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Inflation Cools (for now), Stag Awaits

To maintain inflationary policy, as per various talking Fed (egg) heads, the hysterical run up in inflationary expectations and fears had to be tamped down.

Institutional Investors Are Rotating out of Bitcoin and into Gold

So where have all the millions that have flowed out of crypto funds gone to? Would you be surprised to hear gold?

New Regulation Could Pressure Paper Metals Markets

Central banks around the world are well down the road toward development of digital currencies, so the timing of the current inflationary surge, as well as the Basel III regulatory change, is a little suspicious.

Copper con

If you needed upwards of 50 million tonnes of copper over the next five years, and had very little production of your own, what would you do?

Why Tax-Free Munis Are Still a Buy

There are additional factors that have made Doug especially bullish on municipal bonds. For one, they are exempt from federal income tax.

Why Basel 3 Might Not Bring the End of Gold Price Suppression

But even if this interpretation of the Basel 3 rules is correct, Basel 3 might not necessarily stop gold price suppression by governments and central banks.

Gold Is Stable and Strong in the Face of Crypto Goofiness

But investors should ask themselves which asset classes represent real value at current prices and which have already been driven to extreme overvaluation by the Fed’s money printer.

Expecting Inflation

Peter began with an important distinction between goods inflation and services inflation. They have been behaving differently.

It's The Roaring '20s Again - Begin To Prepare For The Same Ending

I, for one, do not see the market as a linear environment. That is one of the most valuable lessons that Elliott Wave analysis has taught me.

Sound Money Project Gains Industry Recognition, Secures Wins

Earlier this month, Governor Hutchinson of Arkansas signed Senate Bill 336 into law, ending the dubious practice of slapping precious metals buyers with sales taxes of nearly 10% in the Natural State.

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