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Gold Futures Close at Record High

This bull run in both gold and silver is justified. In fact, both are arguably underpriced given the fact that the economy is hopelessly addicted to inflation.

Indonesia and China Killed the Nickel Market

China has been a very willing player having invested heavily in Indonesia, building smelters and using their technology to produce battery-grade nickel cheaply, though at a horrendous cost to the environment.

Don’t Be Surprised if the Fed Raises Interest Rates

Another wildcard to throw into the question of if and when the Fed cut rates, is the $13 trillion of government debt about to roll over at higher levels of interest. 

No Reprieve for the Fed, but Lots for California

When it rains, it pours; when it snows, it blows.

When Readers Speak

You can go broke waiting for a disaster to arrive, and then suffer like everyone else because you ran out of resources the week before the disaster hit.

DOE National Accelerator Labs Prove Gold's Resistance to Laser Attacks, Projecting 22.4 Million Ounce Demand

Gold gets stronger under laser pulses. If the SLAC labs are accurate in their science, gold plating will be the most significant industrial use of gold to date.

Inflation Soars, Powell's Plane Dives

Or, at least, the hopes of a soft landing are going down as prices rise.

Could Weaponization of the Dollar as a Foreign Policy Billy Club Accelerate De-Dollarization?

You can effectively use a stick to keep people in line. But you might find yourself in trouble if they pick up a bigger stick.

Raising Free-Thinking Children Amid Societal Madness

Casey: "Your kids are your most important asset. You shouldn’t entrust them to government bureaucrats who will indoctrinate them with bad values and misinformation."

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