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Thursday Edition: July 7, 2022

Gold Update Video: Nothing Friendly on the Chart

There is nothing friendly on the gold chart. Next big support under $1,700?

Wednesday Edition: July 6, 2022

The Precious Metals Sector Is Percolating For A Monster Move Higher

But 85-90% of the time gold has been rising during the hours when the eastern hemisphere physical accumulators are trading and gets pushed lower once London and then NY open..

Looking Forward 90 Days

As Q3 begins, the narrative of higher U.S. interest rates and a soaring dollar continues. But what will the narrative be by the end of Q3?

Bitcoin Volatility is a Feature, Not a Bug

Proponents of Bitcoin claim the crypto currency will be widely adopted as money once its current volatility subsides. Economics says otherwise.

Biden Fails Economics 101 as Stagflation Takes Hold

The idea that fuel prices fluctuate because of the small spread charged by gas stations is absurd. It would be like blaming bullion dealers for the market price of ordinary gold coins.

The Bloodbath Phase Begins

This looks like the beginning phase of a bloodbath phase and usually last 5 - 7 days. The Euro is dropping into an intermediate bottom.

Gold & The Dollar: Rally Time For Both?

Credit card and mortgage rates will rise, hitting the average citizen hard, but US T-bond rates should decline, allowing more war mongering and reckless spending from the government to occur.

Gold Update Video: Oil is a better inflation hedge than Gold?

Gold has not been a very good inflation hedge. Why? Energy and Gold demand..

Asian Metals Market Update: FOMC Minutes today

FOMC minutes will be impactful only if there is a change in the interest rate hike view. Else it will be a technical trade.

Tuesday Edition: July 5, 2022

Gold SWOT: Silver down 6.40% last week..

The Indian government raised the import tax on gold from 7.5% to 12.5% in a bid to curb imports as the rupee has sunk to a record low. In 2021, India imported the most in a decade.

Precious Metals Stocks To Buy Or Not To Buy That Is The Question

Keeping an open mind can be very hard when so much information is bombarding us each and everyday of our life especially in this day and age. Information overload can cause mental paralysis..

Gold Summarily Tossed Even As Banks 'Admit' They're Lost

On one hand, the bankers are being honest about having lost control of the situation; on the other hand they're being somewhat dishonest about the economy...

Street Can't Scare Up A Decent Bear Rally

Bullish seasonality was at gale force last week, but just look at the tired chart! Is this the best that Wall Street's quasi-criminal masterminds can do?

Gold Update Video: Where are the supports?

Gold closed below the 18 month closing averages. Weekly chart shows support at $1,777 with downside momentum, bearish.

Monday Edition: July 4, 2022

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Gerald Celente: Prepare for difficult times now!

Gerald Celente returns with his always informative, and controversial geopolitical outlook. Improving health now is strongly encouraged in anticipation of difficult times, such as dry food storage and survival supplies.

Sunday Edition: July 3, 2022

Gold Stocks are Extremely Oversold

It makes sense that precious metals would bottom right before the last rate hike. The market is now aggressively pricing in rate cuts in 2023. Now is the time to be a buyer of weakness.

Gold Summer Doldrums 5

The seasonal weakness tends to be compressed into early June, with gold and its miners’ stocks carving summer lows in mid-June on average.  From there gold and gold stocks..

Time Has a Price

Let’s start with a basic question. If you have unused property—cash or anything else—why would you lend it to another party?


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