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Sunday Edition: June 13, 2021

Gold Seeker Issue #68 ~ This Week In Mining: Headline CPI Inflation Hits 5.0%, Will Light Fire Under Gold Stocks

The heavily doctored CPI data increased to 5.0% in May after a 4.20% increase in April. In other words, real-world inflation is somewhere between 10-15%.

Politics with No Labels

There’s no way around it: Investing in public companies is always political. Corporations exist because governments charter these artificial entities and legally shield the owners (shareholders) from personal liability.

Friday Edition: June 11, 2021

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - June 11, 2021

Positions as of Tuesday, June 8, 2021.

Gold Stocks Room to Run

Thus this gold-stock upleg remains young, with the lion’s share of its gains still yet to come.  This sector will follow gold higher, amplifying its gains because of the miners’ inherent profits leverage to gold

Investors Beat Central Banks and Jewelry, As Having the Most Influence on Gold Prices

Our research shows that most retail investors, who are the main drivers of gold’s price, trust gold more than fiat (paper) currencies to preserve their purchasing power. When debt soars, when real interest rates go negative, when cash becomes trash, gold shines brightest.

Congressman Presses Secretary Yellen for Disclosure of U.S. Gold Activities

“The lack of full transparency by the Federal Government has hobbled public confidence. The Gold Reserve Transparency Act will ensure our gold reserves are accounted for.”

Precious Metals Update Video: Another Sweet CPI Number

Interest rates are falling and this is bringing in bids into gold and silver. Gold's volatility bands narrowing, this can lead to volatility within the range.

Thursday Edition: June 10, 2021

AbraSilver: 2021, A Catalyst Rich Year

2021 is a catalyst-rich year for AbraSilver and its cornerstone asset, Diablillos, which includes an updated MRE and updated PEA.

Are You Positioned for the Coming Flight to Quality?

Underneath the surface, however, warning signs are flashing for investors in financial markets.

Gold's Inflation Utility

Stagflationary forces will need to intensify in order to fundamentally justify investments in gold* and gold stocks as anything unique or special in the macro backdrop. As a side note, both Gold and HUI are poised bullish on their big picture technicals.

Precious Metals Update Video: ECB meeting today

Gold has strong support on the daily Bollinger ban, near $1,867.

Wednesday Edition: June 9, 2021

East Camp Douglas Returns 17.92 Meters of 1.29 g/t Gold Under Lithocap

This maiden drill program focused on understanding geologic structures associated with the silicified lithocap located on the southern end of the East Camp Douglas property located in Mineral County, Nevada.

Basel III and COMEX Gold

If you're a gold investor, then you've likely read of the NSFR of Basel III, which are due to be implemented by the EU-based Banks at the end of this month. Well, here's something else to consider.

The First Physical Gold ATM Opens in Prague, Czech Republic

The first physical bullion Gold ATM in the Czech Republic has been launched in the center of Prague. 

Inflation & War: Are Investors Prepared?

The “I” word is… inflation.  If a serious inflation cycle is beginning, a lot is going to change for the fiat-oriented citizens of the United States, and not in a good way.

Tuesday Edition: June 8, 2021

Goldsource Mines: The Next Gold Producer in Guyana?

Goldsource mines has begun to rapidly advance its Eagle Mountain Project in Guyana after a significant increase in gold resources and a PFS on the way.

Calibre Mining Intercepts 13.83 g/t Gold Over 4.4 Metres

11.37 g/t Gold Over 5.4 metres and 16.78 g/t Gold Over 2.8 Metres Within 10 Kilometres of the Libertad Mill.

Resetting the Federal Debt

That the debt is unpayable may be obvious, but the endgame is not obvious at all. The Fed keeps printing, but no default. How come? Is a simple "reset" coming?

The Coming Biden/Putin Train-Wreck Summit

The weaponization of the US dollar to bring the rest of the world to heel is backfiring. Only a serious change in course – toward non-interventionism and non-aggression – can avert a disaster. Time is running out.

Sentiment Speaks: Prepare For Volatility

We have entered into a very treacherous market environment, which will likely last over the coming two months. And, I do not see the next multi-month trending market move setting up for several months.

Basel 3 Already Has Demolished Claims That Central Banks Don't Rig the Gold Market

The weightiest piece of evidence about Basel 3 is the astounding panicked protest issued a month ago by the LBMA and the WGC, a protest directed to the Bank of England's Prudential Regulation Authority, opposing implementation of Basel 3 in the UK.

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold not in a trend short-term

Gold finding support around the moving averages.  Upside bias, momentum overbought..

Monday Edition: June 7, 2021

The Fed’s Reverse Repo Madness

The Fed is walking a thin tightrope between fighting off financial asset deflation (a stock and bond market crash).  To do this it needs to continue printing enormous sums of money.

‘Taper’ Talk Is Back: Will a Tantrum Follow?

A “taper tantrum” redux could roil markets heading to the fall.

Gold SWOT: Russia to Increase Gold Reserves on Shift from U.S. Dollar

Russia announced it will eliminate the dollar from its oil fund to reduce its vulnerability to Western sanctions. The news comes just weeks before Putin and President Biden are scheduled to meet at an upcoming summit.

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