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Two Roads for Gold & Both are Bullish

The macro fundamentals are not bullish for Gold at this moment. The Fed is still tightening. The economy has picked up a bit, and so too, have inflation expectations. However..

Investors May Be Piling into Cash at Exactly the Wrong Time

Investors have recently been piling into cash. According to a report by BofA Global Research, cash funds last week saw their largest inflows since the pandemic panic of early 2020.

German Central Banker Notes That Gold Outperforms the Euro

Here is a European central banker noting that gold steadily has outperformed the currency for which he shares responsibility, and suggesting that it is prudent to hold gold..

Fractional-Reserve Banking Is The Elephant In The Room

This is how US Treasury debt is paid. New Treasury securities are issued to pay off those that have matured. The total debt continues to grow because it is never paid off..

How It Started/How It's Going

We are still on the road to The Great Reset, just at a faster clip. We can better understand this by recalling the 2008 crisis, the policy responses to it, and ..

GoldSeek Nugget - Martin Armstrong: The current economic situation closely mirrors '80-'85

By 2025, the Fed's contemporaries will follow suit, lift rates, in turn softening the Greenback. Expect Fed rates to persist. Ineffective economic sanctions.

Idaho House Votes to Authorize State Gold & Silver Holdings

The Idaho State House today approved a bill to enable the State Treasurer to protect state funds from inflation and other financial risks by holding some physical gold and and silver.

LBMA Crystal Balls Suggest Further Gold and Silver Price Gains

The forecasts always draw a wide range of possible outcomes and 2023 is no different with the lowest annual average forecast for the gold price at US$1,594 and the highest at US$2,025.

GoldSeek Nugget -- Egon von Greyerz: $2 quadrillion in global debt looms over the markets, Paper assets could implode

US equities markets and most assets hover in bubble territory. Global currency crisis. Declining purchasing power bodes well for gold and silver. Gold remains the best portfolio safety-net.

Catch-22: Rate Hikes May Fuel Even MORE Inflationary Deficit Spending

Federal Reserve rate hikes meant to quell inflation may ultimately have the opposite effect. Inflation occurs when the currency supply expands too rapidly as confidence...

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