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Technical Scoop: Historic US, divergent indicators, call high, rising yields, gold weight, awaiting inauguration, reign history

Another historic week in the U.S. but markets and the economy continue to rattle on. We are seeing some divergences in the indicators suggesting that volatility could heat up. The put/call ratio hit another record low in favour of calls. Bond yields have been rising and spreads between the short and long end are as favourable as they have ever been. That’s great for banks. Upward pressure on yields has put upward pressure on the U.S. dollar and that weighed on gold this past week.

Bill Murphy: This Asset's Outperformed The Stock Market For 20 Years (And Likely Will This Year Too)

While many gold and silver investors are frustrated that the price hasn’t kept up with the insane amount of money printing taking place around the globe, most are completely unaware that gold has massively outperformed the stock market over the past 20 years.

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - January 15, 2021

COT Silver Report - Positions as of Tuesday, January 12, 2021.

While We’re Waiting for Gold, Stocks and Energy Still Working

As long as the NASDAQ holds above 13K, we are still going higher. We have another 2-3 months left to go.

Precious Metals Update Video: We are spending money that we don't have

Gold market is in a bearish phase right now, $1,879 is the resistance point, the 18-week m.a.

Precious Metals Update Video: Game is changing in front of us

Very mixed day, nothing dramatic. Gold market can change its technical set-up, $1,864 is key short-term.

Counter Trend Moves in Currencies Not Over

1.26 area resistance on the Euro to Dollar exchange rate. Expecting a top in the USDX rally early next week. In the same boat as the Euro.. video update.

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold market oversold

Gold has swung from the upper Bollinger band to the lower one. $1,886 is mid-point or resistance level.

Yield Curve Relentlessly Steepens, Gold Builds a Handle

With the levels of MMT ... TMM (total market manipulation) injected in the markets since Ben Bernanke cooked up the diabolical macro manipulation known as Operation Twist I can’t pretend to quant the past to the present…

Gold, Silver, & Platinum: Key Tactics Now

The traditional Chinese New Year “firecracker rally” for gold may be a dud this year, but investors who followed my “buy into $1788 and sell some into $1966” recommendation are in great shape.

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