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GoldSeek Radio -- David Morgan: Global central banks are clamoring to implement digital currencies

Global central banks are clamoring to implement digital currencies while choosing to ignore gold's 5000 year track record stability and excellence.

Gold-Futures Puking Stalling

The notorious gold-futures speculators just struck again, selling aggressively and pummeling gold sharply lower.  Another red-hot inflation report goaded them into puking out more contracts, which is supremely irrational...

New Banking Crisis Looms, Dangerous Enablers Rewarded

This Just in: Globalists to Give “Helicopter” Ben Bernanke a Nobel Prize!

Is the Dollar’s Position under Serious Threat? Feat Dave Kranzler

The two industry leaders discuss the coordinated efforts behind the dollar devaluation, growing paper vs physical divergence, and the potential bullish scenario for gold that might unravel by the end of this year.

Pension Sandpile

Pension funds have an enormous responsibility. They actually receive only a fraction of what they eventually pay out. If returns aren’t sufficient they may not be able to pay benefits as committed without...

Post-Bubble Contraction

If this is finally THE post-bubble contraction the Fed is going to have to invent some new form of manipulation or else it’s going to be a long (and long overdue) economic and financial market contraction...

GoldSeek Radio - Bob Hoye: Explosive bull market in gold mining & exploration stocks...

It may be advisable for most investors to seek cover, seeking the relative safety of cash over risky paper assets. Our guest provides a panacea for what ails investors, outlining a compelling case for an explosive bull market...

Ben Bernanke Wins Nobel Prize for Kicking Can Down the Road!

We would argue that as Chair of the Federal Reserve Bernanke merely delayed the inevitable, he just kicked the can down the road for his predecessors to deal with. 

Gold Market Manipulation Update (October 2022)

The money supply in the United States and throughout the world exploded and inflation soared here and abroad. The gold price in U.S. dollars went down.

Market Indicators That Suggest A Precious Metals Rally May Be Imminent

In my opinion, the precious metals sector is on the same path that it went down (and then up) in the summer/autumn of 2008. Gold and silver are very undervalued relative..

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