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GoldSeek Radio: John Williams, Alasdair MacLeod and Robert Ian

August 01, 2020 returns with John Williams of Shadow Stats, Alasdair MacLeod from GoldMoney & Robert Ian.

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - July 31, 2020

Commitment of Traders report for positions as of the close Tuesday, July 28.

Metals Update Video: Gold is having a phenomenal week

Gold remains in an embeded reading, a bull trend remains in charge.

Dollar update: Waiting for a swing

Dollar Index hitting an intermediate cycle low?

Asian Metals Market Update: July-31-2020

Next week is big week due to various US jobs numbers and bank of England meeting.

Precious Metals Update Video: US Dollar Index Cracking? Gold unstoppable

The Gold Market at an all time record high close again. It is unstoppable.

Asian Metals Market Update: July-30-2020

Gold is bullish. Silver will reach $50.00 much more quickly than most of us expect.

Gold Blows Through Upside Resistance - The Chase Is On

Last week, I put out an article outlining my expectation for a pullback in GLD before we head to the 200+ region. Within the comments section, I outlined my plan as to how I am going to play for a potential pullback. However, that pullback has not yet materialized. For those that have followed me closely for years, you know that I have been heavily long physical metals and mining stocks since I started accumulating them again in 2015, after calling the top in 2011.

Should the US return to the Gold Standard?

July 28, 2020

The Gold Standard: What is it and should the global economy return to this 19th century standard? (video)

New All-Time High Silver Price within Two Years says Analyst Chris Marchese

Chris Marchese is the chief mining analyst at  In this interview, he shares that he foresees a new all-time high silver price within two years.  Chris also offers his take on where the gold price is headed and whether we will see doldrums or fireworks in the precious metals sector this summer.  He also provides commentary on the junior mining sector and how he arranges his mining portfolio.

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