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Nothing to See Here, Folks. I Mean, Literally, NOTHING.

To top it off, at half-a-trillion dollars, the US budget deficit for the first fiscal quarter just came in 61% higher than the already scorching previous year … and it’s about to rise even faster as Joe manages to pass all the stimulus under the new Demo-run congress that Trump wished he could. Imagine when that tower of debt falls!

Two Centuries Of National Debt In One Year: Putting 2020 In Perspective

The $4.5 trillion increase in the U.S. national debt in 2020 was so large as to be almost incomprehensible for the average person. Yet, every dollar of the new debt was entirely real. It will likely be with us for the rest of our lifetimes, and may profoundly change every aspect of our financial lives.

MAGAnificent! The Economic Truth or Terror is Known at Last

I have never seen America less great than it looks today! As of January 2021, days before Trump leaves, America looks to me like the fall of the Roman Empire.

The Grip Tightens

I see better than 60–70% odds that the robust recovery scenarios many see for the latter half of 2021 will prove too optimistic. I desperately hope to be wrong, but restarting 150,000+ small businesses is no trivial matter.

Gold’s Jobs-Friday Plunge

While certainly uncommon, sharp selloffs naturally freak out traders crushing any bullish sentiment. Serious gold down days are nearly always driven by heavy speculator selling in super-leveraged gold futures. 

Biden Bailout, Democrat Takeover to Drive Americans into Gold

As investors await the incoming Biden administration and the uncertainties that a transition of power may bring, precious metals markets regained some ground through Thursday’s close but have pulled back again on Friday, especially silver and platinum.

Behind the Headlines of Record Gold Stocks in London Vaults

Last week, the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) published its latest monthly update on gold holdings in the LBMA vaults in London, claiming that there are now record gold stocks of 9452 tonnes of gold held in these vaults.

Who Will NEXT Be Removed from the Internet?

Supporters of sound money and critics of the Federal Reserve System are apparently treading on thin ice. This week, Facebook temporarily blocked the account of gold advocate and former Congressman Ron Paul for supposed violations of “community standards.”

Is Rising US Treasury Yield Making Investors Sell Gold?

There have been several headlines in the past week suggesting that investors are selling gold because the yield on the US Treasury has risen above the whopping level of 1%. Is that really what's happening?

The Ecstasy and The Agony of Market Bubbles

The bond market will fall if interest rates rise (they are) because the Fed’s “fire hose” (plus commercial banking) is squirting fake money by the $trillions into stocks and bonds. Gold, silver, and food prices are going higher.

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