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Sunday Edition: December 3, 2023

Gold: Finally!

Given Gold’s fresh All-Time High is finally in hand, let’s take a realistic crack at “How high from here?”

Gold Just Below All-Time High of $2,075… Will It Break Out?

Once gold breaks out decisively into uncharted territory above the $2,100 level, investors who had previously dismissed gold will no longer have an excuse for avoiding hard money.

Gold, Silver, & GDX Big Waves In Play

Our initial projected endpoint is...$2,234.50. We expect higher prices over the next number of weeks...Our current projected endpoint for the end of wave .v. and wave -iii- is: $2,531.10!                                                                                               

Gold Stocks: The Hottest Momentum Play?

Our value zone buys for the gold and silver miners look spectacular with this stunning rally.  My system suggests we're now entering the next stage of the rally, the momentum stage. 

The Panicdemic Begins Again

There is more fear of disease than disease spreading around the world. I am appalled by the suggestion that we should just so easily get over someone stripping our rights away.

New Pacific Announces 2023 AGM Results and Appoints New Directors

CEO Andrew Williams and Myles Gao joined the Board of Directors. Shareholders approved the share-based compensation plan and the re-appointment of Deloitte LLP as auditors...

Healthcare, a Minor Major Problem

Washington doesn’t just support the retired population’s living expenses. It also pays for their healthcare, a large and growing cost. Today we’ll look at healthcare and the debt.

Friday Edition: December 1, 2023

Gold Mid-Tiers Miners Q3 2023 Fundamentals

Mid-tier gold miners reported a spectacular quarter, winning against inflation, mining costs back lower; combined with higher gold prices made for enormous earnings growth.

Gold Stocks To Rise As Positive Leverage Returns

The next leg of the gold stock bull market is in play amid confusion, misunderstanding and noise.

Will The Gold Price Shift As Two Great Titans Leave Us?

Charlie Munger was no fan of gold or silver, stating that he had no interest in it. I suspect this approach resulted in many institutional investors avoiding gold and silver.

Delirium Ends with a Splitting Headache

The irrationality of the market is particularly notable in how it chooses to overlook in its pricing the only thing that could possibly get the Fed to cut rates even if inflation stops — a recession.

New All-Time Highs in Gold Incoming: Michael Gayed With Peter Spina

Presented by Lead-Lag Live, Peter Spina interviewed by Michael Gayed episode offers a comprehensive look at the current trends in gold investments and how they are shaping the future of the market.

Gold to Gold Stock Index Ratio Charts Portend Massive Prolonged Sector Bullmarket...

These ratio charts could scarcely look more bullish for the PMs sector than they do now and this being the case it is perfectly in order for us to be raving bullish on the sector now and since..

Uranium Renaissance: Uranium Energy Corp Reveals Positive Outlook for Nuclear Industry

CEO Melbye believes that nuclear power is gaining wider acceptance, and the market is transitioning from oversupply to a pressing need for new production.

Western Canada's Highest Grade Gold Project, Canagold's Building the New Polaris Gold...

CEO Kilofliski: "The project's boasting one of the highest great gold mines in Western Canada, roughly about 11.6 to 12 grams per ton. We're able to afford the high cost of operating in such a part of the world."

Metal Markets are no Longer Paying Attention to Crude Oil Prices

The pattern is one of bullish; there's higher lows and higher highs. The market to me as I said yesterday, I think it's got clear sailing here.

Thursday Edition: November 30, 2023

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bob Moriarty: A New High in Gold Will Wake People Up

Moriarty says the stock market is held up with hot air. When it crashes, that will lower the ratio between gold stocks and the general stock market.

How Milei Could Make Argentina a Beacon of Freedom and Prosperity

If Milei’s reforms stick, within a decade, Argentina could become the most prosperous and free country in the world. Look at what Pinochet’s limited reforms did for Chile.

Try to Remember the Kind of November We Had in 2018

While stocks soared through much of November, recall 2018 when the market plunged in October, rose in November, and then fell even harder in December.

No, Gold Market Manipulation Didn’t End in 2008

Since there is no comprehensive public record of all central bank trades in the gold market in recent decades, Rubino's conclusion that market manipulation by the official sector ended in 2008 is just speculation.

Wednesday Edition: November 29, 2023

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Louis Navellier: Gold Does Well When There’s No Confidence in Central Banks

Navellier believes that the election in Argentina is helping the US temporarily since their new president wants to peg the Argentinian peso to the US dollar.

Gold: Bank Analysts Vs COT Traders

Commercial traders would almost certainly be buyers at $1925. That’s the number I suggest gold bugs focus on for any new buys while cheering for gold to go to the $2080 highs...

G Mining Ventures Leveraging a Track Record of Mine Building Success into Mining Gold in 2024

With a successful track record of building mines, G Mining Ventures moves into gold mining. Fully funded to production, the company is looking to build the next intermediate gold producer.

The Stock Market & the Policy Behind it

The problem is that this policy was not heroic on the big macro picture. Quite the contrary, this “victory” was destructive… of the middle and lower classes and by extension, society itself.


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