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Why Inflation is Not Going to Give the Fed a Break

This is the inflation feed-back loop or vortex I’ve described in the past where inflation feeds shortages, which create more inflation as people bid up the price of goods that are more scarce.

Central Bank Digital Currency Touted as “Risk Free” Money

The importance of these sound money efforts should not be underestimated. After all, taxes on the purchase and/or sale of the monetary metals are real disincentives against their ownership and use.

Global Supply Crunch for Battery Metals

The United States still lags behind both China and Europe when it comes to the production and domestic uptake of EVs, and the world’s biggest economy has made it loud and clear it wants to challenge its rivals’ dominance.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Peter Grandich: precious metals bulls will be rewarded

Peter suggests that the pendulum swung too far towards high-risk assets; the back-swing could significantly improve the prospects of the PMs sector. 

Beijing's Dilemmas

China is more than four times larger than the US. So is India. Together they represent about 36% of humanity, the US only about 4%. We aren’t in the same league, population-wise.

GoldSeek Radio with Peter Schiff: $10,000 Gold & Explosive Small Cap Mining Stocks

As Fed officials talk of higher real-rates, Peter suggests that the "inflation genie" won't be contained, circa Volker's 1980's policies. Peter expects crude oil to continue its ascent, perhaps above the last bull market peak of $147 in 2008.

Gold; A Stellar Picture

Risk is with commodities (and stocks) and reward – with patience – is with gold and when they leverage a future macro, gold stocks.

Stocks and Awe: The Federal Reserve Regime Change is Here!

The Everything Bubble is bursting, and the Fed has barely even begun its war on inflation. Many top stocks are already in their own bear markets.

Doug Casey - We Are Facing An Economic Disaster

We Are Facing An Economic Disaster. Doug Casey explains his latest views on the politicians, the central banks, gold and silver.

Delightful speculation on the new gold price needed to back the U.S. dollar

Your secretary/treasurer believes that it is hard enough these days to discern what government is doing and so it is impossible to know what government will do, beyond its general objective of cheating people.

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