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The Politics of Sound Money: What’s at Stake

Rampant cheating, regulatory capture, and algorithmic trading have all but divorced market prices from fundamentals such as supply and demand.

John Adams - Why Aren’t Gold & Silver At All Time Highs?

John Adams joins us to talk gold, silver, global debt bubbles and crazy central bank polices. 

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Patrick Yip: "OneGold, the Robinhood for PMs"

Our guest notes insidious inflation will continue to erode not only purchasing power of dwindling incomes, but also retirement savings and investments, by more than 50%! Gold is likely to ascend at least ...

US & Global Stocks, Bonds, USD, Precious Metals & Commodities

On the daily chart of gold we note that our ‘best’ downside support target of 1830 was taken out. We had an extensive update on gold with daily through long-term views, and the relic ain’t dead yet.

A Little Harder

That’s an ominous note for inflation. It means consumer prices could stay higher for longer as companies try to recover their own higher costs and lost profits.

Gareth Soloway - Gold Will Be The Best Performing Asset In 2022

Gareth Soloway joins us to discuss his latest outlook on the markets, including his belief that Gold will be the top performing asset of 2022.

The War on Gold Ensures the Dollar’s Downfall

Will the inflation problem become so obvious that Americans clamor to jettison the fiat currency altogether?

5 Reasons Why Gold Will Anchor the World’s Monetary System

Western sanctions against Russia, as punishment for its invasion of Ukraine, have left us pondering the fate of the dollar, which comprises 16% of Russia’s foreign reserves, and the future of the monetary system as a whole.

Is Gold Starting To Behave Itself?

No hedge fund has ever blown itself up by holding physical gold, but if they hold levered gold then it’s no longer the hard, tangible golden asset that you need to have in order to prevent said blow-up!!

Reality Bites: An Update

So be ready. As challenging and frustrating as the last few weeks have been, you must understand that it's a process—and also something that we've lived through before.

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