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Should We Worry About The Strong US Dollar?

The US dollar is doing well relative to other currencies. This does not mean that the dollar is a safe asset.

Goldman Sucks

The dollar may be declining in buying power in the US, but it almost always ends up as the best duck in the cesspool of fiat currencies.

Estimated Chinese Official Gold Reserves Cross 5,000 Tonnes

In the first six months of 2023, the Chinese central bank bought an estimated 353 tonnes. Demand was still strong and a driving force of the price of gold.

The Clear And Present Danger Of Trade Tariffs

Tariffs don't work. Beating up on China won’t solve any problems. Expect things to get worse if either country takes action.

Six Reasons to Consider Gold Over Paper Currencies

There are numerous reasons why all paper currencies die, but in general, the reasons are tied to this same pattern. Holding gold and silver protects you from having paper notes that are becoming increasingly worthless year after year.

US Headed Towards a Barter Economy?

Americans will face a long period of severe hardship because the USA is where credit excesses and wealth-effect hubris have been at their worst.

How Serious Is the Threat of Gold Confiscation?

GATA obtained the U.S. Treasury Department's formal statement of policy on confiscation of gold from citizens.

4 Ways Young People Can Hedge Against Inflation

Finding ways to actively build a store of value that exceeds the real costs of inflation is the key to success. Hedging is a bit like insurance in that there are costs upfront.

The Recession is Here!

Based on a recession indicator that has never failed to be SPOT ON, we are now entering the second dip into recession in a year.

GoldSeek TV: Over ½ Billion Silver Equivalent Ounces Announced at New Pacific Metals' Carangas ...

The President of New Pacific Metals joins GoldSeek TV to discuss the inaugural mineral resource estimate for Carangas which shows a huge Silver-Gold deposit with over a 1/4 Billion Silver Ounces! Over 1.8 million Gold Ounces along with Lead, zinc, copper..

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