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Once Dollar Strength Abates Metals Should Get a Bid

Debt-limit drama continues. The metal markets getting cracked and getting cracked hard. On the daily chart, shows gold oversold..

Gold Correction Underway, Don't Buy Too Soon

What tends to happen in these situations is stop losses are triggered and positions are liquidated, overshooting the move. I doubt the correction will be over until the uptrend line is broken..

Rise in Interest Rates is Big Headwind for Metals

I am not convinced that if you get to a debt-limit deal, that you can get this by June 1. Nobody is going to agree to a long extension. Gold down nearly a $100 from its recent near record highs. Silver cracked.

Inflation In 2023: A Lull In An Era

While debt, war, de-dollarization, the Fed, and new Chinese gold-linked bank accounts get the headlines, investors should also stay focused on key oscillators, support and resistance zones for gold..

Debt Ceiling Meeting on Tuesday Afternoon

Gold is at the battle ground point where decisions are made on where the next trend will be.

Gold SWOT: China added to its gold reserves for the sixth consecutive month

In April, China increased its gold holdings by about 8.09 tons, bringing the total to approximately 2,076 tons, following a 120-ton increase in reserves in the previous five months.

Technical Scoop: Dominating themes, real crisis, Canadian strength, cheap mining, stock divergence, energy bottom

The commodity sector, materials, metals, golds, and energy were beaten up last week. But they remain the most intriguing to own.

The Rally in the US Dollar is a Big Headwind

Gold is fighting a huge battle! Gold on a closing weekly basis is above it... by $5. Market has a bullish higher lows and higher highs, good. Overbought in an uptrend. This is what bothers me..

Asian Metals Market Update: Have Gold and Silver Formed a Short Term Top?

Chinese economic growth has disappointed in April. This is the sole reason for the selloff in price of copper, zinc, and aluminum price. Short term technical breakdown added to fears of bulls.

Gold Comes a Bit Undone, but Silver’s Selling is Overdone!

But the more morose lowlight was the comprehensive shellacking of Silver, her selling overdone indeed!  And it all happened in just these last two trading days..

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