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An Extraordinary Rise in U.S. Debt in Just the Last Two Weeks

The increase in debt limit after the close of business on December 15 the federal debt has increased by a reported amount of $587 billion..

2022: The Golden Year

The ‘real’ commodity adjusted price of gold was already in a long-term bull market from 2008 and it had actually turned up in 2019 before getting put all out of whack during 2020’s deflationary fear fest.

More Serious Than I Thought

The seriousness of this issue is rooted in the scale of the numbers. If Bank of America is short 800 million oz of silver, as the data in the OCC report strongly suggests..

Inflation Is Eating Up Your Paycheck: Real Incomes Fall for Fourth Straight Month

Many pundits in the mainstream blow off inflation by pointing out that wages rise along with prices. But as this data shows, wages rarely rise at the same pace as prices.

Is the Crack-up Boom Here?

Crack-up booms have historically facilitated the growth of authoritarian political movements. However, this is not inevitable. If those of us who know the truth spread the ideas of liberty to enough people..

Another Stunning OCC Report

A standard feature of the report, which I have followed for 20 years or so, is how JPMorgan dominates each and every derivatives category – often to the tune of 70% to 80% of each category. I’ve always labeled JPM as the largest and most important bank in the US..

Silver & Gold Production Cliff Coming - Tavi Costa

Underinvestment for many years is leading to a supply cliff for Gold, Silver, Copper and many other commodities. Most of the money is going into unprofitable tech companies.

Kinesis Money launches the Referrer’s Yield

Going forward, all system participants, whose referral activity contributed to the growth of the platform, will be rewarded with a recurring, monthly yield.

Fed Policy Will Send Silver & Gold Soaring In 2022

If reversion to the mean kicks in, either the mining stocks will experience a rally in order for that ratio to “catch up” to the price of gold. Or the price of gold is going to get demolished.

Gold to Oil Ratio: Gold Heading Higher on Rising Energy Prices

In our opinion we see nothing but positives for gold going forward, given the Federal Reserve’s inadequate response to rising inflation which is not longer seen as temporary, or transitory, but a more “sticky” feature of the economy.

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