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How The Fed Is Pumping Up Stocks - John Titus

The Fed and many economists like to pretend the Fed Reserves are not inflationary. John explains how that is all intentionally hidden from the public.

China Points Way for Capitalism

Xi Jinping has declared war on tech companies perceived as having little to contribute to China's goal of economic, geopolitical, financial and cultural dominance. Not coincidentally, most of the targeted companies are..

The Endgame Is Coming, Own Gold & Silver - Michael Pento

Michael Pento joins us to describe the potential for: A 50% market crash, Deflation then Stagflation is coming, Owning Gold & Silver, The likelihood of a credit collapse

Human Capital Losses

We are in an odd situation where it’s unclear if labor is scarce or abundant. Many employers can’t seem to find enough qualified workers, but the August jobs report said 8.4 million are unemployed ...

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Bob Hoye

Amid renewed pandemic concerns and the threat of virulent Delta variant, the discussion turns to the importance of "an attitude of gratitude" where we give thanks for modern conveniences.

The Debt Trap Part Two: 50 years of fiat folly

The Institute of International Finance found that governments, companies and households raised $24 trillion last year to offset the pandemic’s economic toll, bringing total global debt to an all-time high, at the end of 2020, of $281 trillion.

After The Jackson Holedown

Therefore, this Friday's U.S. jobs report will be critical in the short-term for both COMEX gold and COMEX silver. Regardless of the birth-death adjustments and seasonality factors..

Where Does Your Profit Come From?

It matters where your profit comes from. Investment is not the same as speculation. Dividends are not the same as capital gains, despite what Central Banks want you to believe.

The NEXT Greatest Trade Ever: Billionaire Gurus Increasingly Point to Gold

The next great trade is setting up to be moving out of financial assets for hard assets.

The Perfect Storm for Gold & Silver - Michael Gentile

Michael Gentile joins us to explain how the Fed is truly trapped and cannot taper. They can't raise rates to fight inflation. Monetary policy is disconnected from reality.

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