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Asian Metals Market Update: Sell-off is over if lows hold

The next big wave of sell-off will be there only if they fall below yesterday’s low.

Gold SWOT: Gold is proving remarkably resilient, gaining almost 7% this year

That’s because gold buyers piling into exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are taking a pessimistic view of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s ability to cool decades-high inflation without hurting the economy.

Technical Scoop: China on lockdown, hawkish Fed, FAANG -32% in 2022, Gold Update

No joy anywhere. But if we are headed for a mini-crash then we are reminded that while everyone gets hit the golds have typically been the first to recover.

Gold Update This Is What I Need to See to Remain Bullish Short Term

What might be happening is we might be transitioning into a sideways trend, consolidation before gold can break the $2,000/oz.

What If Crude Has Topped?

I'll keep an open mind about this if the targets get smashed, but I'm not convinced the stock market has begun the punitive reset it has needed so badly for years.

Gold Update: Still Leaning Bullish

Huge attack in the mining stocks yesterday and in silver. Oversold conditions coming about. Rising gold prices clearly hurts the credibility of the Fed trying to bring down inflation.

Metals Still Look Bullish

The attack on the metals looked very bearish on Tuesday, the Fed is very desperate to fight inflation, and there will be more attacks. Right when there is a breakout, when traders...

Gold: Is The Tactic Now Buy & Hold?

The battle for $2000 gold continues and the horrific tension between the governments of the East and the West intensifies. The citizens of America are fiat-oriented while the citizens of the rising empires of China and India are focused on gold.

Gold SWOT: Shareholders Reap the Rewards After High Commodity Prices Boost Mining Profits

Purchases of gold exchange-traded products (ETPs) hit a record in March, while investors pulled record amounts from domestically-listed European equity funds as..

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