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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Martin Armstrong on International Capital Flows

Armstrong attributes the rise of gold, the dollar, and stocks simultaneously to capital flight into the U.S. due to geopolitical conflicts and instability.

BIS gold swaps rose 47% to 100 tonnes in November

BIS refuses to explain its activities in the gold market, nor for whom the bank is acting. The BIS has almost certainly acted on behalf of central banks, as they are the BIS’ owners.

Job Market Cancels Big Bond Bets

The labor market refuses to cooperate with the fantasies of stock and bond investors. Bond market destruction, defaults, and crashing banks will take us deep into this recession.

Fair Shares of Debt

Some people think we could easily balance the U.S. budget by (insert simplistic idea here). Some problems, like the National Debt, are so big we can’t even understand them, much less solve them.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - David Haggith: The Fed Is Not Going to Pivot

Equities have been soaring for ridiculous reasons - this idea that the Fed's almost done now, and then the Fed's going to pivot [and lower rates]. That's nonsense.

2024, "The Year of Chaos," Will Sweep over us Like a Tsunami

It’s going to be a huge mess. That is why the Fed has never exited a tightening period without creating a recession and will not do so now even though the market feverishly believes this time will be different than all others.

Sound Money Scholarship Awards $13,500 to 9 Outstanding Students

CEO Gleason: "For almost a decade, we've provided an opportunity for students to further their understanding of sound money through our annual scholarship competition."

Polish Central Bank Buys Gold According to Secret EU Plan

Of concern to our present study is Poland, eligible for eurozone inclusion, which is buying large volumes of gold which reaffirms the existence of the agreements.

Down the Money Drain Hole We Go!

The Fed cannot back out of these troubles it is creating as it did so facilely when past periods of tightening failed without reigniting inflation.

Live from Zurich, GoldSeek TV Interviews Mining Industry Executives and Experts

Live from the Zurich Precious Metals Summit, GoldSeek TV speaks with mining industry executives and experts. 20 interviews were filmed at the Precious Metals Summit in Zurich on November 13 and 14.

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