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Fed Forced To Use Negative Liabilities

Can a loss be declared to be a gain? Is it legal to declare that the worse the losses - the greater the assets that are created from the losses?

The Bitcoin Perfection Problem

Bitcoin has a perfection problem, and this inherent issue means that any change poses an existential psychological risk to the bitcoin movement.

The Housing Market Crash Is Getting Worse

This is why I continue to be baffled by the valuation levels of the homebuilders. The only rationale I can conjure up is that a large segment of perma-bull investors is convinced that...

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Alasdair MaCleod: Completely new trend in interest rates

GoldMoney's Alasdair Macleod joins us today to discuss an array of topics including the completely new trend in interest rates, shortage of credit, derivatives and much more!

What Twitter and Bitcoin Have in Common

When the bitcoin craze broke into a gallop in 2021 spurred by salacious tales of teen millionaires, it was on its way to becoming the Tulip-o-mania of this era, albeit on a global scale.

Why Has the BIS Bought Back 500 Tonnes of Gold? What Are You Doing?

Basel III regulations are now being implemented across central banks globally, forcing insiders to start backing up their claims with physical gold for the first time in decades.

Digital Shiny Objects

Financial crises are really about trust. They tend to occur when people lose trust in assets, institutions, or people they had thought trustworthy.

The Bitcoin Is ‘as-good-as-gold’ Myth Is Over

This time last year, cryptocurrency enthusiasts were still touting “Crypto as the new gold”– crypto touted as having the same ‘safe’ attributes as gold.

Sam Bankman-Fried FTX’ed Up

The recent implosion of FTX is explained and why the inevitable crypto and pension fund collapse was precipitated by Fed policy.

They Don't Ring a Bell at Bottoms

The rebound in precious metals should gain more traction when the Fed is officially done hiking rates.

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