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Coming to America

Over the years I have learned that money and power reveal. They often unmask a person. Sometimes you like what is revealed; many times you don’t.

JPMorganChase owns 62% of bank-held stock derivatives -- or is that a U.S. government position?

JPMorganChase is listed as the owner of 62% of all stock derivatives held at all 4,914 federally-insured banks in the United States, a notional total of $3.3 trillion in derivatives.

Money Metals Interview on Sound Money, U.S. Retail Demand

Sound money forces – aided by grassroots action by precious metals investors – have recently secured passage of two new sales tax exemptions in Ohio and Arkansas, leaving just eight states that still fully tax gold and silver.

The Copper/Gold Ratio Is at an Epic Decision Point

Copper/Gold ratio teases cyclical inflation bulls and bears alike, but… …it’s going to break one way or the other soon enough.

Inflation and Gold: What Gives?

Ireland buys gold for the first time in over a decade and we look at the different theories as to why gold moves the way it does.

Inflation Torpedoes Biden Agenda – Will It Next Wreck Financial Markets?

As inflation continues to eat away at financial assets, a secular sentiment shift toward hard assets, including gold and silver, may be in store.

Why 1% Interest Rate Hikes Won't Fix + 6% Inflation

The consumer can’t handle that kind of pressure and it’s not going to stop. In reality the Fed has no control over the rising prices of food, natural gas, gasoline, housing and minerals.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: John Williams -- Inflation is Approaching 15%, Nearly a 70 Year Record!

According to Shadowstats figures, The Fed's CPI-U, is approaching 40 year high, as the cost of living spirals out of control. Another revived figure, based on the Fed's more accurate formula is..

Ronnie Stoeferle - Is Gold Dying ???

Ronnie Stoeferle discusses the latest economic news this week and why Gold and Silver are not responding as investors would normally expect.

Gold Weathers Hawkish Fed

QE tapering isn’t bearish for gold, as it leaves in place the many trillions of dollars of QE money printed.  Those directly drive price inflation..

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