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All Eyes on the Dollar Index

Again, you should expect the U.S. Dollar Index to anticipate the eventual Fed policy reversal and begin moving lower well in advance. When this happens, the all-clear can be sounded and..

How to Destroy a Pension Fund in 22 Easy Steps

Our interest rate system is like a wrecking ball. It swings to one side of the street and destroys one side of town (the falling interest rate). Then when it swings to the other side..

Why Is The US Dollar Strong? When Will Silver & Gold Turnaround? - Matthew Piepenburg

Matthew Piepenburg returns on the show to discuss why he believes there is still more economic pain ahead.

A Peek at the Peak of Peak Stupidity in Stock-Market Euphoria

As a matter of fact, things could not be looking worse so far for my “anticipation” that we’d likely see a “horrendous” October surprise to start the plunge..

The Housing Market Appears To Be Melting Down Rapidly

The housing market appears to be dissolving quickly. The National Association of Homebuilders sentiment index fell for the 10th straight month to..

Walking Dead US Dollar

Yellen notes that the supply of Treasury debt has climbed by about $7 trillion since the end of 2019, but large financial institutions haven’t stepped up as purchasers.

Gold Cannot Exceed Inflation’s Effects

There are also times when the price of gold can go down, sometimes dramatically so; and for long periods. This has nothing to do with gold and everything to do with the U.S. dollar.

Euphoric Dollar Vexing Gold

Gold is behaving terribly this year, plunging 17.9% between mid-April to late September!  That has left even hardened contrarian traders disheartened, increasingly wondering if gold is dead. 

The Fed is Forced to Pay You to Stay Safe

As the Fed fights the last war (on inflation) the result is a rare thing; a bear market haven called cash, paying increasing income

Fake Money Is Backed by Fake Statistics

Trust in government officials and the products they promote is collapsing. One of their worst products is the dishonest paper version of the dollar.

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