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Gold Weekly Update Video: Struggling

Metal markets struggling. Silver acting terrible. Copper, I would be on my toes here. Gold on the monthly charts shows the price breaching above the weekly Bollinger bands, starting to open..

Gold Rebounds & Junior Miners Surge
Technical chart updates on $GOEX, $NUGT, $GDXJ, $NEM and more.
Morris Hubbartt Sun, 05/01/2022 - 05:03

Gold Update Video: Trying to fight for a bottom

Next week FOMC meets. The gold market is oversold, at some key supports with the price trying to reverse.

Gold Update Video: At key supports

The general market rallies have trouble holding. Gold back to key supports. 100 day moving average support and Bollinger band supports converging, market is oversold, short covering bidding:

Currency Update: Implications for Gold

The bloodbath phase in the Euro, usually last 5-7 days, so a top in the US Dollar as early as by the end of this week. Implications for the metals and a lot sooner ending to the sell-off in gold/silver stocks.

Concern For Stonks, Pt. 2

How might that impact what the Fed will do and say? What if this leads the Fed to hike just 50 basis points and Powell's press conference is deemed "surprisingly dovish"?

Gold Update Video: The failure market

Energy wars in Europe, time to pay in rubles. The gold market keeps failing, the failure market. Big supports just below..

Gold $1835: It's Where The Miners Come Alive

Investors should never cheer for a gold price pullback any more than cheering to get punched in the face in a boxing ring, but it happens. In terms of the fundamentals, the long-term picture is pristine.

Gold Update Video: Trying to make a triple bottom?

In the gold market, well everything got hit Monday. Gold on the weekly chart shows support at $1,888. Is gold trying to make a triple bottom? 

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