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Recession Odds Rising

But remember, we’re talking about a complex system here. All these actions by different parties combine and interact in unpredictable ways. As it’s turning out, the bank failures could lead to more tightening, not less.

The Hierarchy of Money and the Case for $8,000 Gold

A long-term gold valuation model, which assumes gold will account for the majority of international reserves, suggests the gold price to exceed $8,000 in the coming decade.

GoldSeek Nugget - Bob Hoye: Inflation adjusted gold price hints at a bullish theme

The Fed Funds Futures contract exceeded the extreme Fed target level - the last two times this occurred, the crisis and 1987 crash followed. The more intense the yield curve-inversion..

The Outer Limits of Central Banking: “We Will Control the Horizontal. We Will Control the Vertical.”

The Federal Reserve’s digital payments system, which it promises will help speed up the way money moves, will debut in July. They will know who you are, and they can shut you down by limiting anything..

Battle Line Drawn: Gold Bulls Look to Push through $2,000

Recent trading around this psychologically significant level is bringing out a volume spike in physical markets.

Central banks: “We Are Invincible!”…Markets: “Hold My Beer”

Central banks seem to be on a credibility drive at the moment. Last week it was the ECB, yesterday it was the Fed and today it was the Bank of England. All of them are on a mission to..

Monetary Madness Endgame

For over twelve years at TF Metals Report, we have been writing about "The End of The Great Keynesian Experiment". Recent events have moved us closer to this monetary endpoint.

SVB And Collapsing Global Financial Defenses

These choices do not increase the chances for a near-term crisis, but they do mean that the chances of a catastrophe scenario are up sharply, in the event of a crisis.

Janet Yellen: Creature of Chaos

Just a handful of recent bank collapses … with the boost given by Janet Yellen’s recent testimony in congress … have spread shockwaves beneath the entire surface of global banking.

Did the Fed just Pivot?

We explain why SVB was not an isolated incident and why other banks are also at risk. Is this the start of the Fed pivot and what does it mean for gold?

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