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Will The Fed 'Cause' A Mini-Crash?

The last 3 days in the market are an example of how foolish it is to attempt to trade the market based upon news. They are all making it up and have no idea what is going on.

Fueling up Inflation

The Fed was the culprit in raising inflation. Market forces in the geopolitics of oil have now taken over in driving up inflation, and there is NOTHING the Fed can do about it.

Ron Paul’s Heroic Struggle To End the Fed

The Fed is at the center of all of the plots of the deep state to destroy us. Ron Paul has waged a heroic battle against the Fed. The slogan, “End the Fed,” is forever associated with Dr. Paul.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bob Hoye: We Are in an Inevitable Severe Recession

The rule is when you get an inverted yield curve, you get a recession. It's inevitable.

Is Gold Still a Worthy Investment?

There’s still a distinct possibility that gold will break out and set new all-time highs due to weakening of the US dollar as inflation cools.

Another Admission From the BIS That Central Banks Rig the Gold Market

Robert Lambourne called attention to another confirmation of the bank's major but largely surreptitious role in rigging the gold and currency markets.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - John Rubino: Load up on Precious Metals

The next few years are exciting for gold bugs and other preppers, but it won't be pleasant for those who are unprepared.

Leveraged Assets Beginning to Buckle under High Rates

The exact timing of the next financial crisis is impossible to predict. But it’s much better to be too early in preparing for it than too late.

Currency Crashes and Currency Clashes

Nearly the whole world is battling raging inflation, and currencies are battling each other. The collateral damages are the stimulus-dependent economies of entire nations.

What’s in My Personal Portfolio?

I am going to start a two-part series describing what is in my personal portfolio and why. This letter is in the “do as I say and not as I do” category.

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