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Dangerous Assumptions

Ideally, retirement would be self-funded, with people accumulating savings during their working years to be spent in retirement. This is easier said than done.

Fed Dollar/Gold Shock Ending

That weaker dollar will fuel huge normalization buying in gold futures, which have been driven to bearish extremes. Gold will power higher as inflation continues to rage..

Stinking’ “Stonks” Got Smoked but the Pivotheads Still Have Some Catching Down to Do!

In a “thank-you Jesus” moment for those us us who are sick to death of the arrogance, greed, rigging, gambling, denial and freakin’ insanity of the US stock casino, the market pivotheads..

The Fed Has a Hammer, and You’re a Nail

The Fed continues to raise interest rates to try and fix the economy and bring down inflation. But this is like hammering someone's head to stop the headache. Hiking rates won't cure inflation, it will only make it worse.

Powell Feinted Full Dovetard, and Stocks Still Plummeted. Why?

I could be wrong, but I also think it’s going to be a little harder for the bulls to get their enthusiasm back this time. Still, they are endlessly dumb, so who knows for sure?

Steady Wins the Race

The experts weigh in on what it will take to break gold loose

Is The Fed About To Pause? What Happens To Gold & Silver? - John Feneck

John Feneck joins us to discuss the possibility for the Fed to rate hike two more times before the end of the year and what this will mean for the Silver and Gold markets.

GoldSeek Radio -- Aaron Brickman: Imminent global banking crisis, Equities crash...

Financial cycles analyst, Aaron Brickman makes his debut appearance; he insists the US equities markets could face a kodiak-sized, bear market, resulting in a decline comprised of three waves.

Could a Red Wave Cool Off the Retail Bullion Market?

Congress cannot do anything about the $31 trillion in debt already on the books or the mushrooming interest payments associated with that debt.

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