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All Aboard the Stupid Train – Energy, Climate, Voting & Immigration

California demands all new vehicles sold be electric/hybrid vehicles by 2035. Not to be outwoke by CA, Washington State is amping it up by demanding all light vehicles registered be fully electric by 2030! Yet, CA already has brownouts due to overpopulation and drought and wildfires, while Washington State is blowing up five dams that provide the cleanest, greenest electricity in the nation to save the salmon. Where is all the extra, supposedly green energy going to come from?

We use immigration to build a peasant class. Next comes a peasant revolt. Yet, California wants to add as many additional peasants as it can pile in and especially prefers those who don’t obey the law; so, its major cities declare themselves sanctuary cities for illegal aliens and then rot at their core. Never mind that CA already has severe water shortages because it is far from able to hydrate the profusion of people it already has, so it has to import water from the Colorado River, which is now running dry, due in part to extreme overuse.

Next, because of those water shortages, CA won’t be growing enough food to help feed the masses of people the US already has. So let’s ramp up population for the entire US and make sure the illegal ones can vote and let them enter coughing, without any requirement of a Covid test and without the vaccines that are mandatory for many of the rest of us, even as we keep healthy, international athletes who have tested negative for Covid out if they don’t have vaccines.

So much stupid to talk about as we look at democracy’s self-destruction. What can you expect, other than self-annihilation, when you try to make sure people who can’t figure out how to fill in a dot on a ballot get to vote? I don’t care what party you’re from, if you don’t have the brains God gave a pencil so you can’t even figure out the simple instructions on a ballot, I certainly don’t want you choosing the next president of the United States! Being too dumb to know how to vote is a natural self-limiting, protective factor if you just let it be.

To hear the interview as I rant about the stupidity of California and other places where people’s brains have devolved into mud slicks, click the following link:

Destructive Capital

(It’s the interview at the top left of the page. Not all views for the host are views of the guest.)

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