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When Money Dies

Back in the summer of 2011, many of us were reading about the Weimar Republic and its hyperinflationary downfall. A decade later, it's time to revisit the history.

Respect the Fed? No, End the Fed

Instead of “respecting the Fed’s independence,” President Biden should work with Congress to audit, then end the Fed.

Understanding Profit Potential In Gold

The single fundamental for gold is that gold is real money. PERIOD. Gold’s value is in its use as money. Whereas gold is real money, the US dollar and all paper currencies are...

The Real GDPig was a Whole Lot Uglier than it Looked!

Better get your cob of corn while you still can because this pig isn’t just ugly. It’s about to get real mean.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Marc Faber: Prepare for a Lost Decade

Investors must prepare for higher rates in the global financial arena, resulting in a lost decade resembling the 1967-1982 bear-stock market.

The Inflation Mutation

But the bottom line is that what began as ‘monetary’ inflation as usual, has mutated outside of the monetary and into the real world, which the Fed will find not so friendly a place..

BEST buying opportunity for Gold and Silver - Peter Grandich

Peter Grandich joins us to give us his thoughts on the latest move from the Fed and how he is preparing for a major storm coming soon.

No Soft Landings

“There’s no soft landing when you’re this far out of equilibrium.” —Tom Hoenig

The Fed is too late and completely clueless - Adrian Day

Is the Fed too late? Adrian joins us to discuss this topic as well as the best asset to hedge against inflation.

The Retail Apocalypse was Bloodier than it Looked

Retail was a bloody mess! But revenue looked pretty good … considering! So, what was all the red about, and why all the screaming on the stock exchange?

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