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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Hoye: Cash-is-King in a liquidity crisis

Cash-is-King in a liquidity crisis; our guest suggests raising cash levels in anticipation of bargain opportunities.

Gold Still Lacks Sally with the S&P's Relief Rally

So intrigued are we by Gold's seven weeks of stalemate that we've put together the following graphic (likely an analytical global Gold first) of price displayed in seven week bars..

The Collapse Has Begun! DO THIS NOW - Rafi Farber

Significant similarities between the economic recession of 2008 and the crisis that abruptly erupted in the past few years and how to prepare..

Inflation Reaches Unicorns

Post-2008 monetary policy unleashed deflationary forces no one anticipated. As often happens, well-intentioned plans had unintended side effects.

America the Beautiful is Broken

Everything else is imploding and has been for months.

The Fed Can't Save the Economy From Imploding. Watch Gold & Silver - Michael Pento

Michael Pento, well-known money manager, joins us to discuss the Fed's latest moves. He also explains how Gold and Silver will launch after a liquidity crisis.

If Inflation Is So Bad, How Come It’s Not Worse?

The biggest risk is not significantly higher inflation. Rather, the greater risk is credit default and financial markets implosion.

The Worse the Bear Market, the Better for Gold

Many of us in the gold community fear bear markets because they can inflict some damage to gold and silver stocks. That is a fair concern even though some go overboard.

It Was Hell Week, and the Fed Can’t Handle the Heat

The economy has too few workers to do the work that needs to be done to meet routine supply requirements, and the only way to entice workers back under the additional inflation yet to come will be by...

An Economic Recession Is Coming! Here's What to Do - Peter Boockvar

Peter Boockvar joins us to discuss his thoughts on a Global Reset of the monetary system, the Gold and Silver market, crypto, and more.

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