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China’s Gold Gambit: Outfoxing America on the World Stage?

Superpowers like Russia and China are eyeing America’s financial vulnerabilities while the Fed, Congress, Treasury, and Wall Street play musical chairs..

The Senate Inquisition Fried the Bank Regulators Over EASY

As I currently watch the world slide into chaos due to the scoundrels I love to ridicule, I hope enough of them go bankrupt..

Americans Fleeced Again in Another Round of Bank Bailouts

Banking is in a league of its own when it comes to government subsidies, special privileges, and bailouts.

Why Can’t Banks Raise Their Rates on Deposits?

Why haven’t banks raised their rates on customer deposits with interest rates rising? We explain what this means for the banking system and how gold can be a solution to low interest rates.

GoldSeek Radio Full Show: Steve Rocco and Bob Hoye

The Derivatives ordinance is armed and unstable. Energy Crisis 2.0 2023-2025? Unrest in Europe could spread to the US, making safe havens essential...

Gold is the Rodney Dangerfield of Metals

What will happen to gold if more banks go down? A banking contagion leading to a global recession is now a significant threat.

Exodus from Small Banks Prompts Plea for Full Guarantees

States Move to Protect Citizens from Central Bank Digital Currencies

GoldSeek Nugget -- Steve Rocco: How safe are bank accounts? Silver is selling near the cost...

The derivatives fiasco is unstable... 4 largest domestic banks have $170 TRILLION in derivatives exposure, according to one online source. People must be in physical precious metals.

Eurodollars And The Other Existential Banking Crisis

There are multiple threats to the financial system that are currently in play, and one of the biggest is the risk of a Eurodollar crisis or collapse. The world had two close calls...

It’s Pancaking All the Way Down, Folks!

The contagion of collapse continues. The crazy buyout engineered in Switzerland when one of the oldest banks on Earth collapsed spread to equally ancient, gargantuan and zombified Deutsche Bank..

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