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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - David Morgan: Gold's Weekly Charts and Market Psychology

Morgan noted gold's status compared to silver and its limited mainstream media coverage until reaching significant highs, and highlighted the inflation-adjusted nature of current prices.

Grassroots Efforts Secure Another Repeal of Gold and Silver Sales Taxes

Metals sales tax battles are heating up -- with important bills moving forward right now in Kentucky, New Jersey, Idaho, Nebraska, and Iowa, among others.

Congressional Omnibus Is Like a Bad Hollywood Movie Sequel

Unfortunately, this latest sequel is as bad as the previous ones, as the American people are left with a massive $1.2 trillion dollar spending package to add to our already $34 trillion in debt.

Resurgent Inflation

The math says there is more inflation in store, and the Fed is not even dealing adequately with the inflation that is already rising…because it can’t.

What Is the Gold-Silver Ratio? Why Should We Pay Attention to It?

Since the gold-silver ratio tells us the price of gold relative to silver and vice versa, we can look at historical trends and draw conclusions about the prices of both metals.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Charles Nenner: Precious Metals Surge

Dr. Nenner pointed out a peculiar surge in silver and gold markets but warned against premature assumptions of a bull market continuation.

China Has Taken Over Gold Price Control From the West

If the West joins the Chinese gold buying craze, in fear of rate cuts and currency debasement, it will be a perfect storm for gold.

Money Supply Continues To Fall, Economy Worsens – Investors Don’t Care

The crisis is morphing into a catastrophe as the consequences of non-performing commercial real estate loans litter the balance sheets of already insolvent financial institutions.

Why Gold? Why Silver?

The gold market needs more gold mines to avoid having to recycle gold to meet global demand, but if Biden gets re-elected, federal opposition to US gold production is likely to intensify.

Utah Greenlights Gold and Silver Holdings to Protect State Reserve Funds

An allocation to gold and silver fits squarely within the objective of protecting Utah against financial risks and would logically be included in a list of safe and liquid investment options.

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