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Tuesday Edition: December 6, 2022

Exciting Times: It's All About Gold

The war cycle is big, but the empire transition cycle is vastly bigger, so it’s important that all gold market investors are properly positioned to manage their personal greed on rallies and fear on dips.

Gold Buying Opportunity Coming

Precious metals retail traders leveraged too much in the short term trying to make it rich-quick. What we will likely see is the markets correct, a rally the US Dollar...

Bullion’s Under-Appreciated Feature: It Will Never Go to Zero

Gold, silver, and other tangible assets can’t go bankrupt and always hold value. In a world of perpetual growth and easy money that doesn’t sound too compelling.

Sentiment Speaks: The Coming Week Will Tell Us How We Get To 4300SPX

But, I must warn you, risk has risen in the market once again for at least a larger degree pullback.

Gold Price Update Video: What about a 75 basis point hike?

What if the Fed is pushed into a 75 basis point hike? Gold has not done any damage yet to the charts but ...

Monday Edition: December 5, 2022

GoldSeek Radio -- Gerald Celente: Gold is number one, safe-haven asset, Inflation is skyrocketing...

The showdown between NATO and Russia quickly spiral out of control. "My greatest concern - they take us to war." Due to massive national debt levels, "There's going to be a collapse."

Gold SWOT: As Fed Chair Powell signals slower rate hikes, gold continued to climb last week

The global silver market is forecast to record a second consecutive deficit in 2022, with a multi-decade supply gap of 194 million ounces forecast, as demand is set to rise to a new high.

Consistent and Bulking Up: Aztec Drill Results Spark Heavy Gains

One reason for the market excitement was the consistency of the results and where these results are coming from. Cervantes is showing its prospectivity in terrain that has the genetics for bulk tonnage mining operations.

Is the Bubble Starting in Gold?

We lost a lot of people in the bottom phase. There are a lot of people missing this move higher in gold. There are huge moves happening very quickly.

Technical Scoop: Stock resistance, Dollar support, slowing thoughts, topping evidence, job surprises, capped energy

There have been thoughts of a slowing of interest rate hikes that has driven markets higher. Could we be in for a surprise?

Gold and Silver Get on the Gas

Gold now being on a Long weekly parabolic trend, in the vacuum of historical averaging we can see price on this run reaching above 1900, albeit the 1800's are structural resistance..

Maybe 2023 Won't Be So Bad

Inflation, deep recession, war, disease and political unrest are just a few of the factors that could bring a badly limping financial system down. But suppose the global picture were to brighten significantly?

Asian Metals Market Update: Bullish momentum until FOMC?

FOMO or Fear of Missing Out has started in gold, silver, and copper. More and more retail traders are now investing or will buy on dips. Risk appetite has risen.

Gold Price Update Video: Beware Dollar Approaching Support

The jobs market is continuing to stay strong longer than the Fed has expected. The Fed has says that they want to see weakness and this jobs data does not show that. We will see with the inflation data.

Sunday Edition: December 4, 2022

HUI Rally Hits Short-Term Target

HUI Gold Bugs index has hit the bottom/bounce target at the daily SMA 200

Why the Fed Is Wrong about Inflation Coming Down

The US Federal Reserve continues to grapple with inflation, which at 7.7% (October CPI) is more than triple the Fed’s 2% target, without causing a recession by lifting interest rates too high.

Dissecting the Gross Domestic Pig

Now, I’m going to dissect the pig to fully reveal the lie. I stated in that last article that the lie was the inflation number used to back inflation out of GDP ...

The Economy Is a-Changin'

The “new economy” we’ll face as the 2020s unfold won’t just be a more intense version of the old one. It will be fundamentally different—profound, irreversible, and rapid evolution..

Friday Edition: December 2, 2022

Gold Mid-Tiers' Q3'22 Fundamentals

Gold’s strong upside momentum is attracting back traders and rekindling bullish sentiment.  That will drive increasing interest in the fundamentally-superior smaller gold-mining stocks, which really amplify gold’s gains during uplegs.

Precious Metals: Rocket Launch Now

Technical stock chart updates on $TQQQ, $AEM, $PAAS, $GDXJ, $GLD, $NUGT, $SILJ and more.

Why 27th December Is so Important for Physical Gold and Silver

The London wholesaler exposes the speculators that will be left tricked with undeliverable short positions, waking up into what will likely be a bid-only market.

Stocks, Gold, Oil

Fundamentals did not drive Bitcoin higher, same can said with the US Dollar -- sentiment. The USDX went insanely far from its moving average. Gold moving into a trending phase...

Gold Price Update Video: U.S. Dollar Nearing Key Support Level Which Could Impact Gold

Employment data out today, market mover. It took a big break in the dollar to move gold. The price is moving into the $1824.40 -- where I imagine there will be trouble.


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