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Gold Weathers Hawkish Fed

QE tapering isn’t bearish for gold, as it leaves in place the many trillions of dollars of QE money printed.  Those directly drive price inflation..

Fed WAY behind Curve, Real Rates to Remain Deeply Negative

As the Federal Reserve prepares to taper its asset purchases, investors are preparing to adjust their portfolios. Some are dumping gold. They could be making a big mistake.

Inflation by the Numbers

Milton Friedman famously said inflation is “always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.” He was right but that short statement doesn’t fully explain how inflation works. It has other causes, too.

News Flash: QE Didn't Cause Inflation and the Fed Taper Won't Quell Rising Prices

Excessive money-printing is continuing to devalue currencies at an alarming rate — for which precious metals, namely gold and silver, are the best defence.

Robert Kiyosaki ‘The Collapse is Coming… Buy Physical Gold’

Pulling no punches, the best-selling economic author makes his case for the imminent collapse of the entire paper money system. 

Banks Could Seize Your Money In Next Financial Crisis - Lynette Zang

Bank bail-ins are becoming more and more of a hot topic. With changes in the laws, banks in the USA will have the ability to "bail-in" your money during a financial crisis.

After the Fed

So do you see how everything is completely in flux at present? This is madness, and it's all due to the overwhelming reliance and dependence that "the markets" now have for the Fed.

Cathie D. Woods’ $ARKK Is Sinking Fast

When someone plays with fire, that person eventually get burned. Cathie should know this by now.

Is The Fed Making a HUGE Mistake ? - Danielle DiMartino Booth

Can The Fed Raise Interest Rates with the yield curve inverted? Are we on the verge of another major Fed policy error? Are they about to taper and raise rates going into a recession?

Lies, Damn Lies, and Government Inflation Statistics

We doubt the maneuver fools enough voters to matter. What people experience at the grocery store should outweigh any fake news on inflation.

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