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Household Debt Tops $17.5 Trillion and Americans Are Feeling the Strain

The problem with financing economic growth with borrowing is that it’s expensive and credit cards have an inconvenient thing called a limit. Americans feel the strain.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bix Weir: Silver Price Manipulation

Weir states there's a significant discrepancy in the reported price of silver, institutions vastly underestimate actual usage, leading to double the estimated silver consumption.

FBI Raids of Safe Deposit Boxes

CBDCs will make fines and civil asset forfeitures and freezes easier when your money is in the central bank. It’s one more reason to own gold—but not store it in a US safe deposit box.

Market Fantasyland: Good News Is Bad News!

Mike cites the January jobs report as an example of the good news is bad phenomenon and makes the case that we probably shouldn’t put a lot of stock on these government numbers to begin with.

Gold Wars: the US Versus Europe During the Demise of Bretton Woods

Experience from Bretton Woods and the need to periodically increase the gold price suggests that Europe would target the price in the free market in order to stabilize it.

Why Are Miners Depressed With $2,000+ Gold? Fortuna Targets ~1/2 MILLION Gold Equiv. Ounces in 2024

President and CEO of Fortuna Silver, Jorge Ganoza on the second full quarter of high-margin gold production from the Séguéla Gold Mine in West Africa, plus a healthier balance sheet.

Fed Chair Powell Channels Ben Bernanke, Assures Us Everything Is Fine!

Powell sounds a lot like former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke who insisted in 2007 that problems in the subprime mortgage sector were “contained.” And we know how that turned out.

A Banking Crisis Is Quietly Brewing

In the current environment, holding some of one’s liquid wealth outside the banking system is an essential asset protection strategy. Physical precious metals cannot be digitally “lost” or canceled.

Stocks and Bonds in Jeopardy as Powell's Punch Hits Home

The jobs numbers are not at all to be trusted. They are the broken gauge the Fed relies upon to tighten until something in the economy, most likely banking, breaks badly.

Both Gold And Silver Peaked In 1980

Over the decades and centuries, the purchasing power of gold remains stable. Its higher price reflects deterioration in an inferior form of money, i.e., fiat currency.

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