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3 Reasons Gold is Now Set to Rally

The decline in the US dollar is one of the reasons behind the recent rally in gold. But as the chart below shows gold is also rallying in other currencies as well..

COMEX Gold Into Summer

Five weeks ago, we wrote that sharply negative real interest rates were going to drive prices higher in the weeks ahead, and so far that forecast is playing out as expected. So what happens next?

Cryptocurrency Crash Benefits Gold

China has been known to implement capital controls as it seeks to control the ebb and flow of currency within its borders. A cryptocurrency can make these controls impossible to execute..

Running on MT - Peak Copper

For the mining industry to avoid becoming the traffic jam on a super-highway leading to the future electrified/ decarbonized economy, a lot more copper needs to be found.

Big Government and Big Inflation

A Truth in Accounting report from April concluded the real federal debt is 123 trillion dollars — over four times larger than the 28 trillion dollars “official” debt. The higher debt calculation includes the federal government’s unfunded liabilities.

IRS Set to Go on Audit Offensive – Are Precious Metals Investors Vulnerable?

The fact is that physical gold and silver bullion transactions are difficult to trace. Bullion generates no records on digital ledgers and cannot be “hacked” or seized electronically.

Gold Historically Follows Inflation Higher. Will It Do so Again?

Gold and silver offer stability during a period of extreme stock market volatility and low bond yields, and while they do not pay interest or dividends, they are not subject to inflation like paper currencies. 

Inflation, Deficits, Soaring Metals: Mining Stock Ready Launch

The precious metals market may be starting to figure out that price inflation caused by Central Bank money printing in the last year – with the Fed leading the charge – is going to become an uncontrollable problem

Will Precious Metals Investors Get the Last Laugh?

Financial markets have become a complete joke. From GameStop to Dogecoin to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a plethora of assets have been pushed to laughable heights with the help of the Federal Reserve’s funny money.

Greasing the Slide Toward Deflation

The deleveraging tremors to follow will reduce the asset side of the global ledger by perhaps nine or ten zeroes as deflation runs its course. The sucking power of this black hole will come from..

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