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Gold: Investor Tactics For 2023

For 2023, my suggested “average investor portfolio” is 40% gold (or 40% silver for silver bugs), 40% fiat, and 20% everything else.  Aggressive investors will want..

Gold SWOT: The best performing precious metal of the year was platinum

The best performing precious metal for the year was platinum, up 11.33% with most of the gains coming over the past quarter. The World Platinum Council expects..

Gold Goes in 2022 from $1830 to $1830

In summary toward 2023, as earlier inferred we're hesitant to make our usual forecast high for Gold. But should the constricting malaise reach ...

Gold is Outperforming Everything

Pay attention and take advantage of the present values. Otherwise, you will pay up after miners and juniors have rallied another 50%.

Gold Looks Good & Platinum Does Too

Technical stock chart updates on $GOLD, $PPLT, $XOM, $GDXJ, $AGQ, $BOIL and more.

Asian Metals Market Update: 2023 Technical View

View for 2023: Gold can rise to $2051.20 and $2279.10 as long as it trades over $1732.50.

Gold Price Update Video: Watch the US Dollar for Metal Market Direction

Trading this time of the year is folly. Gold is drifting between the bands and remains in a sideways...

2023 Predictions: The Year of Gold and Silver

2022 was a rather destructive year. How will 2023 turnout? Has gold formed its 8 year cycle lows? Odds are that yes...

Gold Price Update Video: Gold at a Crucial Number

Gold is at key support, momentum is drifting...

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