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A System of Confidence

Never forget that the current monetary system—the one that has been in place now for 50 years—exists solely upon CONFIDENCE. Remove confidence and you're left with nothing.

What Trick Did Tricky Dicky Pull 50 Years Ago?

On August 15, 1971, President Nixon decreed that the US dollar would no longer be redeemable for the gold owed, even to foreign governments. This bad decision was a desperate attempt..

Nixon Abandoned Gold in 1971 - Bill Holter & Andy Schectman

Bill Holter & Andy Schectman join us to explain what happened, the negative changes since 1971 and how the market is on the verge of forcing us back onto a gold standard.

Socialist Venezuela to Slash Six Zeros from Its Failed Currency

The 1 million bolivar note is currently worth about 25 U.S. cents.

Why This Wall of Worry Is Different

My gut feeling is that the so-called "everything bubble" is about to pop.  It will very shortly be bucking not only seasonal headwinds, but a notorious history of stock market crashes and panics in the September-October period.

50 Years of No Gold Standard - Craig Hemke, David Morgan, James Anderson

It has been 50 years since Richard Nixon took us "temporarily" off of the Gold Standard. How has that affected our currency? Our standard of living? Our future?

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Bill Murphy -- Domestic inflation, 1970’s like opportunity in the PM's sector

Economic headlines note, 20-year high in price levels, a potential harbinger of 1970’s like opportunity in the precious metals sector.

Those Gold Smashes Aren't the Bullion Banks' Doing but Government's

Indeed, it long has seemed that the entities rigging the monetary metals markets have lost all concern about being caught and causing suspicion. It has seemed that they have wanted investors to believe that it is impossible..

Ubiquity, Complexity, and Sandpiles

We no longer have business cycles; we have credit cycles. Central banks and governments, not to mention investment banks and investors, are all using credit in formerly unbelievable ways ...

Liquidity Alarm

Market liquidity is draining from different vantage points.

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