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Live Gold Price

 Bid|Ask 1072.27   1072.37
 Low|High 1063.29   1074.73
 Change 7.33 0.69%
Dec 01, 2015 02:26:08 EST
 1 Month -69.83   -6.11%
 1 Year -133.57 -11.08%
  Low|High 1,052.80 1,307.64

Live Silver Price

 Bid|Ask 14.19   14.20
 Low|High 14.06   14.22
 Change 0.10 0.72%
Dec 01, 2015 02:25:46 EST
 1 Month -1.37   -8.78%
 1 Year -2.16 -13.23%
 Low|High $13.92 $18.48

Live Platinum Price

 Bid|Ask 838.00   842.46
 Low|High 827.00   840.07
 Change 10.00   1.21%
Dec 01, 2015 02:26:00 EST

Live Palladium Price

 Bid|Ask 543.00   550.00
 Low|High 540.00   547.50
 Change 3.00   0.56%
Dec 01, 2015 02:26:00 EST


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  Tuesday Edition:   December 01, 2015

Comex Conundrum
By: Craig Hemke

So, what happens when the Comex "delivery" process is exposed as a fraud, an illusion and a charade? Does this mean that the Comex paper derivative price can no longer be the basis for physical pricing worldwide? YES IT DOES! That, my friend, is the reason we so diligently chronicle this stuff month after month. And, boy oh boy, it sure looks like December 2015 is going to be a doozy.

Will a GDP Futures Market Be Liquid?
By: Keith Weiner

At the Cato Monetary Conference this week, Scott Sumner said he had a “modest” proposal, that there should be a highly liquid futures market in Nominal Gross Domestic Product (NGDP). This caught my attention, as the futures market is a topic near and dear to my heart (I write about it every week). Sumner is known for his view that the Fed should target NGDP as the basis for monetary policy. So a futures market that predicts it would be convenient. Let’s look at his idea more closely.

Why Argentina’s New Leader Is Good for Latin America and Global Investors
By: Frank Holmes

It might be hard to believe now, but Argentina once ranked among the top 10 wealthiest nations in the world, following the United Kingdom, United States and Australia. Today, however, it’s one of the most corrupt, according to Transparency International, a group that annually measures public sector corruption around the world. In 2014, Argentina ranked 107, sandwiched between Niger and Djibouti.

How are Silver & Gold Bullion Premiums Calculated?
By: JM Bullion

JM Bullion is an online retailer of gold and silver products, from bars to rounds to coins. We deal exclusively in physical bullion, selling gold or silver that is delivered directly to your door. Quality products are one of our top priorities. JM Bullion works directly with mints and distributors, and we inspect all new inventory carefully, ensuring that the products our customers receive are of the highest quality. Our coins come direct from the mint, in brand new, sealed tubes, and the majority of our bar and round products are indicated as “brand new” on their product pages, meaning they ship sealed in plastic and fresh from the mint.

  Monday Edition:   November 30, 2015

Gold Seeker Closing Report: Gold Gains and Silver Slips
By: Chris Mullen,

Inca One Gold Corp. And Standard Tolling Corp. Agree To Modify Agreement
By: Inca One Resources Corp.

COT Gold, Silver and US Dollar Index Report - November 30, 2015

High Anxiety
By: Captain Hook

SWOT Analysis: Mauldin Economics Calls Gold “Universal Deficiency” In Most Investors’ Portfolios
By: Frank Holmes

Can You Handle the Ugly Truth?
By: Bill Holter

A Black Friday for Gold Prices
By: Bob Kirtley

HUI and Gold …Who’s Leading Whom?
By: Rambus

Thoughts from the Frontline: Thanksgiving amid the Threats
By: John Mauldin

Gold and Silver Update 29th November
By: Roland Watson

Strong Markets Weak Metals
By: Warren Bevan

Asian Metals Market Update
By: Chintan Karnani, Insignia Consultants

  Friday Edition:   November 27, 2015

Gold Seeker Weekly Wrap-Up: Gold and Silver End Slightly Lower on the Week
By: Chris Mullen

Stock Topping Valuations
By: Adam Hamilton

One by One the Central Banks Are Losing Control
By: Graham Summers

Winning, but Losing, at the Penny-Pitch: A Look at the Coming Collapse of the European Union
By: Jeff Thomas

Is this the Gold Cartel's end game?
By: Bill Murphy

Silver Eagle Sales To Hit Record… U.S. Mint 2015 Production To Halt Dec 11th
By: Steve St. Angelo

Stealing Deflation
By: Steve Saville

Gold and Silver Market Morning: Nov-27-2015
By: Julian D.W. Phillips

Coming of Age: China’s Yuan To Join SDR Basket As IMF Reserve Currency
By: GoldCore

  Thursday Edition:   November 26, 2015

Triggers in USDollar Collapse
By: Jim Willie CB

Bonds not destined to crash in 2015
By: Sol Palha

If You're Out of the Room, You're Out of the Deal
By: David Smith

Be Careful Out There
By: John Mauldin

Gold and Silver Market Morning: Nov-26-2015
By: Julian D.W. Phillips

Yet More Rigging By Big Banks – This Time It’s Interest Rate Swaps
By: GoldCore

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 Bid|Ask 1.37627   1.37646
 Low|High 1.37274   1.3838
 Change -0.0065   -0.47%
Dec 01, 2015 02:26:24 EST
 Bid|Ask 0.66231   0.66235
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Dec 01, 2015 02:26:22 EST
 Bid|Ask 1.3342   1.33432
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 Change -0.0007   -0.05%
Dec 01, 2015 02:26:21 EST
 Bid|Ask 6.3956   6.3996
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 Change -0.001   -0.02%
Dec 01, 2015 02:25:15 EST
 Bid|Ask 1.05875   1.05878
 Low|High 1.05629   1.05967
 Change 0.0018   0.17%
Dec 01, 2015 02:26:24 EST
 Bid|Ask 66.505   66.515
 Low|High 66.43   66.656
 Change -0.151   -0.23%
Dec 01, 2015 02:26:23 EST
 Bid|Ask 122.931   122.936
 Low|High 122.632   123.273
 Change -0.277   -0.22%
Dec 01, 2015 02:26:20 EST
 Bid|Ask 16.5673   16.5724
 Low|High 16.5471   16.574
 Change -0.0027   -0.02%
Dec 01, 2015 02:26:11 EST
 Bid|Ask 1.50505   1.50537
 Low|High 1.50421   1.51685
 Change -0.0109   -0.72%
Dec 01, 2015 02:26:22 EST
 Bid|Ask 66.1776   66.2164
 Low|High 65.041   66.87
 Change -0.1404   -0.21%
Dec 01, 2015 02:26:16 EST
 Bid|Ask 14.42091   14.42587
 Low|High 14.36217   14.42672
 Change -0.0013   -0.01%
Dec 01, 2015 02:26:21 EST
 Bid|Ask 1.02631   1.02643
 Low|High 1.02573   1.02917
 Change -0.0028   -0.27%
Dec 01, 2015 02:26:24 EST

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