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Preparing for Coming Shortages

Casey: "Own gold, which will profit from inflation, as people try to get out of the dollar and get into something that has a physical reality in and of itself."

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bill Murphy: Silver's Bullish Surge

Murphy noted silver's resilience below $30 for years despite efforts to suppress it. Recently surpassing this mark, attempts to lower it have proven unsuccessful.

Is It Time to Get Bullish on Platinum?

Platinum may not regain parity with gold from the mid-2010s, but supply and demand suggest a bullish outlook. This price disparity with gold could signal a buying opportunity.

What the Sahm Hill Is Happening? Near-Perfect Recession Siren Is About to Go Off

I’ve warned that the Fed’s job metrics are flawed, with unreliable unemployment data. The Sahm Rule may yield "garbage in/garbage out" results if labor market metrics are distorted.

Americans Back to Running Up Credit Card Debt in May

Total consumer debt rose by $11.3 billion in May, a 2.7% annual increase, per the Federal Reserve. Americans now owe $5.06 trillion in consumer debt.

Inspiring Financial Literacy: An Interview with Connor Boyack

During the Fourth of July weekend, we discussed freedom, liberty, and sound money in young people with Connor Boyack, president of the Libertas Institute and Tuttle Twins author.

Goldman Sachs Failed Major Test

Goldman Sachs failed its stress test last week. In addition to GS, the Fed’s Dodd-Frank stress test revealed problems in other banks as well. 

Precious Metals Outperforming Stocks Despite ‘Magnificent Seven’ Hype

The performance of the S&P 500 is anything but a testament to broad strength in the U.S. economy. The mania in just a handful of stocks is driving the entire index.

Keep Your Mouth Shut and Keep Your Gold Secure!

"Keep your mouth shut" is an important security measure if you store gold or silver in your home. Talking about your gold stash does nothing but paint a target on your back.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - David Haggith: Gold Poised for Growth

Haggith comments gold could rise due to economic conditions. He notes a disparity between private job reports showing flat growth and more optimistic government figures.

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