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It Turns Out They Really Thought They had a Crystal Ball

So far, the answer seems to be “confidence”. All central bankers and politicians are on a single mission to reassure markets that they have a plan to get this under control.

Fifty Basis Points Does Not Fix This

So for this week, understand first that we are about to experience the most serious energy supply crunch since 1973 and the economic and financial impacts are almost incalculable.

The Avalanche of History

In recent testimony before the British Parliament, BoE governor Bailey admitted he felt “helpless” in the face of what has become runaway inflation. “It’s a very, very difficult place for us to be in."

Peak Inflation or Peak Dollar?

Talk of “peak inflation” is helping to drive investor inflows back into stock and bond markets.

Worst Bear Market in My lifetime - Jim Rogers predicts

Jim Rogers joins us to discuss the current market conditions, the bear market, silver & gold and his strategy for right now.

GoldSeek Radio -- Bill Murphy: Gold should be 3x higher than 1980's peak

As the CRB commodities index soars to 5 year highs along with crude oil, the nascent bull market in the PMs sector appears to be building momentum for explosive moves over the coming months, years. 

Tennessee Governor Signs Full Repeal of Sales Taxes on Gold and Silver

With Governor Bill Lee’s signature on Friday, Tennessee has officially become the 42nd state in the U.S. to remove sales taxes from constitutional sound money (i.e., gold and silver).

A Dis-Inflationary Whiff and Its Likely Path

But the larger view is for a continuation of the bear market, whether sooner or later, but at some point by Q4, 2022. Then there is the recent bearish trend of this macro indicator...

Rock and a Hard Place

Inflation is hurting many more Americans than the strong job market is helping. This is important because boosting employment and wages is a key reason the Fed didn’t begin tightening sooner.

Why The Western Economy Can’t Survive. Feat. Bill Holter.

As the Fed’s money-printing tactics start to closely resemble a Ponzi scheme, the precious metals expert explains, with mathematical certainty, why the current system is destined for bankruptcy. 

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