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Market Updates

Big US Stocks’ Q1’23 Fundamentals

The bottom line is big US stocks’ latest quarterly results looked bearish. Their collective revenues barely grew, actually shrinking when adjusted for inflation.

The Debt Ceiling: Stocks & Gold

Technical stock chart updates on $GDX, $REMX, $TSLA, $NUGT, $BRO.v and more.

The Metals Attack Will Just Make the Rally That Much Bigger When the Suppression Breaks

Every attempt now to break to new record highs is being blocked. We knew this was going happen, but the issue for the gold cartel is the that the banking crisis is long from being over.

Weak Chinese CPI Tanks Copper and Silver

Gold bouncing between the bands. Silver tanked after Chinese economic came out and it stinks! Foreign orders are weak and that slowdown hit silver and copper..

Gold Still Acting Bullish

We are in the sticky part of inflation. Gold's resistance remains the Bollinger Band..

Gold: Another Leg Higher?

In 2020 and 2022, gold sold off violently from the $2080 zone, but this time the world’s “Queen of currency” is holding her ground.

Gold has Entered the Frustration Zone

After a move like we had in gold, we have a churning process like this. Now a period of consolidation is needed before the next big move. People got comfortable...

Dollar Reaction to CPI Will be Day's Influence

We are getting close to the debt limit. Big inflation data out today. How will Gold react? The charts show bullish ..

Asian Metals Market Update: CPI

There should be big one-way price moves either just before CPI or just after CPI in gold, silver, and copper.

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