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Precious Metals Update Video: Bollinger Bands Stopped the Rally

Gold hit the daily upper Bollinger Band, technically resistance. More resistance above, but does not mean I am bearish.

Asian Metals Market Update: Key focus for next three weeks

Spot gold did not trade over $1905 for six hours and more yesterday, hence the selloff.

SWOT Analysis: Gold Could Reach Its Biggest Annual Increase In 10 Years

Silver has outperformed gold so far this year. The white metal has advanced nearly 40% so far this year and is on track for its biggest annual gain in 10 years.

Technical Scoop: The Roaring 2020s

Are we on the cusp of a runaway move? There is some evidence it is a distinct possibility. More and more the March 2020 pandemic collapse looks like October 1987. And if we are on the cusp of a runaway move..

Final Test For The Market Before Year End

For the almost decade that I have been writing publicly, I have implored you to recognize the importance of market sentiment in determining the direction and turning points in the market.

Trending Phases Underway for All Markets

Difficult periods are typically followed by easy periods. We are in a period where it is really easy to make money. Video Update

Asian Metals Market Update: 2021 Technical View for gold, silver and crude oil

Hot money or casino traders will come in only if gold price shows a sustained rise over $2000.

Precious Metals Update Video: Dollar falling hard, Gold at Resistance

Gold at its 18-week moving average and hitting the upside Bollinger band.  Year end rally is not unusual for Gold.

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