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The Whole Soft-Landing Narrative is Changing

It's stunning how quickly how those who reported fantasies of a new bull market - plus the end of inflation and a recession - changed their minds.

The Inverse Relationship Between Pageantry and Prosperity

The Roman Empire was known for its extravagant public spectacles, which diverted the public's attention from corruption, dwindling resources, and political instability. 

Tomorrow's News Today

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon says to prepare for the worst case, which is 7% interest rates with stagflation.

A Tale of Two Cities: Communist-Fascist Economics v. Capitalism and Conservative Reform

Today's tale is one of D.C., with a centrally planned socialist economy, versus Athens, the former city state and home of democracy, under capitalism.

Bond Market Tells The Real Story

It is possible that bond traders heard something that others did not. Nevertheless, the action in the bond market is telling and foreboding.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Peter Grandich: Gold Holding Steady Is Impressive

Despite the relentless rally in the stock market over the last several years, combined with rising interest rates, gold should have taken a beating, but it's holding its own.

Estimated World Official Gold Holdings Reach Record High

The new record in world gold reserves reflects a desire by central banks the world over to diversify away from the US dollar with its ever more evident counterparty risks.

Politicians' Diversion Tactics: A Smoke Screen for Theft

We have reached the final chapter called a Kleptocracy, where theft by the parasitic class is on full display for all to view

Magnitude of the US Debt Disaster: Flies, Poop and Incomprehensible Numbers

The only way out of a debt this size is a default, which drives up inflation; or a debt jubilee, wherein all public debt is cleared from the record.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bob Moriarty: It's the End of the Western Debt-Based System

The Fed's continuing to raise rates is going to blow the bond market sky high. It's total chaos, and the end of the Western debt-based system.

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