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Basel 3 rules may not hamper gold price suppression much

These gold transactions by the BIS are perhaps the most obvious sign of regular and often extensive if usually surreptitious gold trading done by central banks.

Rising Debt Means a Weaker Dollar

Americans appear to be growing more concerned about the skyrocketing national debt level – officially $28.1 trillion and counting.

The US has a Metals Problem

Our mineral exploration sector doesn’t need public money to succeed in finding new deposits that will go a long way towards addressing global supply shortages but having government on side during the often-long road from discovery to production can certainly help with permitting new mines, as demand for green energy/ transportation metals goes bonkers.

Most Money Managers Gamble With Your Money

The belief in the Fed and US Treasury to control the financial market will be absolutely ubiquitous.

Don’t Be Fooled by the Stock Market Rally

Markets tend to move in cycles. They typically experience cyclical pullbacks after trending higher for a long period of time. Rarely do markets move straight up or straight down.

Undesirable Unallocated Unavailability

Two weeks ago in this space, we brought to your attention a looming and growing problem within the fractional reserve bullion industry. The situation has seemingly gotten more dire in the past few days..

Peter Schiff With Tucker Carlson: Inflation Is a Painful Tax

We’re told inflation isn’t a problem. But a quick trip out to the grocery store or to fill up your car with gas tells you otherwise. Prices are going up.

Possible Bottom In Gold And Silver?

The downtrend in the precious metals sector that began in August has been punctuated with one of the most aggressive, blatant price manipulation efforts over the last month that I have witnessed in 20 years.

Economist, euro 'inventor' Mundell advised China to buy gold

Thirteen years ago your secretary/treasurer unexpectedly shared the dias with the Nobel Prize-winning economist and euro "inventor" Robert Mundell, whose death was announced today...

Yes, the Fed Will Cover Biden’s $4 Trillion Deficit

Central bankers and their comrades in Washington DC changed course in 2020. The policy shifted from “print money and hand it to Wall Street” to “helicopter money” in the form of direct payments and loans to citizens.

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