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Gold Seeker Report #31: This Week in Mining: Take Advantage of This Period of Consolidation

Exciting News In Gold & Silver Stocks, Pre-election stimulus package now looking possible, and the FED continues its inflationary policies for the foreseeable future. The train is ready to leave the station so don't miss out.

Gold Stocks: Key Breakout Levels To Watch

A technical chart view look at gold stocks for this week.

Got Gold? Bottom-Barrel Rates to Last for Years to Come

I’ve shared with you a number of times that my three-year price target for gold remains at $4,000. This week, Bloomberg commodity strategist Mike McGlone went even further, calling for $7,000 gold by 2025 as balance sheets at the world’s four biggest central banks continue to expand as a percentage of GDP.

New Developments In Metals

In summary, the last lows struck in each of this charts on September 8th should be used as a strong stop for anyone trading the shorter term in these charts.  As long as we hold over that support, I am looking higher to begin the next rally phase

Calibre Mining: Positioning itself to Unlock Value for Shareholders

Calibre's future is looking very bright indeed, advancing multiple deposits with more sources of mill feed as we enter 2021.

Gold Seeker Report #30: This Week in Mining: Multiple Catalysts on The Horizon

Will precious metals break higher or lower in the very near-term? Regardless, there are numerous upcoming catalysts over the next six or so months. Highlights from an abbreviated week in the market.

Gold And Silver Are Set Up For A Huge Move

Institutional investors have maybe 0.5% of their assets invested in the precious metals sector. At the peak of the gold/silver in 1980 institutions had 5% invested in the precious metals sector. Since then that allocation has not been above 1%. Eventually a monster move is coming in silver and the mining stocks, though no one can say when it will occur.

Gold-Stock Correction Mode

The gold miners’ stocks are mired in correction mode, which isn’t surprising after their mighty post-stock-panic upleg.  Huge buying catapulting them higher left this sector extremely overbought.  Corrections are normal and healthy after prices get too stretched technically. 

Gold Seeker Report: This Week in Mining Issue #29: The Correction Continues, Is There More to Go?

We had yet another volatile week in the metals and mining stocks, unfortunately with a downward trend. Mining Stock have been acting very weak, so take advantage should this correction continue.

Gold SWOT: De Beers Is Slashing Its Diamond Prices

Ghana’s former President John Dramani Mahama said he will reverse the establishment of the country’s gold royalty fund if he regains power in the country’s December election. Mahama said the fund is a “very shady deal” and the fund would benefit just a few people.

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