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U.S. Dollar Best of the Worst; Gold Best of the Best

Of course, a gold standard can work. The problem is not the practical use of gold as money. The problem is whether governments will allow it to work.

Another Reason to Question Government CPI Data

I think most people intuitively approach government economic data with at least a grain of skepticism. After all, government people have a vested interest in making us think the economy is humming along just fine.

How Governments Can Help Accelerate the Mining of Critical Minerals, and the Obstacles in the Way

The shift from fossil fuels to renewable energies and electrification means a need for the minerals that go into these new technologies.

The Need for Chaos

"Rip it all down! Let Rome burn." Many are crying out for a Second American Civil War! I cannot see that tearing it to shreds and living in ashes is somehow better.

The Good News/Bad News Economy

No economic forecast captures everyone’s prospects. At best, they can describe broad tendencies. And in large countries, ‘broad’ can hide a lot of variation.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Aaron Brickman: Silver's Moment of Decision

Brickman reviews the technical patterns in the gold and silver markets and gives his expectations for the metals.

Market Takes it Moonshot, Scores Biggest Landing Ever!

With a record rise that amazing, this white-hot AI-driven ride makes the flaming melt-up for the dot-com bust during the internet-launching days of the early 2000s look like a mere bottle rocket.

Bad Commercial Real Estate Loans Put Strain on Banking System

The dollar amount of bad commercial real estate loans has ballooned beyond the loss reserves held by big banks to cover them as more and more borrowers struggle to keep up with payments.

Is a Weak Yen Feeding the Global Gold Bull?

Japan is an interesting case because of sustained ultra-loose policy even as other countries, like the US, have more recently undergone rate hikes to prevent runaway inflation.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Lynette Zang: "Think Locally And Prepare Globally"

Zang champions gold and silver as monetary assets, emphasizing their roles in wealth preservation and diversification of traditional investments to hedge against currency devaluation.

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