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Monday Edition: March 8, 2021

Gold Market Update - at critical juncture NOW...

I believe that gold will reverse to the upside this coming week. What happened on Friday is that, with the markets starting to look really fragile, the Bank of America came riding to the rescue saying that the Fed was “going to exercise yield curve control” or words to that effect, meaning that it will attempt to cap shorter-term yields like the 10-year.

Gold Price Manipulation, Money Printing and Inflation

“The gold standard did not collapse. Governments abolished it in order to pave the way for inflation. The whole grim apparatus of oppression and coercion — policemen, customs guards, penal courts, prisons, in some countries even executioners — had to be put into action in order to destroy the gold standard."

Watching Gold for the Turn

A bottom in the Gold market?  When Gold bottoms, everything else will bottom likely as well.

Technical Scoop: Money push, job rot, low inflation, positive conditions, oversold gold, shorts cut, OPEC cuts

Gold bull and bear markets is the theme of our opening piece this week. And what does all this money being pushed into the financial system mean? Hyperinflation as some are calling for? The U.S. job numbers were much better than expected. But were they? Underneath there is rot.

Why This Top Is So Hard to Short

No one said it would be easy to get short at the top. This bull market is proving especially challenging to fade because the herd knows how grotesquely overvalued stocks are.

Gold Part 1…An Honest Look at Gold’s Chartolgy

As you well know the PM complex has been trading at a very important inflection point for the last month or so looking for the next important move either up or down.

Yet Another Bubble And Crash Article

I mean, have you ever seen a crash when everyone, and their mother, grandmother, uncle, aunt, and aunt’s cat knew it was coming?

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold is bouncing, Bears will test them

A bounce in an overall bearish market. $1,739.10 needed to break through to change the trend.

Asian Metals Market Update: Bond yields will pay a key role this week

Spot gold. View: Key support is at $1682.30. Key resistance is at $1717.10.

Sunday Edition: March 7, 2021

Gold Seeker Issue #53 ~ This Week in Mining: Gold Trying to Find a Bottom..

Gold is trying to find a bottom but should it break $1,680/oz., it could test $1,630-$1,650/oz. Silver was also hit this week but is holding up far better than gold, holding above key support levels.

Real Interest Rates and Gold

Several factors influence gold prices (mainly the US dollar, gold ETF inflows/ outflows, inflation rate, bond yields, safe haven demand, physical gold demand, gold supply) but none is more reliable than real interest rates.

Bond Yields Roil Markets, Gold/Silver Drop

The Federal Reserve may also be on the verge of restarting Operation Twist. Under that program, the central bank sells some of its short-dated Treasuries and buys longer-term bonds.

Ted Butler: A Time to Act

The short positions of the Big 8 traders in general -- and the Big 4 shorts in particular, are the sole reason that prices aren't at the moon already, as virtually every other group of traders in the COMEX futures market are net long against them in all four precious metals.

Everything Is Broken

What else is broken? And the more I thought, the more I realized that the data that we use every day, the very systems that we are forced to work with, are indeed in various stages of being broken.

Friday Edition: March 5, 2021

Gold’s Momentum Selloff

The good news is the gold-futures selling that ignited all this is finite, and is likely nearing exhaustion.  After that, gold should rally hard.

Stock Market as Forward Looking as a Caboose

So, let’s look more broadly: 8 Million More Living In Poverty, 9 Million Small Businesses In Danger Of Closing, 10 Million Behind On Rent

A Time To Act

Interest in silver and concerns about its price being artificially suppressed by excessive short selling are now at levels never seen before.

Precious Metals Update Video: Running the Bollinger Band

Gold needs to get above the swingline number of $1,739.10 to break the downtrend. $1,774.70 is the 18 day m.a.

Thursday Edition: March 4, 2021

New Jersey Mining: Junior Gold Producer with a Strategic Rare Earths Opportunity

New Jersey Mining is an Idaho-focused gold producer and, more recently, a rare earth elements exploration company.

Volatility Event

May be time to start scaling into metal positions.

Are You Worried? Do You Feel Lucky?

Inflation is here, regardless of what the tortured statistics from the U.S. government show. Their “print and spend” debt extravaganza ensures inflation will destroy the purchasing power of the dollar.

Precious Metals Update Video: Stock market does not like higher rates

18 week moving average is at $1835.70.  $1,739.10 is key for bears today.

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