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The Fed Actually Reveals the Way its Own Delusional Thinking Works, and Why That Assures a Worse Crash!

The fire-sale prices in stocks are not here yet, given all the problems in store, but when the cost of government interest gets to where the Biden Administration (like Trump), and especially congress, starts maximizing Powell pressure to lower rates..

Debt Bubble About To Pop? How Will it Affect Silver & Gold? - Gary Wagner

We discuss his recent comments regarding Gold and Silver, where he says there is "Blood in the Streets." Furthermore, we talk about CPI numbers, inflation, Gold heading east, the Housing Market, and more.

When Ignorance Is a Central Banker’s Only Defence

To invest in gold and silver is to invest outside of the system. When you buy gold bars or silver coins you are choosing to hold assets that can protect other assets...

GoldSeek Radio -- Steve Rocco: Impending Energy Crisis 2.0

Deleveraging of the financial system has created a negative feedback-loop, mirroring the 2009 Credit Crisis. The net effect is downward pressure on debt and US equities.

Is Your Bank Safe? - A Look At Citibank

So, at the end of the day, it behooves you, as a depositor, to seek out the strongest banks you can find, and to avoid banks which have questionable stability.

How Sound Money Won the Battle of Yorktown—and Saved the American Revolution

Two hundred and forty-one years ago this week, sound money helped save the day during the critical Battle of Yorktown.

Destroy the Economy, Win a Nobel Prize

Honoring Bernanke for his advice on what government should do when banks fail is like giving a fire safety award to an arsonist.

Central Banks RUN Everything | Are They The Real Government? - Gregory Mannarino

We talk about how central banks worldwide are purposely killing their currency, Central Bank Digital currency, The Bond market, and more.

Something Wicked This Way Comes!

Fed tightening just doubled to the fastest rate of tightening in history by far. That’s why it has suddenly gotten very rough in the marketplace. This is a massive flow of money the size of the Niagara River..

October 'Surprise' Too Well Advertised?

We permabears should be careful what we wish for, however, since deep hardship affecting the broad middle class, the poor and even the very affluent could persist for a long time -- perhaps a decade or more...

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