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Gold Stocks: Key Breakout Levels To Watch

A technical chart view look at gold stocks for this week.

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - September 18, 2020

COT Gold Report - Positions as of Tuesday, September 15, 2020

New Developments In Metals

In summary, the last lows struck in each of this charts on September 8th should be used as a strong stop for anyone trading the shorter term in these charts.  As long as we hold over that support, I am looking higher to begin the next rally phase

Precious Metals Update Video: It was all about the Fed

Employment is key. The gold market has bias up in the short-term, $1954 & $1944 supports.

Asian Metals Market Update: Energy price and inflation

The world and global financial markets will be driven by “COMPARISON”. Trade war theme, covid, China and its continued deliberate worsening relations with the rest of the world and all the current bullish factors for gold and silver will continue.

Gold Update: Daily Cycle Running Out of Time

Gold needs to break this price level to break the downside risk -- Video update

Asian Metals Market Update: FOMC in Focus

Initial fall in gold and silver (post FOMC) will be met by investors and physical buyers. Bank of japan meeting, Bank of England meeting (in light of brexit issues) can cause greater short term volatility.

Fed Meet: A Key Catalyst For Gold?

Competition is supposed to be healthy, but when governments compete to see who can borrow the most money while paying their lenders little or nothing… that’s not healthy at all. 

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold Market Making a Stand Here

Gold weekly chart shows $1,857 weekly average support.  Daily gold chart shows over a month of drifting sideways. Daily chart narrowing in...

Gold SWOT: Nine Straight Months of Inflows Into Gold-Backed ETFs

Gold-backed ETFs saw a ninth-straight month of inflows in August, driven by growing appetite in Asia. Collectively, 39 tons of bullion, equivalent to $2.1 billion, were added to ETFs in August with 7 tons coming from Asia.

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