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Gold Correction or Consolidation?

Gold is late in its intermediate cycle move that one of two things will likely happen.

Precious Metals Update Video: Washout, Caution in Gold & Silver

Gold is not in a trend short-term. Below the 18-dma, biased down. Bollinger bands: $1915.60 and $1990 on the upper end. 

Gold Update: (video)

Final daily cycle low made a week ago? Price will roll-over and fall into October..

Precious Metals Update Video: Huge Breaks in Metals, Neutral Daily Gold Chart

Fed is still really 'covid19' concerned, the reaction not friendly to inflation comments. A change for a day, more than a correction?

Precious Metals Update Video: US Dollar Index Rally Fell Apart

Gold is caught in a mid-way range, trend is up.

Gold: $2000 Recaptured!

Gold has recaptured the $2000 price marker, and there’s already a noticeable pattern of higher highs and higher lows from the low of the reaction.  That’s bullish action!

Asian Metals Market Update: FOMC Minutes & Protectionism

Protectionism is something we have ignored in the past few months. Nations are trying to be self-independent in all possible ways. India’s policy of “Aaatmanirbhar bharat” (self sufficient India) is also a form of trade protectionism.

Gold SWOT: Warren Buffett Invests in Barrick

In a Bloomberg interview, Lu said there is still huge upside potential for gold prices and they “might hit $5,000 per ounce on a five-year horizon.” Due to rapid money printing, Lu is bullish on gold and said gold-related assets account for the biggest weight in his portfolio.

Precious Metals Update Video: Copper acting really good & Gold's Large Range

Gold's resistance $2,065 support $1,910 on the Bollinger. Support more importantly at the $1,939.10 swing..

Precious Metals Update Video: Washout Week

This is just a break in a bullish market. This is what happens in a break in a crowded market.

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