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BIS Gold Swaps Stay Very Low for Second Month

Recent data indicates that a downward trend in the bank's gold swaps is continuing.

"Transitory" Was A Joke | Fed Has Lost All Credibility - Jon Najarian

We discuss when the Fed will stop raising rates, Jon's strategy for the upcoming months, Feds fund rates, layoffs, and more.

Biden Administration Argues Economy Is Bouncing Back

Markets Eye Fed Pivot, End to Asset Price Pullback

Rothbard on Gold

People have the right to offer competing monies, as Hayek advocated. But Murray thought they would be unlikely to do this. The competition had already taken place, and precious metals were the winner.

GoldSeek Nugget -- Andy Schectman: Most difficult time in 33 years to find Silver

Silver bullion is "... more difficult to find than in any time in my 33 years... worse than in 2008." Moreover, "... during the silver squeeze there was 120 million ounces on the exchange - today there is less than 36 million ozs.

GDP Stands for a “Gross Domestic Pig” During Election Season

See how that works? No recession allowed until after the election.

Something is About To BREAK | Gold & Silver Being Drained - Alasdair Macleod

We break down the UK's situation as the Bank of England intervenes to stabilize the economy as the pound crashes. Furthermore, we discuss the Housing Market, Fed's rate...

Turning Bullish on Energy

Population is projected to grow 25% in the next 25‒30 years. That means AT LEAST as much increase in needed energy. Even if all that needed extra energy was renewable, that still doesn’t..

Who stands behind the gold price suppression? Feat Andrew Schectman

The Western dollar hegemony is being challenged by the growing coalition of countries aspiring to establish a new world reserve currency.

Is Central Banks’ License to Print Money About to Expire?

One of the biggest reasons for people deciding to buy gold bars or to own silver coins is because of the folly of central banks and government. It seems bizarre to most..

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