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Precious Metals Update Video: Gold $1,848 key for this week

Gold $1,848 key for this week, a break still wont damage the upside monthly-chart.

Precious Metals Update Video: Which side of the covid bet makes sense?

Vaccine news meets lockdowns. Gold down $74 this week, still under $1,918 area -- the 18 week moving average. Close above it, the chart looks much differently.

Gold and Stock Market Update

The low in gold looks like it is going to hold. Video Update

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold Market Backing Off

Gold not trending, but we will get one soon.

Corona Vaccine: An Inflation Catalyst

The $1850 support zone stopped yesterday’s $100/ounce price decline.  It offers investors a great real risk versus potential reward opportunity to enter fresh positions.

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold still not in a trend, bouncing around Bollinger bands

Republicans still have control over stimulus debate. US is like an engine being held back.  Gold swung from the upper to lower Bollinger bands.

Precious Metals Update Video: Momentum turning up

Gold's bias is up but there is no trend, yet.

Huge 10.3 Million Oz. Deposit Into SLV on Friday

There was a very large deposit into GLD yesterday, as an authorized participant added 313,382 troy ounces of gold. There was an even larger deposit into SLV, as an a.p. added an eye-watering 10,323,622 troy ounces of silver.

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - October 16, 2020

COT Gold Report - Positions as of Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

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