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Is Inflation or Deflation Coming?

There. Proof of the coming hyperinflation. It took centuries to get to $3.4 trillion monetary base, and less than a year to increase it by over half. QED. This is all you need to know!

March Rally Was Good - April Will Be Even Better

This is an example I always love to cite, as news about inflation was reported on a Thursday and gold declined, whereas the same news from another source was reported on Friday and gold rose.

Tesla’s Elon Musk: The Master Of Con

It’s not worth commenting on the new titles of “Technoking” and “Master of Coin” for the CEO and CFO. The ridiculousness of it is palpable, childish at best.

Global growth spurt, pent-up demand support higher inflation

The sell-off in bonds that has been tripping up gold prices may be over, with some investors anticipating the bond market will calm down, as appetite for US government debt revives following the sharp rise in yields.

Technical Scoop: Empire decline, Canadian surprise, stock highs, infinite QE, excited bugs, energetic winners, crypto mania

Is the U.S. Rome? We ponder the question as we look at the long term loss of purchasing power of the U.S. dollar vs. the long term deterioration and debasement of the currency of Ancient Rome. Massive spending, huge deficits, constant wars including civil, policing the world, trade wars and sanctions are all signs of an empire in decline. Just ask Rome.

Asian Metals Market Update: Why did gold price fall from September 2020?

Once again I prefer only physical gold for long term. I am against ETF, Futures and Options for long term investing in gold.

Copper Shortage Narrative Goes Mainstream

The copper market is heading for a severe supply shortage due to a perfect storm of under-exploration/ lack of discovery of new deposits, clashing with a huge increase in demand due to electrification and decarbonization.

Has The Debt Bomb Fuse Been Lit?

The Debt Bomb has a shorter fuse than anyone thinks.

Dollar Debasement Accelerates with Biden Bailout

Trillions of dollars in new debt is now set to be issued by the Treasury Department and bought up by the central bank. The ultimate consequences for the value of the currency are unknown but the stakes are high for holders of U.S. dollars.

Inflation Is Broken

We have arrived. Any choice the government and central banks of the US and the rest of the world make will ultimately lead to a crisis. Just as the choices that Greenspan and Bernanke made about monetary policy created the Great Recession, Yellen and Powell’s choices will eventually lead us to the next crisis and ultimately to what I call The Great Reset.

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