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Tuesday Edition: September 21, 2021

Futures Market Speculators Crushed Again

The other reasons as to why these markets continue to operate are less than legitimate. They are a great mechanism for bankers and regulators to control the price and demoralize gold bugs.

The Fed Is Playing The Biggest Game Of Chicken In History

I still maintain the view that deflation will ravage the markets in the coming years once this bull market runs its course over the next two years, and the Fed will ultimately be powerless to prevent or stop it.

Monday Edition: September 20, 2021

Gold SWOT: Despite Gold’s Decline This Week, Gold Miners Continue to Grow

Platinum and its sister metals palladium and rhodium -- used in pollution-cutting catalytic converters -- have all suffered sharp drops in recent weeks as carmakers shutter plants and trim output guidance.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Martin Armstrong -- Gold at $25,000/oz...

Armstrong warns of the potential for a domino effect of Pension Fund failures during a great financial “reset.” He sees another 1980’s like gold rally amid a “crisis in (financial) confidence.”

Inflation: More Transitory than Expected

If the inflation numbers leave you scratching your head, join the club. The August data was especially perplexing. The Producer Price Index came in hot, up 8.3% in the last year, inviting 1970s comparisons.

Technical Scoop: Vote issues, sentiment turn, debt battle, Chinese risk, gold whack, strong economy, taper talk, energy wind

Talk once again turned to the Fed tapering and interest rates rising. But sentiment towards gold is about as low as we have seen.

'Katie-Bar-the-Door' Time For Evergrande Speculators?

Bears had a rare chance to get short with impunity last week -- arguably the first such free-money opportunity since the bull market began more than 12 years ago.

Sunday Edition: September 19, 2021

Gold Seeker Issue #82 ~ This Week In Mining: Metals & Miners Clobbered Yet Again

The metals and miners continued to trade in a tight range through the first three days of the week, after which both gold and silver and the mining stocks broke down...

Do Ya Feel Lucky, Punk? Gold Gets Hammered but Copper Fails to Seize the Moment

Gold has been clobbered lately but a key metallic macro indicator remains in a long-term congestion zone. If it’s going to be cyclical ‘inflation ON’ we’d expect Cu/Au to break..

Precious Metals Update Video: What a week it was

A very difficult September for traders. Gold is being rejected by the 18 week moving average. Gold needs to hold this support zone:

Friday Edition: September 17, 2021

Gold-Futures Taper Tantrum

Speculators have already done huge gold-futures selling in anticipation of coming Fed tightening, exhausting much of their selling firepower.  And the market conditions today are way more bullish for gold than ahead of that last taper tantrum in mid-2013.

Gold Falls But Key Juniors Rise

Technical stock charts for $GDX, $KL, $NUGT, $, $TRX & more.

Money Printing Is Worse than Bad Sushi!

At the heart of all this growth was a ballooning central bank balance sheet. From 2000, when China joined the WTO until 2013, China’s central bank balance sheet grew almost 900%.

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold's selling is overdone

Producers have pricing power, buyers are willing to buy what they can get their hands on. Gold's selling is overdone, BUT if gold hits new lows then ..

Thursday Edition: September 16, 2021

The Next "Crisis" the Global Elite Have Planned

We now have genuinely crazy people in control of the apparatus of the state. They’re exactly the same psychological and philosophical profile as the Bolsheviks or the Jacobins. They’re not going to let go of power voluntarily. Anything is possible at this point; we’re still in the early days.

Precious Metals Update Video: I like Dr. Copper

The volatility bands are wrapping its arms around the gold price. The tighter it gets the more likely there will be a breakout or breakdown..


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