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These Two Companies Look Favorable Ahead of Earnings

I’m also expecting a strong report from Franco-Nevada. The world’s largest gold royalty company is up more than 83 percent for the 12-month period, beating gold producers and the price of the yellow metal. Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary, Launches New Website

Today marks the 25th year anniversary for, a leading gold news and financial information website established in 1995. On this 25-Year Anniversary, is also pleased to announce that the new website is live.

Gold Seeker Report: This Week in Mining Issue #24: Gold New ATH & Start of Earnings Season

This week, we had the first batch of earnings roll-in, most of which were much better than expected given the numerous suspended mining operations for periods of time. Financing bonanza also continued, as seen through all the announced financings and the upsized private placements (PP).

Gold Stocks’ Autumn Rally 5

Prudently diversifying portfolios with gold may have never been more important. That trend could fuel one heck of an autumn rally this year.

Gold Miners Still Pushing That Cart of Rocks Uphill

Gold/SPX is among the most important macro indicators to a bullish gold mining case as a gold price rising in terms of stocks is the key factor in drawing larger investment (e.g. institutions) to the sector.

Endeavour Mining Report: Building a 1m oz. Producer

There are no other 1m+ oz. producers trading at Net Asset Value, which is cheap for a senior producer in a bull market but Endeavour is trading right around that level..

Gold miners

The gold miners’ stocks are still stalled, mostly grinding sideways despite higher prevailing gold prices.  This lack of progress is really frustrating traders, slowly shifting herd psychology towards apathy.  That’s the mission of high consolidations, gradually rebalancing sentiment by bleeding off greed.  This healthy process has already come a long way, but still needs to fully play out before gold stocks’ next upleg can run.

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