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Price Inflation Isn't as Bad as You Think! It's Worse

The political class keeps gaslighting us and trying to convince us that price inflation isn’t as bad as we think.

Silver and Gold: Insurance Against US Monetary Collapse

Gold and silver are the true monetary base. Silver is probably close to a generational breakout and could rise for the majority of this decade.

Even Nigeria Plans to Bring Gold Reserves Home to Minimize Risk

Nigeria holds about 21 tons of gold in its reserves. Economist Abubakar called the gold repatriation plan “a strategic decision” to safeguard wealth and strengthen financial resilience.

The Debate Should Be a Wake-Up Call For Americans

Most Americans see foreign policy as distant. The $200 billion spent on Ukraine affects the U.S. economy, causing inflation that indirectly costs families.

What in the World Happened in 1971?

Nixon said promised, “Your dollar will be worth just as much as it is today.” This was clearly a lie. That's what all the charts on WTF Happened in 1971 reveal.

New Jersey Legislature Again Votes Unanimously to End Taxes on Gold and Silver

More than 25 states have introduced legislation this year to end taxes on gold and silver, bolster state taxpayer funds with the metals, and more in 2024.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Moriarty: Opportunities in Silver's Volatility

Moriarty comments that silver is highly volatile, offering significant profit opportunities, as shown by its rise from $1.29 in 1970 to $50.25 in 1980 and other dramatic price movements.

Bank Stress Test Results Are Just Window Dressing

The upcoming financial crises will surpass prior ones, proving bank stress tests inadequate, unreliable, and virtually worthless amid their events and repercussions.

Navigating the Economic Landscape: Insights from Axel Merk

Merk, an expert in macroeconomic trends, offered insights on the financial landscape, Federal Reserve policies, and the outlook for precious metals like gold and silver.

Where to Invest: Let’s Break Down 3 Major Asset Classes

Traditional financial advisors often overlook the benefits of hard assets in a portfolio. However, precious metals have no counterparty risk, unlike financial assets.

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