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Precious Metals Update Video: Tuesday Bounce Day?

Two weeks away from big elections.  Gold market has had a series of corrections back down.

Gold SWOT: B2Gold’s Quarterly Revenue Hit a Record High in the Third Quarter

Strengths The best performing precious metal for the week was gold, but still down 1.61 percent. Gold rose on Thursday, breaking a two-day loss streak, as the U.S. dollar fell and halted stimulus negotiations sent equities lower. Bloomberg notes that spot gold rose to $1,903 after falling 2 percent on Tuesday and Wednesday. Silver and palladium also rose with gold. In the first nine months of 2020, inflows into silver-backed ETFs nearly tripled the amount from the same period a…

Gold Market Update - one last dip likely then major upleg to new highs...

With a collapse in the dollar and hyperinflation now inevitable, it is clear that the dollar price of gold will eventually skyrocket, and when I say “eventually” I am not talking about in 5 or 10 years time.

Why The Stock Market Is Finally Paying Attention To The Economy

Lastly, if the market has not been making sense to you over the last 6 months, maybe it’s time to consider a methodology that has been making sense during that time?

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - October 16, 2020

COT Gold Report - Positions as of Tuesday, October 13, 2020.

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold & Silver Back in a Bullish Posture

Daily Gold chart shows the swing lines, which helps to define the trends. Right now we have a bullish daily set-up for Higher-lows and higher-highs.

Gold and Silver Set for a Breakout?

Today we are taking our weekly look at the charts for gold and silver.

We Are Going To 4000SPX No Matter Who Wins The Election

As it stands right now, the next two weeks will provide us with the information to make decisions about the path the market will take to our next target in the 4000-4250SPX region

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