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More Banks & Investors Are NOT Believing Fed Propaganda

As inflation continues to heat up, gold and silver markets are once again on the verge of breaking out.

Robert Lambourne: BIS gold swaps rose in May despite approach of Basel 3 rules

To put this into context, this volume of gold swaps exceeds the 504.8 tonnes of gold held by the European Central Bank. Only 10 countries report higher holdings of gold than the ECB.

Politics with No Labels

There’s no way around it: Investing in public companies is always political. Corporations exist because governments charter these artificial entities and legally shield the owners (shareholders) from personal liability.

Investors Beat Central Banks and Jewelry, As Having the Most Influence on Gold Prices

Our research shows that most retail investors, who are the main drivers of gold’s price, trust gold more than fiat (paper) currencies to preserve their purchasing power. When debt soars, when real interest rates go negative, when cash becomes trash, gold shines brightest.

Congressman Presses Secretary Yellen for Disclosure of U.S. Gold Activities

“The lack of full transparency by the Federal Government has hobbled public confidence. The Gold Reserve Transparency Act will ensure our gold reserves are accounted for.”

Are You Positioned for the Coming Flight to Quality?

Underneath the surface, however, warning signs are flashing for investors in financial markets.

Gold's Inflation Utility

Stagflationary forces will need to intensify in order to fundamentally justify investments in gold* and gold stocks as anything unique or special in the macro backdrop. As a side note, both Gold and HUI are poised bullish on their big picture technicals.

Basel III and COMEX Gold

If you're a gold investor, then you've likely read of the NSFR of Basel III, which are due to be implemented by the EU-based Banks at the end of this month. Well, here's something else to consider.

The First Physical Gold ATM Opens in Prague, Czech Republic

The first physical bullion Gold ATM in the Czech Republic has been launched in the center of Prague. 

Inflation & War: Are Investors Prepared?

The “I” word is… inflation.  If a serious inflation cycle is beginning, a lot is going to change for the fiat-oriented citizens of the United States, and not in a good way.

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