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Asian Metals Market Update for 20th June 2024

Rising indirect taxes on goods used by masses in most countries. Gold and only physical gold is the best hedge against the multiplier effect of rising income inequality.

Dedollarization & Deglobalization: Got Gold?

$2300 is a current buy zone for gold but it’s small. $2265 is a buy zone for silver and the miners but it’s also small.

Metal Markets...Limited hours on Trade

If it stays just like this and gets over $2352.30, that would give you higher lows and higher highs – and if you close $2350.80 it turns into an all-buy signal.

Gold – Breather or Top Formation

While short-term fluctuations matter, the long-term outlook for gold remains bullish, with prices likely to break records and set new all-time highs.

Metal Markets...oversold and Ready to Bounce?

The market battleground is pretty evident to me – it's the 18-day average at $2351. Moving averages below the market are far away at this point.

Asian Metals Market Update for 18th June 2024

Quarter-end position squaring and rebuilding will start from today and continue for the next two weeks. Gold and silver are holding key short-term supports.

Gold SWOT: Gold ETF Holdings Saw Their First Monthly Inflow in 12 Months, Totaling $529 Million

The best performing precious metal for the past week was gold, up 1.00%. The World Gold Council (WGC) published its gold ETF flow data for May this week.

Technical Scoop: Fed Unchanged, Precious Lid, Oily Bounce

Gold has gained some 35% since that low last October 2023 so pullbacks are not unusual. Despite the current correction the trend remains firmly to the upside.

Gold, Crypto, & Oil

Gold: with wave *iii*, wave ^i^ ended 2151.00, and wave ^ii^ at 1923.50. We are now rallying in wave ^iii^, which a projected endpoint of: ^iii^ =- 2.618^i^ = 2568.70.

Gold Firms; Fed Squirms

By the big picture, Gold’s sub-2000 days really do now appear permanently histoire, with an inevitable run to 3000+ in the balance.

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