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Technical Scoop: Liquidity trap, silver waves, diverging transport, mild correction, resistant high, precious support, ship chaos

Liquidity trap. A situation where monetary policy becomes effectively useless because of low interest rates that cannot be lowered any further and where shoveling more money at the problem does not result in any improvement in GDP as people save rather than invest.

The Myth of American Affluence

In the meantime, America’s roads and bridges are crumbling, tent and RV encampments have inundated our largest cities, brick-and-mortar retail outlets have become deserted shells -- all while public and private debts have mounted beyond reckoning.

The 1970s Never Ended

Big economic storms are rare and usually end quickly, but they tend to have long-lasting effects. Today I want to talk about a storm 50 years ago that still affects us now. Important things happened in the 1970s.

Wage Slaves vs Gold Owners

“Inflation” occurs when the creation of currency outruns the creation of real wealth it can bid for… It isn’t caused by price increases; rather, it causes price increases. -- Doug Casey

Another Mainstream Journalist Purports to Explain the Gold Price Without Reference to Central Banks

In recent weeks the investigative financial journalists Pam and Russ Martens have reported about the huge increase -- hundreds of billions of dollars -- in the money held by the U.S. Treasury's Exchange Stabilization Fund, which since 1934 has been authorized..

When "Unallocated" Becomes Unavailable

Remember, even if we don't immediately force a change, deleverage of the system is coming eventually, regardless. In the meantime, any dollar or euro or pound you convert into precious metal serves the purpose of diversifying your portfolio out of fiat currency—and this is a good thing!

Fed’s Crypto Plans May Turn Bitcoin Bulls into Gold Bugs

The globalist push for central bank digital currency is ramping up -- leaves gold and silver as the true sound monetary alternatives amid central bankers’ emerging new digital currency regime.

Bank of England Formally Refuses Gold Leasing Questions

A few financial journalists and market analysts lately have noted the seemingly anomalous and counterintuitive behavior of the price of gold, which has fallen amid the greatest burst of money creation in history and the explosion of commodity prices.

Nervous Fed to Give Precious Metals Markets a Boost

In the months ahead, the Fed will again attempt to control interest rates and investors will become fully aware of price inflation.

Market Timing For The Next Two Weeks

As I have said many times, after many years of market study, I have found no better analysis methodology that provides market context better than Elliott Wave analysis.

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