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BIS' gold swaps fell in March and April but remain high

The recently reported March and April statements of account of the Bank for International Settlements disclose a decline in gold swaps from the record high estimated at 552 tonnes as at February 26, 2021. 

Rising Food Prices Threaten World’s Most Vulnerable

The current throng of unemployed workers, nearly 10 million who have lost their livelihoods owing to virus-related layoffs/ business closures, contributes to another problem — less people working means fewer contributions to the needy.

A Giant Consumptive Force

The US wants to preserve not just its global dominance but also its security and prosperity by depriving China of advantageous technologies that can be used for military purposes.

Inflation: Going Stag

Stagflation in the offing, unless it’s not different this time…

Wall Street Roiled by Hot Inflation Data: Is This REALLY “Transitory”?

Although bullion buying has been strong in 2021, precious metals markets have continued to be overshadowed by the cryptocurrency craze.

Inflation Will Kill This Stock Market

I’m not saying nothing else can do the job before inflation fully gets here, just that the kind of inflation I’ve been writing about certainly will do it if nothing else does.

Playing with Fire: A Dollar Rout in the Making...

The negative effect of America’s fiat dollar losing its top spot on the international stage cannot be overemphasized.

The Fed Further Reduces Its Transparency

Over the years, I’ve learned to keep one hand on my wallet and one hand on my physical gold and silver safe when a Fed official promises more transparency.

Over-Fed but Malnourished

That means all the government interference is already fully in place. The economy is bloated with cash and savings, but all of the inflation simmered in the background so few people saw inflation coming.

Why did the World Gold Council join LBMA in protesting higher gold prices?

Surely many issues remain to be addressed arising from last week's panicked protest to the Bank of England by the London Bullion Market Association and World Gold Council about the impending "Basel 3" regulations emanating from the Bank for International Settlements..

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