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GoldSeek Nugget -- John Rubino: Gold the new un-obtain-ium?

Sovereign bankruptcy risks. Currency reset. Global economic downward-spiral. Tsunami of capital headed to the precious metals sector. Imminent run on gold and silver stockpiles?

Panic in the STREET: One Bank Crashes, A Bigger One RUNS for its life then crashes, and Suddenly it’s Panic on Wall Street!

That is how these big bust events happen every time! They burst on the scenes so big that we are already hearing the bailout bastards beg for help again..

Gold, Silver, and Rates Gyrate As Bank runs Occur at Small Banks

Fed Chairman Powell Lies to Congress: “the Dollar Has Held Its Value Over Time”

Thousand-Word Equivalents

I was writing over a year ago that Powell would not stop till he got to 5% fed funds and 5% unemployment? We are going to get to that 5% fed funds a lot sooner than we get to 5% unemployment.

GoldSeek Nugget -- Axel Merk: Credit Suisse Stock Collapse, Severe Yield Curve Inversion

Axel Merk comments on the heels of instability in the global financial system, amid banking behemoth Credit Suisse Group / $CS / stock collapse of 96% from it's peak on $100 billion withdrawals.

Sound Money Bills Moving Forward Rapidly in Many States

Because of the steady devaluation of the Federal Reserve note, "gains" on the sale of gold and silver may not actually be gains in real terms. It therefore adds insult to injury to force Americans to pay capital gains taxes on imaginary gains.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Hoye: 60% of Metals Mining Costs Are Energy Related

Pandemic shutdown, related economic dislocations. Post-bubble economic contraction. Gold to energy ratio is favorable. Opportunities in metals mining shares.

US Consumers Are Getting Crushed by High-interest Debt and Inflation

Total household debt jumped 8.5% and now stands at a record $16.9 trillion, $2.75T higher than it was before the pandemic. US household debt rose by $394 billion in Q4, 2022..

BIS gold swaps rose 33 tonnes in February, up to 136

Once again it seems likely that the BIS has entered these swaps on behalf of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Real-Estate Bust 2.0: The Commercial Real-Estate Tsunami Has Arrived

As we’ve all heard many times, history never repeats exactly. This time around, commercial real-estate is where all the naked swimmers are showing up..

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