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Precious Metals and Commodities Comprehensive

I just wanted to point out that these are massive 4 year reversal patterns that suggests years of bull market price action. A whole lot of energy has now been stored up in these 4 year trading ranges. Big bull markets don’t start from small reversal patterns but the bigger the bottom the bigger the bull market.

Precious Metals Update Video: Very quiet suddenly, except for Copper

Remember it is the Golden week in China. It gets very quiet. In gold, the 100-dma was tested and the 18 day average is converging. Battle between the two averages -- Video Update

Asian Metals Market Update: Stimulus, or free money, is Inflationary

Everyone is now thinking what next as Trump recovers from covid, fomc and fomc minutes are over, and even various US jobs numbers have been released.

Gold Update: Volatility Continues

I think gold has another leg down, but it wont be easy to short. Technical breakdowns.

This Is What The Market Is Saying About Trump’s Re-Election

So, I will be watching the market over the coming weeks to gain a bit more insight as to whom the winner will be in the next election for President of the United States of America.

Precious Metals Update Video: What about the stimulus?

Today was a disappointing day on the stimulus front.  Fed's Powell says more stimulus is needed.  Gold's weekly chart, back to the 18-week closing price.

Gold, Silver, & Main Street Inflation

Historically, gold tends to do well ahead of US elections and after the Chinese “Golden Week” holiday. 

How Soon Will We See 4000SPX?

So, needless to say, October is going to be very important in determining how soon the market is ready to attack the 4000-4250SPX region.

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold at the 18-d.m.a.

If you take the lows of Monday in the coming days, then this move higher is a bull trap. Right now the 18-dma resistance is at $1918.50, closing above would be a bullish bias.

Gold SWOT: Silver’s Best Quarter Since 2010

Silver had its best quarter since 2010, up a massive 27.62 percent for the three months ended September 30. Gold also had a strong quarter, up 5.89 percent despite a weak September. Holdings in gold-backed ETFs saw an eighth straight quarter of expansion. So far in 2020 they have added around 860 tons.

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