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The Selloff

Aside from the steepness of the decline, one of the sharpest in silver market history, the selloff confirmed a whole host of previously understood facts about silver and gold. First and foremost, the vast majority of investors, certainly those invested in physical metal or mining shares get hurt financially on sharp selloffs, while few actually benefit.

Rising Inflation Fears Transform Precious Metals Demand

Bullion buying has gone through the roof ever since the authorities in Washington decided to try to paper over real economic declines with phony fiat stimulus. It’s been quite a dramatic change in character for gold and silver markets, which had been lackluster to say the least during the first three years of Donald Trump’s presidency.

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - August 14, 2020

COT Gold Report, as of positions end of trading: August 11, 2020

Gold Update: DCL or Oversold Bounce? (video)

Gold: very difficult to call here. Uptrend support hit on the sell-off low. One more move down?

Precious Metals Update Video: Big rally again in Silver

The thing that bothers me are the wide ranges, which is hard to manage risks as a trader.

Precious Metals Update Video: Volatility is the norm for a while

Bouncing around action trying to find the low point. 18-DMA is 1970 area.

Asian Metals Market Update: August-13-2020

The technical correction in gold and silver is over. Chances of a medium term bottom formation is very high.

Gold Update: Intermediate Correction Underway

As I was warning about, Gold was overdue for a retest of its breakout and now the correction is underway.

Precious Metals Update Video: The Bloodbath in Gold and Silver

Let's see what is going on?  Is it a change in the long-term charts? Interest rates climbed..

Gold & Silver: The Range Trade

Gold is at a point where most of the horrific Corona crisis news is priced in, the US economy continues to strengthen, and not enough government handout money has been spent by Main Street to create inflation.

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