation Declares September Monthly Dividend
By: Gold Resource Corporation

Glencore Could Trigger A Global Derivatives Nuclear Meltdown
By: Dave Kranzler

Tech Digest: Benefits of Fasting and Beets as a Legitimate Super Food
By: Patrick Cox

SWOT Analysis: Gold Traders Bullish
By: Frank Holmes

The Cotton Candy Market
By: Keith Weiner

Swiss Competition Commission investigates UBS and JuliusBaer on possible collusion in PM trading
By: Koos Jansen

Asian Metals Market Update
By: Chintan Karnani, Insignia Consultants

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