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An Interview with Keith Fitz-Gerald

And one of the things that I come back to is chaos always creates opportunity. And you know what? There are tons of chaos out there right now...

What the World Cup can tell us about inflation

The trophy stands at 36.5 cm tall with a weight of only 6.2 kg -- the roughly 4.2 kg of gold would place the metal value at US$235,000 at today’s price of gold.

Market Indicators make 2008 look like a rehearsal Feat. Dave Kranzler

The industry leaders expose the mania of shorting COMEX gold and silver futures, with market structural imbalances echoing those last seen in 2008...

NFTRH Excerpt on Bonds and Gold

Nothing has changed because gold does not change. It has remained a steady literal and figurative rock within the financial system for years, decades and centuries. It’s what confidence in risk ...

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Steve Rocco: Diesel Shortages, Uranium, Liquidity Crisis, Higher Mining Costs & More

Economic sanctions and Diesel Shortages, Demand for nuclear power and uranium, Liquidity crisis, Protecting your money like the pros, Precious metals prospects and more!

Cashless Society Talk Goes Mainstream in a Hurry and Should Be Trusted Like the NSA

Just so much to love about that New World Order. See all the smiling people, and you know it’s going to be good for you, too. “Take our vaccine. Use our money … and all this fun and freedom...

COMEX Fun and Games

The year 2023 is going to be very interesting for all the metals, not just those of the precious variety. Physical supplies and stockpiles are dwindling around the globe...

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Martin Armstrong: Investors Fleeing the EU, Financial Crisis "chaos" to come...

All assets decline when the reserve currency rises so the precious metals should find a solid floor in early 2023, once the US dollar zenith is in place. Martin Armstrong, says the current financial crisis is in its nascent stage, early innings with "chaos" to come...

FTX Collapse Reconfirms Bitcoin Is NOT “Digital Gold”

Bitcoin has potential, but not as a substitute for gold. And not as a government-regulated get-rich-quick asset for people to gamble on in Wall Street’s rigged casinos.

Gold and The Normalcy Bias

Independent of unrealistic expectations for higher prices, they cannot seem to accept the possibility that gold prices can decline in large measure ...

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