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COMEX Gold Delivery Update

The bullion banks work off of flow and not stock. Therefore, COMEX gold is subject to the same pressures and squeeze potential as COMEX silver. Maybe next time, the hashtag should be #GoldSqueeze?

Gold to Benefit from Mounting Us Debt Pile

The more likely scenario, unfortunately, is money-printing “out the wazoo” bearing ridiculously high deficits and debt, a currency war with China, and finally, hyperinflation leading to the destruction of the US dollar.

Will Special Interests Allow America’s ‘Longest War’ to Finally End?

The US has wasted $2.26 trillion dollars on a generation of war on Afghanistan. Much of this money has been spent, according to the US government’s own Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, on useless..

Arkansas Ends Sales Taxes on Gold and Silver; Additional States May Soon Follow

By signing sound money legislation today, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has officially ended sales taxation on gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion and coins.

Anomaly of a Recovery

Now, the US dynamic is significantly different from Japan’s. It's significantly different from Europe’s. But nonetheless, that excess debt is going to slow our economic growth.

Gold Investment Stabilizing

But gold’s young upleg since has increasingly dampened that mass exodus of American stock traders.  Stabilizing gold investment precedes new buying, which is bullish for gold.

Gold Market Manipulation And Housing Price Inflation

The price “deflator” used for the GDP calculation (excluding food and energy) was 2.3% – an absurdly fraudulent “estimate” of general price inflation. In reality the deflator should have been..

Super-rich doomsday preppers ahead of the times

And the not-so-super-rich are now following in their footsteps. We have always taken exception to the mainstream media’s portrayal of the ordinary gold owner as..

Global Q1 gold demand down 23% year on year (WGC)

Strengthening consumer demand mitigated the impact of ETF outflows as global economies continued to recover

Are Technicals Pointing to New Gold Rally?

Whatever the case may be, the current technical outlook for gold is looking better than it has in many months.

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