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An Economist Rebukes The Economist

When government uses force to interfere in markets, it promises improved outcomes. However, the opposite inevitably occurs.

Alarming Developments in GLD ETF Reaffirm Need to Own PHYSICAL Gold

The world’s largest gold exchange traded fund (ETF) seems to be having a lot of trouble when it comes to accounting.

A Run On Gold And Silver Is Starting

But don’t mistake buying GLD and SLV for buying and self-safekeeping physical gold and silver. The integrity of GLD and SLV is highly questionable.

It’s Not Often I Get to Proclaim “THE FED IS DEAD” Then Watch the Fed Put on the Toe Tag!

Be vigilant for inflation because big shifts into money’s most liquid form can create huge inflation IF we wind up with too much money in the hands of actual consumers or business operating accounts chasing too few goods. The cash is there, but where is there? I’m still looking for it.

Stock Market Party

To buy now, you must either convince yourself this is wrong, or find some reason to argue “it’s different this time.” That is rarely the case. To see why, we are going to look at some of the above data in detail, starting with some charts from Dave Rosenberg’s magnificent monthly chartbook.

Fed Recommits to Misleading the Public About Inflation

Did the Federal Reserve just usher in the next phase of the U.S. dollar’s decline?

Wrong Measurement, Wrong Macro Call

We have written much on the topic of economic measurement. Does the dollar measure gold, is it appropriate to say that “gold went up”? Or does gold measure the dollar?

Danger Ahead as Markets Detach from Fundamentals

The M1 money supply quadrupled over the past decade. That freshly printed money was gifted to the banks and the Treasury Department to keep stock and bond valuations elevated.

This Time the Shoeshine Boy Is a Player

And yet, when DASH’s shares began to trade last Wednesday, they achieved an 85% mark-up above their IPO price instantly, equating to a market cap of $72 billion. Again, not bad for a company that doesn’t have a prayer of turning a profit in the foreseeable future.

Survival of the Biggest

In its purest form, capitalism is an evolutionary process. Businesses that best adapt to changing conditions survive and grow. Typically, that means offering a product or service superior to current ones, or giving consumers more choices. Weaker or poorly managed businesses that don’t adapt to the new situation wither and eventually die.

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