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Investors Are Too Anxious For Rate Cuts

Stormy seas are ahead. If the Fed cuts too soon or too much, the cheap bubble juice will create more inefficiencies and extreme volatility.

Towering Giants Are Falling

The collapse in value of commercial real estate and the diminished value of bank reserves are likely to cause HUNDREDS of banks to crash.

Just Look at the Newly Rising Flames of Inflation!

So, something big breaks, stocks crash, and the economy crashes into recession because of inflation and the difficulty of Powell’s fight against it.

Calls to Exclude U.S. Treasuries from Leverage Ratio Imply Fear of Their Rising Risk

Any perception that banks require special exemptions for holding U.S. government debt could shake global confidence in Treasuries as a safe-haven asset and could impact the status of the U.S. dollar.

Monetary Dilemma

Now the Fed is at an important turning point. Having tightened to control inflation, they have to decide what’s next. The first question is whether inflation is truly under control...

Federal Reserve Refuses to Provide Records of Foreign Gold Holdings

The Fed is hiding that foreign governments and central banks are removing their gold from the U.S. because it would reveal the folly of U.S. monetary and foreign policy

What’s Really Going on in Haiti

If property rights in the US were properly enforced, you wouldn’t have the mass migration of penniless people coming to the US for free housing, free money, free cell phones, and free medical care.

What a Headache!

The business losses from the Baltimore bridge wreck are immense, and the logistics tangle to be sorted out is mind-boggling.

Another Record Gold Price high after market “close”

Thinning holiday trade underway, see what happens the rest of today and tomorrow.

Federal Reserve’s ‘Doomsday Book’ Reveals Vast Power Claimed by Central Bank

The Doomsday Book documents how the Fed claims powers far exceeding what’s authorized by Congress; e.g. the power to bail out cities or take over companies.

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