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Can Gold Push out the U.S. Dollar as International Tensions Come to a Boil?

As the Russia/Ukraine conflict continues to intensify, the risk of deglobalization only grows. Amid escalating tactics from both sides..

The Fed Is Trying To Pull A Fast One

There are more red flags and crucial issues that are being overlooked by the Fed, such as the credit quality of the mortgage portfolios and borrowers’ profiles, shares of non-core assets, and off-balance sheet items.

Mississippi Legislature Votes Overwhelmingly to End Sales Taxes on Gold and Silver

The trend across the nation is to eliminate taxes on precious metals. The state of Louisiana and Ohio both experimented briefly with reimposing sales taxes on precious metals purchases. They both quickly reversed course..

Inflation & Commodities

The inflationary acts were committed in 2020 and 2021. The inflation was inflicted then and is now history. What is happening now is a plethora of knock-on effects from the inflation.

GoldSeek Radio -- Bill Murphy: Once silver clears the $25 ceiling, a stampede could ensue

After the gold-raids cease, bulls could regain control. It may be advisable to accumulate PMs while the markets are calm. Domestic and global investors are reminded of the Cypress-monetary reset...

Government Inflation Reading Still Comes in Hot, Tech Layoffs Continue

More states are moving to eliminate taxes on precious metals. This week, sound money bills were introduced in the Iowa and Mississippi legislatures.

Gold In The Aftermath of 2020

Contrary to calls for its demise, the dollar has been very strong. Whether that strength continues, remains to be seen. At this point in time, the dollar’s demise is on hold.

Adjustments Matter

Remember what I said: Inflation is highly individualized. Everyone feels it to different degrees. But everyone in those groups gets the same COLA percentage. This year’s increase was 8.7%, starting in January.

Gold Futures Stealthed

The bottom line is speculators’ gold-futures trading that dominates gold price action has been stealthed in recent weeks.  A major futures clearing firm suffered a ransomware cyberattack, taking down automated data systems. That missing is increasingly distorting gold prices.

Apparently Central Banks are “safeguarding the value of money” – Seriously?!?

“The soul of money is trust. To operate effectively, businesses must maintain the trust of investors. And central banks must maintain the trust of the public."

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