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Platinum Is a Poor Substitute for Palladium

Palladium is an uncommon element in the Earth’s crust. Deposits of palladium and other PGEs are rare, with the largest occurring in South Africa’s Bushveld Igneous Complex..

Wall Street Baffled as Major Company Acquires $50 Million in Gold Bars

Seems holding devaluing Federal Reserve Notes is becoming downright risky…

Buy Businesses, Not Stocks

Holding Forever, Perpetual Inflation, Better than the Market, A Room Full of All-Stars and COVID Depression

The Secret Ronald Reagan Told Me About Gold and Great Nations

Ronald Reagan once told me that no nation has abandoned gold and remained great. As president, he supported the creation of the Gold Commission. However, he did not stop the establishment ..

Afghanistan’s gold at the NY Fed: 1,731 old bars held since 1939

Not for the first time, the US Treasury has just gone and frozen the US held assets of Afghanistan’s central bank, the Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB).

The Changing Role of Gold

What role can gold serve in the international financial system in the future? And why do central banks continue to increase their gold reserves?

The Gold Standard: Why The Financial And Economic Crises Continue (Steve Forbes)

It was always understood that the Dollar's ultimate value had to be linked to the yellow metal. Why? We all know markets works best with fixed weights and measures. Money is a measure of value and works best when its value is stable.

Is Inflation Cooling and Putting in a Top? Could it be that I was wrong?

We delude ourselves into thinking we are invincible as surely as we delude ourselves into thinking the Fed can endlessly paper over our deep economic fault lines with new money. Reality has a way of breaking ..

British Requests for $3 billion in US Treasury Gold – The Trigger that Closed the Gold Window

So without further ado, here is why, and it all revolves around the British ambassador to the US. the 3rd Earl of Cromer, a.k.a. George Rowland Baring, showing up at the US Treasury offices in Washington D.C. on 12 August 1971 and demanding that US dollars held by Britain be converted into gold.

Here’s a New One; Palantir Buys Gold…

Palantir (PLTR) bought $50 million worth of gold bars -- This is novel in the world of paper and digits. While companies fall all over themselves trying to board the Bitcoin train..

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