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U.S. Banking System Faces Worsening Crisis in Confidence

The national news cycle has careened from one extraordinary and alarming story to the next. The brewing crisis in banks remains front and center.

A Bear Market Could Take Much Longer Than You Expect

Well, based upon history and the analysis legacy left to us by Ralph Nelson Elliott, I think it is a strong probability that we will see a long-term bear market in the United States.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Gerald Celente: When All Else Fails, They Take You to War...

The worst geopolitical / socioeconomic crisis in history, if not reversed. The pandemic lockdowns caused irreparable harm to the economy. Is the domestic economy facing..

TRAPPED: The Fed Is Fettered between Inflation and Financial Meltdown

It’s a no-win scenario, as I’ve always said the end of the Everything Bubble would be, but you are better off seeing what is coming than running blindfolded or being guided by the blind like the Fed.

Demand For Money Could Cause Deflation

What has been termed a banking crisis is actually a liquidity crisis; and the loss of liquidity translates to a DEMAND for money.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Bill Murphy: Silver Is Close to the Cost of Production

When silver catches up with gold, look-out above! When sellers run out of physical supply, the PMs will soar. Most major pension funds, deep pocketed investors, have less than..

Another Unstable Finger

In just the last week we’ve seen the second- and third-largest bank failures in US history: Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank. Several others look shaky.

GoldSeek Radio -- Full Show -- 5 Interviews

In this special GoldSeek Radio episode for mid-March, gold held firm as investors fled the financial sector...

Is 2008 Unfolding All Over Again?

The Fed and U.S. Treasury have made to decision to back-stop depositors at U.S. banks – a liability that could potentially hit $2 trillion. More interestingly, there must be...

After the Euphoria and Profit Taking Comes the Panic

The tide is turning towards mitigating the damage of the steep rise in interest rates, but will it turn fast enough and when it does, just how close to capsizing will we be?

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