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Attitude Adjustments

We know change is coming. The question is how it will happen. The debt crisis will bring some very tough choices, but they may be only part of a longer list.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Peter Grandich: Gold's Shift to Asia, Silver's Rising Importance

Grandich notes gold's shift to Asia has strengthened its market position, adding that both gold and silver now have equal importance, supported by global and U.S. political factors.

The Silver Guru: The Bullish And Bearish Trends In The Silver Market

Gold consolidated above the psychologically important $2,400 level, on the back of markets starting to price in a interest rate cut in the US for September.

Take This Great CPI News With a Grain of Salt

We can debate whether or not price inflation is really dead, however, this CPI report creates the impression that it's time to start performing last rights.

ETF Gold Holdings Increase Globally for Second Straight Month

Inflows of gold into ETFs can have a significant impact on the global gold market by pushing overall demand higher.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Moriarty: Gold's Recent Rise & Global Currency Trends

Moriarty talks about gold's recent rise toward an all-time high and cites recent news about BRICS adopting a gold-backed currency, noting attacks on the dollar and global instability.

Money Metals Midweek Memo Recap: Jerome Powell's Testimony and Platinum's Potential

Given supply-demand dynamics and historical prices, Maharrey suggests platinum as a speculative addition to gold and silver. Rising demand and supply deficits may boost returns soon.

Vultures, Doomer Rumors and Doomer Humor

In summer 2023, I warned of inflation's comeback, often dismissed as "doom porn" or unwarranted concern, despite being largely overlooked at the time.

BLS Quietly Erases Thousands of Jobs From Past Reports

It's notable that markets only react to the initial numbers. You never see a gold rally because the BLS erased a bunch of jobs from the economy with a few clicks of its calculator.

Swaps, Leases, and Forwards—A Deep Dive into the Gold Wholesale Market

Understand the gold wholesale market by knowing its key parts: swaps, leases, and forwards. This article explores these elements and their interactions to help evaluate market trends.

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