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Big US Stocks’ Q3’20 Fundamentals

Whether US lawmakers can work together to pass another huge pandemic-stimulus-spending bill or not, eventually these lofty stock prices must reasonably reflect underlying corporate profitability.  That means they need to mean revert far lower in the long-overdue next bear market.

Gold Update

Gold has completed the consolidation, intermediate decline is over. Video Update.

Stock Market Bubble Ready to Resume? Gold Still in No Man’s Land

Gold price needs to break above $1,940, this turns gold bullish.

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold not doing much

Gold's daily charts show that not much has happened recently. Bears control on a daily close basis but.. Video update

Precious Metals Update Video: Did Pollsters Blow It Again? Inflation and Gold

Uncertainty in election results will swing markets overnight and into Wednesday and maybe longer. 

Gold: Is The Reaction Over?

It appears that both gold and stock market investors believe the winner of the US election (held today) will be more money printing and debt.

Precious Metals Update Video: Elections, Riots, Traders are Positioning

Gold closing above $1,919.50 would trigger a bullish set-up. Video Update

Asian Metals Market Update: Do not expect a short term trend to be established

One should not expect a short term trend to be established even if the US presidential election winner is declared by Saturday.

Gold SWOT: Newmont Reported All-Time High Revenue of $3.17 Billion in Third Quarter

Newmont reported all-time high revenue of $3.17 billion in the third quarter, thanks to record high gold prices. CEO Tom Palmer said, “I am confident that our world-class portfolio is best positioned to generate industry-leading value and returns for our shareholders.”

Gold: Frustration Phase

Gold is getting close as are gold miners. Miners a bit weaker than the metals with the general markets putting selling pressures on them as well. Video Update

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