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Wednesday Edition: August 12, 2020

Northern Vertex Intercepts High Grade Mineralization at Moss

Northern Vertex reports high-grade intercepts and the potential for significant resource expansion.

U.S. in Long-term Economic Decline

The US has been in decline for decades, but you can’t see that by looking at stocks. You can’t tell it from those who lie about the economy to make their living, but look at longterm real numbers, and you see an empire in decline that just got its wobbly legs kicked out by COVID-19.

Gold Update: Intermediate Correction Underway

As I was warning about, Gold was overdue for a retest of its breakout and now the correction is underway.

Precious Metals Update Video: The Bloodbath in Gold and Silver

Let's see what is going on?  Is it a change in the long-term charts? Interest rates climbed..

Tuesday Edition: August 11, 2020

New Found Gold IPO's: Leadership is Everything

When first looking at and analyzing any company, the most important things worth looking are the people. This approach tends to be threefold;  Having the right management team, BOD, and advisors tends to maximize shareholder value and has a track record of success. The best people in the industry don't focus their time joining or remaining with a company with average to sub-par assets, and in the case of exploration; the best people believe they will discover…

Gold & Silver: The Range Trade

Gold is at a point where most of the horrific Corona crisis news is priced in, the US economy continues to strengthen, and not enough government handout money has been spent by Main Street to create inflation.

Calibre Mining Provides Multi-Year Outlook

Calibre Mining, an attractively priced junior producer provides initial multi-year guidance at its two mine complexes in Nicaragua.

Why Fed Bugs Really, Really Hate Gold

For our purposes, Fed bugs are people with a faith-based belief in the power of central banks (and central bankers) to engineer economic growth using "monetary policy,"despite decades of history and current evidence to the contrary. They believe tinkering with inputs and rates and velocity and flows somehow makes us richer in terms of productivity, goods, and services.

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold making a retreat

Markets are watching a series of things this week. Chinese trade delegation. The pumping of money into the economy by Executive Orders and the Republican/Democrat talks underway.

Asian Metals Market Update: August-11-2020

The so called “jump with the flow traders” will get nervous or will loose patience and switch to alternate investment.

Monday Edition: August 10, 2020

Equinox Gold Knocks Q2 Out of the Park

Equinox Gold makes the most of Q2 despite three of its six operations being temporarily suspended for parts of Q2. Growing production, higher gold price portends a re-rate in the stock price.

Technical Scoop: Gold high, silver outperform, Friday reversal,stocks rise, rates low, financial stimulus, economic plague

What stands out? Soaring gold and silver prices; a soaring stock market (Wall Street); and, a pandemic, unemployment and political divisions (Main Street). Oh yes and we are now only 85 days from what may be the most divisive election in U.S. history.

Gold’s Relativity, Do not take your eye off the prize

Gold’s value is relative. It doesn’t really matter how many digits it takes to express the price. Its true value lies in what those digits represent in terms of purchasing power.

Is Fed Head, Jay Powell, Serious?

This is indeed the Golden Age of Fraud, with those appointed to manage the system ethically and responsibly leading the charge. The actions at the Fed are conspicuously irresponsible, if not beyond appalling.

Gold SWOT: Wouldn’t Be “Unreasonable” for Gold to Hit $4,000

Bank of America’s global commodity research team said it is “feasible” for silver to hit $35 per ounce in 2021. Bloomberg notes that the analyst said silver benefits from low interest rates and demand for green technologies.

The Dollar's Coming Revenge

My incipient bullishness on the dollar was inspired by some subtle vibes from the financial penumbra, including word that Morgan Stanley had exited a short position in the dollar after concluding it was at its most oversold in 40 years.

Metals Update Video: Gold has another weekly record close

Gold was up $47 for the month so fa, up over the monthly upper bollinger band. Warning when leverage with futures, volatility as is high.

Sunday Edition: August 9, 2020

The Big 8 Are Still Mega-Short Silver and Gold

I'm also watching the flows of physical metal into the world's mutual funds and ETFs, which continues unabated -- and at a rabid pace.  The amount of silver and gold going into these funds continues to outpace world mining production -- and the amount of silver that JPMorgan has been ordered to part with, or is prepared to sell, is finite.  The same can be said of how much unallocated gold there is available in London, as that's most certainly the source for a large percentage of the gold that…

GoldSeek Radio: Peter Schiff and Bob Hoye

In this show, two more top financial guests including Peter Schiff – our guest expects more trouble in the global reserve currency as the world continues to lose faith in the Fed’s ability to rescue the domestic economic vessel. He agrees the PMs are only starting to perk up after a decade of doldrums, with incredible opportunities ahead for investors.

Gold Seeker Report: This Week in Mining Issue #25: Earnings Season in Full Swing

Gold and silver prices surged again this week, although both metals were hit on Friday. The disconnect between the valuation of mining equities relative to the underlying commodity prices seems to be expanding.

The Magnitude Of Long Term Profits In A Gold Secular Cycle

However, when compared to the magnitude of gold gains over a secular cycle, the recent price movements have been quite small in comparison to what history shows us could be on the way

A Tale of Two Precious Metal Bulls

How much higher can gold go? Bank of America raised its 18-month target price to US$3,000 an ounce, due to dovish central bank policies; Goldman Sachs analysts have their eye on $2,300, based on similar concerns over currency debasement.

Labor Dept. Trumps Its Own Numbers

Spin it up, Boys! Spin it up high! The Labor Department should go into the money-laundering business because they own the fastest-spinning, number-washing machine out there.

Yellow Flag Jobs Data

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