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Stock Market Risk Not Yet Realized

Again, gold is real, heavy and of value. It’s time will come. But right now artifice and inflation are winning (duh).

The Impressive Long Term Purchasing Power of Gold & Silver

And when ‘priced’ in terms of ounces of silver, the Corvette in 1971 would have cost 3,572 ounces compared to only 3,308 ounces of silver needed to purchase a Corvette in 2020.   

Ahead of The Jackson Holedown

And what might those remarks be, and why will they be so important in setting the tone for COMEX digital precious metals in the months ahead?

From the Nixon Shock to Biden-flation

The good news is the crisis may mark the beginning of the end of the fiat monetary system and the welfare-warfare state, along with the dawn of a new era of free markets, sound money, and limited government.

Black Swan $51 million in Gold Bars bought by Palantir – with the Economic Ninja

Billionaire Peter Thiel's company, Palantir just bought gold bullion bars worth $51 million and specifically cited a 'Black Swan" event as the reason for doing it. We discuss the reasons why they might be doing that.

The Hidden Costs of War and Inflation

Said another way, a dollar today buys no more than 65% of what it could buy in 2001. And by other measures besides the flawed CPI, it buys even less.

Expectations for Fed Tightening Are Misplaced

Stimulus addicted markets ran into headwinds last week. Fed watchers found some hints about interest-rate tightening in the just-released FOMC’s July meeting minutes. That was all it took to rattle Wall Street.

Gold and the 'Taper Tantrum'

Excessive money-printing not only in the United States, but Britain and the EU, is continuing to devalue currencies at an alarming rate — for which precious metals, namely gold and silver, is the best defence.

The Glowing News Climate and the Bond Bull's Return

Margin debt is at record highs and that does not include the non[1]purpose securities-backed lines of credit that make it possible for all those homes in Aspen to be “bought with cash”.

Platinum Is a Poor Substitute for Palladium

Palladium is an uncommon element in the Earth’s crust. Deposits of palladium and other PGEs are rare, with the largest occurring in South Africa’s Bushveld Igneous Complex..

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