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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Axel Merk: Chiefly invested in precious metals mining shares

Optimistic on the PMs sector due in no small part to frothy financial markets and artificial interest rates.

The DXY Craters: Gold & Silver Do Nothing

The commercial net short position in gold now sits at 23.75 million troy ounces, down from the 24.57 million troy ounces they were short in Monday's COT Report. The short position of the Big 8 traders is 22.62 million troy ounces...

The Money Printing Myth & The Raid On Our Bank Accounts

Where the Federal Reserve gets its money is perhaps one of the most misunderstood of all financial topics. It's also vital - because if the Fed is to finance the national debt, it needs to have sources..

Dr Doom : Fed Taper Will Fail - Marc Faber

Marc Faber 'Dr Doom' joins us to provide his take on the latest actions in the the markets, the central banks, interest rates, insane government policies and stupid politicians..

A Path-Dependent Year—WWJD?

The coming year is particularly uncertain. The economy could be wildly different based on how certain events unfold. To use a favorite central banker term, it is “path dependent.”

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Egon von Greyerz: Chaos, and the Art of Survival

Meanwhile, central bankers will continue to print fiat, potentially resulting in hyperinflation; he views this as an inevitable economic end-game scenario, "... it's only a question of when." 

Big Gold Breakout Nearing

The resulting acceleration and amplification of gold’s breakout rally will start enticing investors to return, fueling a major upleg.  Fed tightening shouldn’t matter, as Fed officials talk tough but rarely..

The Fed's Inflated Cake and a 'quant' of History

To my eye gold is the most bullish looking market on the chart above. A nice, long-term Cup and Handle with the Handle still in construction. But if history is a guide, gold would remain under pressure..

Gold Down 1% in Wake of More Hawkish Federal Reserve Meeting Minutes

The FOMC minutes showed a much more hawkish Fed than markets had been expecting. They specifically highlighted their concerns with inflation (no longer transitory).

Media Slavishly Praise Strong Jobs Market as Being Saved by Vaccines

So, even if all the new jobs were filled right away AND the number of jobs remaining open dropped by 529,000, that still leaves 3.76 million people who quit and did not take a job.

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