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Sunday Edition: August 9, 2020

The Big 8 Are Still Mega-Short Silver and Gold

I'm also watching the flows of physical metal into the world's mutual funds and ETFs, which continues unabated -- and at a rabid pace.  The amount of silver and gold going into these funds continues to outpace world mining production -- and the amount of silver that JPMorgan has been ordered to part with, or is prepared to sell, is finite.  The same can be said of how much unallocated gold there is available in London, as that's most certainly the source for a large percentage of the gold that…

GoldSeek Radio: Peter Schiff and Bob Hoye

In this show, two more top financial guests including Peter Schiff – our guest expects more trouble in the global reserve currency as the world continues to lose faith in the Fed’s ability to rescue the domestic economic vessel. He agrees the PMs are only starting to perk up after a decade of doldrums, with incredible opportunities ahead for investors.

Gold Seeker Report: This Week in Mining Issue #25: Earnings Season in Full Swing

Gold and silver prices surged again this week, although both metals were hit on Friday. The disconnect between the valuation of mining equities relative to the underlying commodity prices seems to be expanding.

The Magnitude Of Long Term Profits In A Gold Secular Cycle

However, when compared to the magnitude of gold gains over a secular cycle, the recent price movements have been quite small in comparison to what history shows us could be on the way

A Tale of Two Precious Metal Bulls

How much higher can gold go? Bank of America raised its 18-month target price to US$3,000 an ounce, due to dovish central bank policies; Goldman Sachs analysts have their eye on $2,300, based on similar concerns over currency debasement.

Labor Dept. Trumps Its Own Numbers

Spin it up, Boys! Spin it up high! The Labor Department should go into the money-laundering business because they own the fastest-spinning, number-washing machine out there.

Yellow Flag Jobs Data

Loss Exposure | Stiff Drink Time | Crowding Out | The Absurd, Totally Misleading Unemployment Report | Puerto Rico, Montana, Missing Maine, and Changing Life Habits

Friday Edition: August 7, 2020

Big US Stocks’ Q2’20 Fundamentals

The US stock-market action last quarter was dumbfounding.  Big US stocks rocketed higher despite this global pandemic ravaging the US economy, which collapsed by a third in annualized terms!  That makes understanding their fundamentals more important than ever.

The Dawn of Gold

Many believe July 2020 was one for the gold history books, but it wasn’t even a top 10 move in gains for gold historically. In fact, last month’s big move in gold to all-time U.S. Dollar highs was the 23rd best spot monthly return. Let that sink in.

Gold: We haven’t seen anything yet

The gold price has broken through a 9 1/2 years base made in gold. We are going into the bubble phase..

US Dollar Devalues by 99% vs Gold in 100 Years—Gold Price Crosses $2,067

The spot gold price crossed $2,067 dollars per troy ounce today, another all-time high. Since the 1930s the U.S. dollar has lost 99% of its value against gold.

Thursday Edition: August 6, 2020

Has the Fed Let the Inflation Genie Out of the Bottle?

The dramatic ascent of precious metals markets this summer reflects what could be just the start of a longer-term decline and fall in the Federal Reserve Note's value and status.

PM Complex Impulse Move: Where Is next Resistance ?

If the HUI has reached an area where it needs to rest for awhile and starts to build out a 3 to 6 week consolidation pattern, below is a rough idea of how it could happen based on the Chartology. First, there is no way to know right now what type of consolidation pattern could form.

Gold miners junior buying spree

The top gold producers are running out of reserves, it’s not surprising, much of the easy-to-mine gold has been discovered.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Peter Schiff

Silver is just breaking out. Gold stocks are bargains. I think people will make a killing in mining stocks. The US Dollar is heading for a crash. That is what gold price is telling you. 

No “V.”

Though there is clearly no “V” in the economy, there has been a “V” in stocks (though it appears to be starting to sputter out); but how does this rocket rally compare to famous “bear-market rallies” that plunged even lower in the end..

Gold Price Crosses Over Historic $2,000 Per Ounce

They warned that the dollar would lose its value, and that gold would continue to increase in price. Which turned out to be exactly the case, and on Tuesday the gold price finally broke above the historic $2,000 per ounce level.

Asian Metals Market Update: August-6-2020, Good Gold Demand in India

There is good gold demand in India and in my view all over Asia today (considering historically high prices) as well as yesterday. People who did not buy gold at $1800 or $1950 were seen buying physical gold, physical silver and gold/silver jewelry.

Wednesday Edition: August 5, 2020

Gold update we need to create the slingshot

Stops were triggered and buying accelerated. The gold market sentiment could turn 180 degrees? ​​​That will create the slingshot phase.

Metals Update Video: So much morning pouring into Gold

Gold's competition, the US Treasury yields at all time record lows. Silver is moving higher, not for industrial reasons

Calibre Mining Recommences Blasting and Mining Activities at its Jabali Underground Mine, Part of the Libertad Complex

“Jabali represents an important long-term source of high-grade ore for the Libertad mill and is a key focus of our expanded drilling program.  We currently have three drill rigs completing infill and step-out drilling.."

Asian Metals Market Update: August-5-2020, Gold is the only alternative

Current generation of new investors, obsessed with only stock market investment suddenly realizing the power of gold investment and silver investment.