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How Bad Is Your FOMO?

But, if you are viewing markets from an intellectually honest perspective, then you would realize that it just doesn't matter.

Gold Update Video: Trend down, bias up -- not a clear picture

Lower highs, lower lows -- that's a downtrend until the market gets above $1,812.70.

Gold SWOT: Gold Exploration Budgets Increased 43% Y/Y to $6.2B in 2021

$6.2 billion in 2021, outpacing the 35% increase in the global nonferrous exploration budget.

Building the Mother of All Tops

The stock market's strong rally during the traditionally difficult month of October has left many wondering what it will take to pop the bubble.

Gold Update Video: This is where the market is battling

The weekly Bollinger bands have not been in play for a while. Bands are narrowing, is it bearish or bullish?

Asian Metals Market Update: Diwali 2022 Forecast for gold and silver

Fundamentals suggest that silver should blast off to $50.00 over the next twelve months. To me silver is an investment at current price for 2022 Diwali.

Gold Update: Use This Period to Accumulate

Gold is vulnerable to more attacks on Monday morning. What could very well happen, a marginally lower low..

Precious Metals Update Video: Shortages are inflationary

Gold's bias is back up. The battle remains clear.

Gold Update: To the Moon? Probably Not Yet

Here is the problem with gold. The last three times gold tried to get above the 200 d.m.a., it was not long before there was an attack

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