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Technology Rules

What really drives economic progress is human ingenuity and the innovation it produces. In other words, technology.

Climate Change & Court-Ordered Inflation

The worst of the damage, particularly at the beginning of a new secular cycle of inflation, is reserved for retirees with savings, and unprepared investors. Once the inflation-adjusted value of the investments has been lost, and with no inflation-indexed wages to rise with inflation, it can be almost impossible to recover.

Hedge Funds Getting Bullish on Gold

With little to no chart resistance above the market at current levels, the ascent in gold could be steep and could happen quickly. Once the train leaves the station, gold prices may not return to current levels ever again.

Sentiment Speaks: I 'Believe' We Rally Into A June Swoon

One of the things that I find quite pervasive is the drive for "common-think." But, even that is a misleading classification. You see, I do not believe investors think anymore.

Russia lines up new Gold Buying through its Sovereign Wealth Fund

In a significant and strategic development for monetary metals, the Government of the Russian Federation has just introduced legislation which will allow Russia’s giant National Wealth Fund (NWF) to invest in gold and other precious metals (assets of US$185 billion).

Tennessee to Consider Establishing a State Gold Depository

Although its depository study bill is a positive step, Tennessee is one of only 10 states that still harshly penalizes citizens through sales taxation.

Investors Who Blindly Trust the ‘Experts’ Will Get Left Behind

Mint officials seem to not understand that demand (combined with a failure of supply chains) drives shortages rather than the other way around – although scarcity can certainly stimulate additional buying at the margins.

Peter Schiff: Traders Starting to Realize High Inflation is Bullish for Gold

For months, the markets have responded to inflationary pressures by piling into dollars and selling gold. 

The Race for Copper, the Metal of the Future

Like gold, fewer and fewer large copper deposits are being discovered, and the time between discovery and production has lengthened over the years as costs rise.

Gold Price Dips Are Transitory

And what will be the cause of this late year surge to new all-time highs? All of that jawboned, covert and overt Yield Curve Control will drive inflation-adjusted or "real" interest rates to multi-decade lows.

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