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Mississippi Bill Would End All Taxes on, Invest State Funds in, Gold & Silver

A lawmaker in Mississippi introduced legislation yesterday that would prompt the state to invest a small portion of state funds in gold and silver, as well as eliminate sales and income tax liabilities on the monetary metals.

Of course, Inflation Wasn’t Hot at All! (It was hardly even horrible.)

The military will always find the most expensive way to accomplish anything. You know, like the plastic control knob that costs $145 because it’s going into a fighter jet. Maybe they used their $400,000-each sidewinder..

The Return of Inflation: It’s Back, it’s sticky, and it’s bound to get ugly!

Oh, but the rigorous riggery never ends With that said and with the notes above about how the Bureau of Lying Statistics’ seasonal adjustments in recent months were predictably too..

WARNING: Choose Carefully When Selecting a Bullion Dealer

Does a live person answer the phone? Did a highly commissioned salesperson give you an aggressive pitch? Did they recommend high-margin collectibles or something other than low-price bullion coins..

Beware of False Breaks in Gold

The threats of lower prices and more time until a breakout move allow us another chance to buy the highest quality juniors with the most potential.

GoldSeek Radio -- Alasdair Macleod: An international gold-backed currency could soon gain global hegemony

Russia, China and India seek the stability of a gold-linked non-fiat, currency. Argentina and related S.A. nations are also interested in non-fiat, sound cash. The "shot-across-the-bow" may be the news of sound money in Asian...

Is the U.S. in a Recession or Not?

Call it whatever you want, but the economy is in a bad way, powered by consumer borrowing that is unsustainable and shakily backstopped by Baby Boomer 'wealth' dwarfed by Social Security, Medicare and public pension liabilities..

In January BIS Gold Swaps Bounced Up Sharply From Zero

Now the BIS swaps have risen back to more than 100 tonnes.

Assumptions Have Consequences

The point, as a possible debt ceiling showdown nears, is that even completely eliminating that “non-defense discretionary” spending slice would still leave Washington without enough income to cover interest, defense, and mandatory spending growth.

Missouri Senate Votes to End Income Taxes on Gold and Silver, Hold Monetary Metals in Reserve

The Missouri Senate today passed legislation that would prompt the state treasurer to hold at least 1% of state funds in gold and silver while eliminating all state income taxes on monetary metals.

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