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World’s First Anarcho-Capitalist President

If Argentina goes to sound banking and currency and disregards U.S., IMF, World Bank, and WEF rules, it could be one of the best places in the world to live.

Forced Use of Pronouns, Covid Are No Joking Matters: Man Arrested, 3-Year Court Battle Over Covid Joke

Don’t be terribly surprised if, in this day of aggressive censorship, a SWAT team arrives at the door and hauls you in for booking because you posted something sarcastic on Meta.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Louis Navellier: The World Is Nearing Mass Starvation

Navellier notes that the financial health of the U.S. puts us at the point where investors should own physical gold. He discusses the hidden agenda of bears, Nvidia, and more.

The Petro-Dollar’s Shaky Future

Part of the bedrock that the US dollar has been built on over the last 50 years may be changing. Keep a keen eye on the headlines that involve OPEC and Eastern powers.

Rothbard on the Ukraine War

Principles this great thinker wrote about tell us what he would say about today’s American foreign policy. He would tell us to stop sending money and arms to the Ukraine.

Must-Know Facts About Insuring Your Precious Metals

The best method of securing large quantities of metal at home may be to hide it away and avoid talking about it - a wise practice whether or not it is insured.

Hammerhead Sharks, BRICS and Central Bankers

Yes, the gold price right now is a little boring. Enjoy the quiet, Wheels have been set in motion towards changes that set gold and silver up for the coming months and years. 

Gold – After Inflation, What Is Left?

At close to $2000 oz., gold is adequately priced to reflect the ninety-nine percent loss of purchasing power in the U.S. dollar that has occurred over the past century.

‘AI’ Just Another Wall Street Scam

Some on Capitol Hill could rightly be described as allies of giant companies run by power-hungry men who bend too easily toward the enticements of fascism.

The West Is Losing Control Over the Gold Price

If the East further weakens the West’s control over the price, gold will become less of a dollar derivative, and take more center stage in the international monetary system.

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