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Market Updates

Gold Price Update Video: Gold Stalled, Silver Soars

8 to 8.1% headline number expected today for the CPI number. But the Fed likes to look at the core. The market has decided for whatever reason that this will be a rosy report. So this creates a problem...

Asian Metals Market Update: Indians brought unthinkable quantities of Silver..

Indians brought unthinkable quantities of silver when price crashes in the last week of August. Jewelers in India hedged in local MCX silver futures as premiums were very high.

Sentiment Speaks: The S&P 500 Is Setting Up For A 500+ Point Move

In summary, the nature of the market reaction over the next few weeks will provide us with a strong clue as to whether we have begun a rally to 5150SPX+, or if we need one more loop lower towards 3400SPX before that rally begins.

Gold SWOT: Platinum supply concerns may re-emerge as buyers avoid Russian-sourced metal

Dollar weakness surfaced this week as the Bank of Japan governor held a meeting with the Prime Minister over a fall in the yen, which has dropped even further against the dollar than the euro.

Technical Scoop: Bear rebound, Central hikes, energy bailouts, oil caps, sinking currencies, recession risk, nuclear restart

Markets are bouncing. But is it a bounce or the start of a new upwave? Things are not looking up. Rebounds occur in bear markets all the time.

Gold and Silver Stemming Their Downtrend

But even accounting for the supply of Gold itself having increased by +16% from a decade ago, the Dollar's debasement alone places the value of Gold today (per the above Scoreboard) at 3990 even as it essentially continues to sit at a price of 1728.

Gold & Key Commodity Stocks: Rally Time

Technical stock chart updates on $FNV, $TRQ, $FCX, $GDXJ and more.

Gold Price Update Video: CPI on Tuesday

Tuesday brings the CPI data, a big market data mover. Break in the US Dollar...

Gold Price Update Video: No longer in a downtrend

Next week is CPI, I expect the number to start coming down. With gold's action yesterday, the market no longer is in the downtrend.

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