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The Great Reset

There are now two entirely different notions of a coming “reset”. One has been popular among those who speculate on the gold price. They expect a revaluation of the dollar.

Bitcoin Is Free From Counterparty Risk? Not So Much

Hugo Salinas Price is one of the most successful businessmen in Mexico. He also happens to be a brilliant monetary system analyst. In his latest essay, he explains why Governments and Central Banks largely ignore Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, choosing instead to focus their efforts on containing the price escalation of gold and silver.

Time to Sell the News

The stock market is under heavy distribution, and for good reason: Even if the vaccines we've been reading about lately are as effective as claimed, they will be too late to prevent tens of thousands of U.S. business from going under.

The Great 2020 Bailout Bonanza

Let us speak of megabanks and global corporations, chicanery and swine, and speak of how the great have feasted in the troughs of trillions dumped out by the present administration, congress, and the Fed, for 2020 makes the bailouts of the Great Recession look like childhood snacks.

A professor's mistaken disparagement of the gold standard

Of course if governments adopted such a policy, people everywhere probably would remonetize gold as the world reserve currency in less than a week, diminishing the influence of government-issued money and thereby also diminishing government power.

The Great Reset vs. The Great Reset

This is where we are. The hard times we’ve long anticipated are here. That 1931 soup kitchen photo was just the beginning of a long, dark period. It got a lot worse.

Asian Metals Market Update: Gold price trend with Biden Part 2

The real purchasing power of US dollar will sink. This is the time to increase allocation to hard assets.

Media Celebrates after Trump’s Pro-Gold Fed Nominee Gets Blocked

The fact that sound money principles are so out of favor among policymakers and economists may be a contrarian signal that they are needed now more than ever.

Ahead of December COMEX Deliveries

The COMEX futures market was never intended to be utilized as a physical delivery platform, but after the crisis and near collapse of late March, it has been converted into such. 

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