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GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Gerald Celente: Prepare for difficult times now!

Gerald Celente returns with his always informative, and controversial geopolitical outlook. Improving health now is strongly encouraged in anticipation of difficult times, such as dry food storage and survival supplies.

Time Has a Price

Let’s start with a basic question. If you have unused property—cash or anything else—why would you lend it to another party?

Biden Gives the Fed a Sweeping New Mandate: Workerism

For a variety of reasons, the Fed is losing credibility with the public. That’s a long-term threat to the value and world reserve status of the U.S. dollar.

‘Anti’ Markets

While the environment that is developing should be positive for gold and especially its miners, reality is often a different matter in the short-term.

A General Tendency Towards More Inflation

‘Ultimately, the power to create money is the power to destroy.’

The Dollar Twenty-Five Tree

Brent Johnson likes to say, "You either believe in magic or you believe in math...and if you believe in math, then buy some gold".

G-7 Sanctions on Russian Gold Could Backfire

Russia is the world’s second largest producer of gold. The truth is it is very difficult to enforce meaningful sanctions on a globally traded, fungible commodity such as gold or oil.

Protect Yourself With Gold & Silver for the End Game - Bill Holter

We go over the current crypto market as bitcoin lost over 60% value from its ATH, and "stablecoins" de-pegging from the dollar. Furthermore, we go over why you shouldn’t give up..

BIS annual report confirms GATA analysis of gold interventions, avoids Russia issue

For the bank's annual report, published Sunday, confirms the accuracy of Lambourne's years of doing monthly calculations of the bank's gold market interventions -- its involvement in gold swaps...

Technical Scoop: Holiday volumes, likely landing, expectations driver, tradeable leg, golden poise, favoured stocks, dollar rival

Recession is on the lips of every analyst, economist and pundit. Even Jerome Powell. A soft landing is what is desired. A hard landing is the more likely outcome. We look at all the recessions since 1970.

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