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Swallowed By Giants: Newmont and Newcrest Mining

Longer term, there's a very bullish view of metals in the coming years. But how should one take advantage of that opportunity?

Inflation End Game: "Everyone Pays and No One Benefits"

For many, the jobs data is just too good to be true. The BLS has a long history of cooking the data to paint a rosy picture.

Everything Is as It Isn't in the News

Pretending things were not as they really were left us all with a worse world — just as the media did with the Fed when it pretended the Fed was right about inflation being transitory and all simply parroted the narrative they were force-Fed.

Gold is Where Stock Market was in Early 1980s

Although Gold has pulled back and its latest breakout attempt failed, it remains fairly close to the most significant Gold breakout in 50 years...

This Crypto Scam Targets Guys' Groins

Regardless, if you come across an irresistible young Asian woman online who wants to talk about bitcoin, you would be wise to end the conversation then and there.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Marc Faber: Think locally, prepare for the end of globalism

Might central banks continue tightening to the detriment of financial markets? Financial-sector crisis. "Everyone (investor) should buy some gold." Increased risk of conflict between NATO and BRICS.

Significance Of 1980 Gold Price Peak

The price of gold would have to exceed $2300 just to match its 2020 peak. Beyond that it would need to move as high as $2400 to match its 2011 peak.

BIS Gold Swaps Held Steady Through April and Are Probably Intervention by Fed

It is possible that the swaps provide a mechanism for bullion banks to return gold originally lent to them by central banks to cover bullion bank shortfalls of gold.

A Much-Needed Crisis

Avoiding default was great but this deal was yet another missed opportunity to rein in debt growth, which will continue and even accelerate.

Global Debt Crisis: Pretend and Extend?

Rising interest rates are pushing over-indebted countries to their limits.

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