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The Fed's Inflation Fight Becomes a Backdraft on the Fed

The disconnect that occurred between rate-cut fantasies that lifted stocks and rate-cut reality could become a harsh reconnect for stocks.

Here's a Dirty Little Secret: Federal Reserve Monetary Policy Is Still Loose

Raising rates was still enough to pop bubbles and break things. Easy money is the mother’s milk of this debt-riddled economy.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - John Rubino: "Gold is going to $5,000."

Rubino predicts gold will rise exponentially, cautioning against expecting uninterrupted growth but noting positive signs like recent miner gains.

Federal Reserve Posts Its First Operating Loss EVER. It’s HUGE! YOU pay.

For the very first time in 108 years, the Fed just ran at a net loss, and it was huge. To be specific, the Fed reported a loss of $ 114.3 billion in 2023.

Proposal to Move Bank Regulation Goalposts Signals Underlying Problems in Financial System

This proposal sends some alarming messages about the stability of the banking system and confidence in U.S. government debt.

We Should All Be Preppers Now

Investors are wise to acquire some assets that aren’t dependent on confidence or well-functioning systems, to hold their value. Physical bullion is one of the assets to consider.

Bring Back Gold!

We can return to a true gold standard, beating the inflationary monetary policy that gives the financial "elites" control over us.

Three Key Ways Gold Can Enhance Your Investment Portfolio

Since gold is both an investment and a consumer good, the yellow metal also delivers a positive correlation with equities and other risk assets in a positive market.

Investors Are Too Anxious For Rate Cuts

Stormy seas are ahead. If the Fed cuts too soon or too much, the cheap bubble juice will create more inefficiencies and extreme volatility.

Towering Giants Are Falling

The collapse in value of commercial real estate and the diminished value of bank reserves are likely to cause HUNDREDS of banks to crash.

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