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Precious Metals Update Video: Gold making a retreat

Markets are watching a series of things this week. Chinese trade delegation. The pumping of money into the economy by Executive Orders and the Republican/Democrat talks underway.

Asian Metals Market Update: August-11-2020

The so called “jump with the flow traders” will get nervous or will loose patience and switch to alternate investment.

Gold SWOT: Wouldn’t Be “Unreasonable” for Gold to Hit $4,000

Bank of America’s global commodity research team said it is “feasible” for silver to hit $35 per ounce in 2021. Bloomberg notes that the analyst said silver benefits from low interest rates and demand for green technologies.

The Dollar's Coming Revenge

My incipient bullishness on the dollar was inspired by some subtle vibes from the financial penumbra, including word that Morgan Stanley had exited a short position in the dollar after concluding it was at its most oversold in 40 years.

Metals Update Video: Gold has another weekly record close

Gold was up $47 for the month so fa, up over the monthly upper bollinger band. Warning when leverage with futures, volatility as is high.

GoldSeek Radio: Peter Schiff and Bob Hoye

In this show, two more top financial guests including Peter Schiff – our guest expects more trouble in the global reserve currency as the world continues to lose faith in the Fed’s ability to rescue the domestic economic vessel. He agrees the PMs are only starting to perk up after a decade of doldrums, with incredible opportunities ahead for investors.

Big US Stocks’ Q2’20 Fundamentals

The US stock-market action last quarter was dumbfounding.  Big US stocks rocketed higher despite this global pandemic ravaging the US economy, which collapsed by a third in annualized terms!  That makes understanding their fundamentals more important than ever.

Gold: We haven’t seen anything yet

The gold price has broken through a 9 1/2 years base made in gold. We are going into the bubble phase..

Precious Metals Update Video: Run Away Train, Silver Margin Calls

I smell margin calls, silver is all by itself surging. 

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