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Is The Fed Bracing For Impact? Got Gold (And Silver?)

Wall Street on Parade read through the Fed’s Annual Report for 2020 and discovered a direct correlation between the Fed’s deployment of large repo operations precedes the onset of a financial crisis.

The Bad, The Ugly and The Good

As such, it becomes easier to see that there was an intentional and deliberate motive to the bombing of gold and silver prices not camouflaged by movements in other markets. It was clear to see that the smashing of gold and silver was quite unique and specific.

Gold and Silver Thrive in High-debt Environments

More spending is on the way. A LOT MORE. As Rahm Emanuel said during the Great Recession, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

End of an ERA: The Bretton Woods System and Gold Standard Exchange

The Bretton Woods Monetary System was not a Gold Standard, in the purest form, but it was a Gold-Exchange Standard. US political and economic dominance necessitated the dollar being at the center of the system.

Gold Smashdown vs Gold on Fire

The gold price dropped precipitously on Sunday evening, August 8. Or it was smashed down, depending on which headline you read. We look at the data to see what really happened to the price of gold.

BIS gold swaps rose back over 500 tonnes in June

Once again it is clear that the BIS remains an active trader of significant volumes of gold swaps on a regular basis. So far there seems to be no definitive sign from its monthly reports that the BIS is reducing..

Gold Price Smash in Paper – But Physical Demand on Fire

Before looking at the Sunday evening orchestrated plunge, the key point to remember is that the Friday morning data and how it was digested, was already embodied and reflected in the gold price by 10am on 5 August ...

One Way Forward

It has been a very challenging year for precious metals investors, and our struggles may continue a while longer. However, all is not lost and we are not yet doomed to repeat the pattern from 2013-2018.

At Least the Big Intervention Smash Humiliated the World Gold Council

That is, the council is a wholly owned subsidiary of the London Bullion Market Association, custodian of the world's gold short position.

Why Commodities? Why Now?

On top of the structural supply issues you have continued money-printing and borrowing to pay for exorbitant social programs and pandemic relief. Both are inflationary and provide another tailwind for commodities.

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