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Asian Metals Market Update: Buyers on the dips

There are buyers on dips in gold, silver, and copper. Buying interest or short term investment interest in silver and copper is very high. Everyone (in India) is buying silver for the short term.

Latest Gold Charts – Not Pretty

Because the effects of inflation have been more pronounced in the past year and one-half, the peak in March 2022 is now $250 oz. lower than the peak in 2020.

Gold Price Update Video: A nice bounce, oversold pressures ease

Gold has yet taken out the $1,737.40 high and $1,750 18 day moving average. Oversold has LOST the embedded reading, selling pressures easing..

It’s Time to Be a Contrarian in Metals

My expectations were that the cartel would knock the miners down and then hope that the gold and silver would follow. I was pretty sure that they would knock the miners to new lows and knock silver.

Sentiment Speaks: Stocks Drop On Worries Central Banks Will Do Exactly What They Said They Would Do

But, for now, I must warn you that this is still a treacherous market, and it has not yet given us the green light that it is ready to target new all-time highs.

Gold Price Update Video: Traders are coming back in a big way

The energy war in Europe is monstrous! Energy prices are shutting down business, factories and more and more. Will Europeans keep their solidarity? Gold has a down bias, under the..

Gold $1810: The Launchpad For Miners

And I’ve been adamant that regardless of what is supposedly required, rates are most likely headed to north of the 15% marker! It won’t happen in just a year or two, but over the next several decades.

Gold SWOT: Goldman reiterated its “buy” rating on Sibanye Stillwater

Goldman reiterated its “buy” rating on Sibanye Stillwater. The bank sees appealing valuation coupled with strategic focus on acquiring green metal assets in developed markets and unique exposure to gold.

Gold's Sleep Becomes Further Deep

Gold this past week traded down to as low as 1699, a mere 21 points above the year's bottom of 1678, which too was the low of a year ago. Still, nothing can seemingly stir Gold from falling into a deeper sleep. In recording its eighth weekly net loss of the past 12...

Technical Scoop: Generational turmoil, rebound end, lagging jobs, reversal day, energy crunch

Trying to understand this current period is not particularly easy. We appear to have entered a period of market, political and global geopolitical turmoil. That had us look at long term cycles.

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