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The Convicted Criminals of JP Morgan

So, did you get all of that? The former head of the CFTC, who could find no price manipulation and also failed to implement the position limit provisions of the Dodd-Frank law, gets rewarded with a promotion..

A Recession Is NOT “Good For Gold”

Gold is a financial asset. Its price is not determined by economic events or activity. 

Supersized IRS Will Shrink Liberty

The premise behind the income tax is that the government is the true owner of all property and thus has the right to take as much from the people as it desires.

Why Gold is a Central Issue in the Proxy NATO Russia War Being Fought in Ukraine

And why the narrative about this war has been replete with lies: The regular Military Industrial Banking lies about gold have become even more ridiculous than usual, especially those forwarded by the mass media.

Welcome to the World of Bankster Magic Where We Shall Have “Weather Followed by More of the Same Unless it Changes.”

At the start of the year he said we were entering the “strongest economy” he had ever seen. Then he said he saw storm clouds. Then he..

Inflation + Weaponized IRS = Off-Grid Investing Boom

The Orwellian-named Inflation Reduction Act passed both houses of Congress and is now on its way to the White House for Joe Biden’s signature.

Biden Crows About the Latest 8.5% Annual Inflation Number

IRS Is Now Recruiting Armed Agents Willing to Use Deadly Force

GoldSeek Radio -- Harry Dent: Gold will emerge as number-one buy

"Gold will emerge as a number-one buy" during the next financial crisis amid insatiable demand from Asia sends the yellow metal to $3,000-$5,000. 

The BIS, the Bullion Banks & the Basel III Price Reset!

Andrew Maguire exposes the race major world banks are in to discreetly exit decades of accrued, loaned-out short bets against gold and silver, as Basel III reforms bring ..

Spoofing trial indicated that JPMorgan traded gold for central banks, Maguire says

Evidence in the trial of the former JPMorgan traders convicted of gold market manipulation this week indicated that the bank long has been trading the monetary metal for central banks and the BIS..

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