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Monetary Elite from Multiple Camps Plot Currency Strategies

Russian officials had teased that the BRICS would move to establish a currency backed by gold. That may continue to be a long-term goal, but it’s not happening quite yet.

The Science of Cycles

A major crisis is in our near-term (5‒8 years) future. We don’t know the precise timing or nature of the crisis, but the patterns indicate one is coming and could be severe.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Aaron Brickman: "We Are Headed to a New Financial System"

Brickman says it will take something significantly larger than a typical black swan to put a stake through the dollar and for the pursuit of true price discovery on gold and silver.

Is Silicon Valley's Tech Dollar a Destructive Option or a Good Dollar Crutch?

The foundation of faith in the US Dollar is shaky. Is there another pillar keeping the dollar steady, such as the “tech-dollar,” and if so, could it prolong the dollar’s reign?

How the US Economy Will Crack, and More on the BRICS Big Bust

BRICS currency is not happening. There is no dollar collapse to be found there, and the US will create its own economic collapse long before that happens anyway.

Battle for Strategic Resources in Africa

Since 2020, coups have replaced pro-Western governments in Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali, and now Niger with governments more aligned with Russia.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Craig Hemke Analyzes Michael Burry's $1.6 Billion Bet

Founder of TF Metals Report, Craig Hemke analyzes the nuances and risks associated with buying options; plus the rate-cut cycle potential to ignite a gold-breakout.

It's Happening: Bond Yields Soaring, Banks Sliding, BRICS Busting

Fed's Dudley says good-bye to bonds, and S&P downgrades a swath of US banks. Expect bank troubles to be made worse by the devaluation of commercial real estate.

Gold And The Shrinking Money Supply

Any extended period of disinflation or deflation resulting from ongoing contraction in the money supply would take the gold price much lower.

BRICS: The Dollar Constrictor

The key to understanding the brilliance of this dollar trap lies in the concept of a “gold-pegged” versus a “gold-backed” currency.

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