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Technical Scoop: Archego liquidation, Biden stimulus, golden cycle, market bull, Fed backing

Gold has been on its heels now since August 2020. Sentiment is becoming quite bearish. And we have been looking for a significant cycle low.

Biden's $2.2 Trillion Trojan Horse

Indeed, only about 5% of the proposed new trillions reportedly is earmarked for the repair of roads and bridges.

Why Dave Ramsey and Other Financial Gurus Are WRONG About Gold

While gold bugs are often accused of having an unhealthy obsession with the metal, the “anti-gold” bugs reveal a deep-seated bias that can only be explained as irrational or dishonest.

Inflation Fears Rise on Biden’s $3.9 TRILLION in Deficit Spending

Mining stocks outperformed, which is usually a bullish sign for the metals. Shares of major gold streaming company Franco-Nevada broke out to a 3-month high. Perhaps the mining stock indexes will soon follow suit, along with gold and silver prices.

The Exponential Ride

Today we enjoy living standards far higher than even royalty did not so long ago. Yes, we have problems, serious ones, but we also have advantages. We know we can make the world better because it is getting better. And it’s getting better all the time, at least over time.

Joe Biden and the New Era of Big Government

Bridgewater’s Dalio says stay clear of bonds, buy ‘stuff’

Monetary Metals Issues Gold Token

“Unlike bitcoin, this token will work even when the Internet goes out, like in a nuclear winter, zombie apocalypse, or an anvil falls on your head”

Congressman Mooney Introduces Bill to End Federal Taxes on Gold and Silver

U.S. Representative Alex Mooney (R-WV) today re-introduced sound money legislation to remove all federal income taxation from gold and silver coins and bullion.

The Theory of Interest and Prices

What do a famous broken bridge and Jimi Hendrix have in common with monetary effects on consumer prices? Short answer: a dynamic system & positive feedback.

Inflation Pressures Building

We’ve already seen a $1.9 trillion helicopter money drop this year, and the Biden administration appears just to be getting started.

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