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This Is Why Gold Is Not Performing... YET! - Don Durrett

We talk about the Fed slowing down rate hikes soon and what this could mean for the stock and housing market.

COMEX Prices Into Year End

The year 2022 hasn't played out as expected, but as the year draws to a close, the clouds are parting and a vision for 2023 comes into focus.

Wyoming & South Dakota Top 2023’s Sound Money Index

Vermont, New Jersey, Maine among the worst states on sound money in the country

GoldSeek Radio -- Professor Laurence Kotlikoff: Inflationary Quagmire, Money Illusion, Gold ...

The UK is "bankrupt." Most retirees should wait until 70 to accept retirement benefits. Inflationary quagmire. Gold has outperformed stocks and bonds. Every investor "should own some gold."

Big US Stocks’ Q3’22 Fundamentals

These elite American companies’ revenues largely stalled when adjusted for this raging inflation.

Recession Thoughts

This CPI report was not an all-clear signal to the Fed. The headline rate year over year was still +7.7%. The core rate was still +6.3%. Those numbers are still way too high. Whatever the market thinks, the Fed is still on inflation watch.

Crypto Carnage Exposes Untold Risks of Unbacked Digital Wealth

If you are looking for an asset class that has stood the test of time, been used by kings and governments to protect their wealth and is recognized all over the globe, then there really is no choice, Gold..

Q4-Q1 Plan Engages

Relief provided by an easing October CPI ‘inflation’ report the trigger

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