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Media Slavishly Praise Strong Jobs Market as Being Saved by Vaccines

So, even if all the new jobs were filled right away AND the number of jobs remaining open dropped by 529,000, that still leaves 3.76 million people who quit and did not take a job.

Bonds Buckle, Top Stocks Stink

Inflation “stuck” and currently unrelenting at multi-decade highs. Imminent (obvious) Fed tapering commencement, but now, with actual balance-sheet runoff (QT) potential..

A New Year For Comex Gold

After a disappointing 2021, the new year for precious metals likely holds a return to the bull market gains seen in 2019 and 2020.

What To Expect in 2022 From The Precious Metals Sector

Without question, investing in the precious metals sector has been a pain in the ass for nearly the entire 20 years I’ve been involved. The official intervention, which has become shamelessly blatant..

Zombie Ship of Theseus

The current fiat monetary system is a zombified version of the original and Bitcoin is no answer to the perversion of a gold sound money system.

Will Gold & Silver Be Investment Outcasts in 2022 Again?

Their record of price appreciation over the past two decades alone suggests that metals have the potential to bounce back and outperform in the years ahead – especially if stagflation..

Gold SWOT: Gold Was the Best Performing Precious Metal for 2021

Gold exploration budgets have increased 43% year-over-year to a total of $6.2 billion in 2021, outpacing the 35% increase in the global nonferrous exploration budget.

‘Complete paradigm shift will make gold the generational trade’

“The market is now ready for the next leg of the gold bull market. The first leg was the one that took us up 12 consecutive years in a row regardless of whether there were inflation fears, deflation fears..

Ronnie Stoeferle - Low Inflation Is Over, Gold & Silver Time Has Come

We had 40 years of low inflation. But that is coming to an end. The new economic system has higher inflation built into it. The time of gold and silver is coming.

An Extraordinary Rise in U.S. Debt in Just the Last Two Weeks

The increase in debt limit after the close of business on December 15 the federal debt has increased by a reported amount of $587 billion..

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