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Contrary to High Priest Powell, the Economy is NOT Strong

Are you starting to think that maybe the reason people are telling you “the economy is strong” is to convince you of some other reality than the one you are living.

The ‘Fed Put’ – Gone Until There’s Blood in the Streets

Bitcoin has been touted as a gold alternative in a portfolio. However, two reasons this does not hold are that Bitcoin does not act as a portfolio diversifier..

Is YOUR State Advancing Sound Money This Year?

Is your state promoting sound money? The links below detail pending state legislation where the...

Keith Neumeyer - Silver & Gold Are Primed To Breakout in 2022

Keith Neumeyer joins us to discuss his thoughts on: The silver & gold markets The bullion banks pricing control of the silver market CPM Group & Metals Focus data reporting about the market

America’s Most Dangerous Unknown Man

Any group of individuals given the power to manipulate the money supply, and manipulate the interest rates that are the price of money, poses a threat to our liberty and prosperity.

'Using Our Money To Steal Our Money'

We now have a massive, extraordinary taking of wealth from the people of the nation, to the benefit of the government as well as the financial firms and major corporations that profit from artificially low interest rates.

The Money Pump is Working to Drain Stocks … and There is No Safety Shutoff!

This time is different — very, very, VERY different, and I’ll tell you why! Why the Fed MUST keep tightening as stocks crash..

Response: Money and Payments: The US Dollar in the Age of Digital Transformation

A response to the Federal Reserve's paper Money and Payments: The U.S. Dollar in the Age of Digital Transformation

Safe Havens from Inflation Are in Shortage Too

The greenback remains king in terms of liquidity. And fiat money is, of course, incredibly useful... right up until the confidence underpinning its value fails.

Sentiment Speaks: Stock Market Quoted As Saying 'The Reports Of My Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated'

This pullback is a high probability buying opportunity as there's a lot of support below the market, and our next higher target is 5500SPX which can be hit as early as the end of this year or by early next year.

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