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Market Updates

Dedollarization & Deglobalization: Got Gold?

$2300 is a current buy zone for gold but it’s small. $2265 is a buy zone for silver and the miners but it’s also small.

Metal Markets...Limited hours on Trade

If it stays just like this and gets over $2352.30, that would give you higher lows and higher highs – and if you close $2350.80 it turns into an all-buy signal.

Gold – Breather or Top Formation

While short-term fluctuations matter, the long-term outlook for gold remains bullish, with prices likely to break records and set new all-time highs.

Metal Markets...oversold and Ready to Bounce?

The market battleground is pretty evident to me – it's the 18-day average at $2351. Moving averages below the market are far away at this point.

Asian Metals Market Update for 18th June 2024

Quarter-end position squaring and rebuilding will start from today and continue for the next two weeks. Gold and silver are holding key short-term supports.

Gold SWOT: Gold ETF Holdings Saw Their First Monthly Inflow in 12 Months, Totaling $529 Million

The best performing precious metal for the past week was gold, up 1.00%. The World Gold Council (WGC) published its gold ETF flow data for May this week.

Technical Scoop: Fed Unchanged, Precious Lid, Oily Bounce

Gold has gained some 35% since that low last October 2023 so pullbacks are not unusual. Despite the current correction the trend remains firmly to the upside.

Gold, Crypto, & Oil

Gold: with wave *iii*, wave ^i^ ended 2151.00, and wave ^ii^ at 1923.50. We are now rallying in wave ^iii^, which a projected endpoint of: ^iii^ =- 2.618^i^ = 2568.70.

Gold Firms; Fed Squirms

By the big picture, Gold’s sub-2000 days really do now appear permanently histoire, with an inevitable run to 3000+ in the balance.

COT Silver Report - June 14, 2024

Positions as of 11 June, 2024

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