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The 1970s On Steroids: Dead Ahead?

If this theme intensifies, it can create outflows from the stock market and inflows into gold.  A “1970s on steroids” theme appears to be at hand.  Hardcore gold bugs who have great memories of shorting the stock market while buying gold stocks in the 1970s…

In Gold We Trust

Inflation is one of the best determinants of gold price movements, because investors buy precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) as an inflation hedge when the prices of goods and services are rising faster than interest rates.

With Inflation Raging, Why Is Gold Not Moving Higher?

But you can’t have conversation about where the gold price is and where it should be without discussing the official effort to prevent gold from serving its role as the canary in a coal mine with respect to the failure of the Fed’s monetary policy and the Government’s failing fiscal and geopolitical policies.

Biden’s Tax & Vax Plan May be Straw that Breaks Wise Men’s Camels’ Backs

Biden’s 3.5-trillion-dollar tax hike — the largest in the history of the world — should add to the avalanche of troubles coming down on us. Nothing like hitting the nation with a massive tax increase for social programs at a time when the economy is sinking..

Technical Scoop: Clouds gather, divergences abound, bear conditions, supply disrupted, gold bottom, unconfirmed energy

We look at the musings of investment guru Jim Rogers and his claims of major bottoms every 10 or 15 years and his claim that we will face the “worst bear market” in his lifetime. The conditions are there.

Economists Warn of Coming Stagflation

The only way to avoid this impending disaster is a global debt reset — a Debt Jubilee, if you will. Imagine what could be achieved if all the central banks acted together in retiring all the world’s debt — all $281 trillion of government, corporate and consumer loans.

The Petrodollar Is Dying, Silver & Gold Impact? - Rob Kientz & Andy Schectman

With recent news from Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Russia, it is clear the Petrodollar is dying. How will this affect the Gold and Silver markets long term..

BIS gold swaps fell slightly in August but remain high

The swap transactions potentially create a mismatch at the BIS, which conceivably ends up being long unallocated gold (the gold held in BIS sight accounts at major central banks) and short allocated gold..

The Fat Lady Takes the Stage

Building a bubble on top of the existing one seems so implausible that we are left with perhaps three logical alternatives..

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Peter Schiff -- Gold shares could increase several fold
Peter Schiff makes a case for extraordinary gold price advance; be sure to listen to the show for figures that may surprise even the most ardent gold bull. Gold shares could increase several fold, perhaps 10x, but with much greater volatility.
Chris Waltzek Sun, 09/12/2021 - 19:08
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