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When Bulls Turn Certain

And yet, there was the sobering spectacle of bitcoin, the most wildly deranged vehicle of them all, acting like there might actually be a tomorrow.

Basel 3 rules will wreck gold price suppression, LBMA warns Bank of England

Maguire construes the Basel III regulations as an attack on the "paper gold" mechanism of gold price suppression, a trigger for an upward revaluation of gold, and thus an attack against the domination of the currency markets by the U.S. dollar.

Big US Stocks’ Q1’21 Fundamentals

With stocks riding an extreme deluge of Fed money printing, selloffs are minor and far between.  But are these seemingly-perpetual gains to endless lofty record highs justified fundamentally?

This Kind of Duality

For 70 years, we've only seen 3.9% unemployment rate twice in our history, one was 2019, the other was during the middle of the Vietnam War when..

Dr. Copper's Inflation Diagnosis Shows the Patient Is Already Sick

All indications point to another gold run amid rising geopolitical tensions, tighter supply, central bank gold buying, low interest rates, negative real yields, and what could be the most inflationary period in decades. 

What the Fed DOESN’T Want You to Know About Inflation

The biggest rotation of all could be from dollar-denominated financial assets into tangible assets including physical precious metals.

The CFTC’s Response

Prior to yesterday’s receipt of the Commission’s response, I would have had to count the agency as on the side of the 4 big shorts, but now, I’m not so sure.

Death by Resource Depletion

Unfortunately the world’s ecological balance has not been right for a very long time. As a society, we are consuming resources far more quickly than we are replacing them, which is the very definition of unsustainable.

Demand for Gold is Expected to Grow Exponentially in 2021

The difference between physical gold investing and ETF investing was stark in the first quarter 2021 according to the World Gold Council’s Gold Demand Trends data released last week.

Janet Yellen’s Flip-Flop and What She’s Really Telling Us

Yellen’s flipflop is telling. Even if inflation is an issue (and it is), there isn’t a darn thing the Federal Reserve can do about it.

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