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The Great Bond Bomb was Ticking So Loudly No One Could Hear it over its Own Noise

SVB had well over a year to prepare its portfolio to engage with the Fed’s decision to lift the yields on Treasuries, but it took no action to do so.

Economy Heads South, Gold Heads North

As this pertains to the gold price, what you saw in January—and what you've seen over the past week—is just a hint of what's to come.

Macro transition; Goldilocks Now, Deflation Later

I expect Goldilocks to be temporary, maybe very temporary because typically when the Fed halts a rate hike regime that is when troubles brewing beneath the surface..


The Silicon Valley Bank fiasco is an in-your-face example of the systemic risk inherent in fractional-reserve banking.

To Be Frank, Barney Bank Was Targeted by the Fed..

.. to be the Poster Child for its Digital Currency Launch.

What Caused the Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank?

Many articles and pundits will say that SVB collapsed due to lack of risk managment or insuffiecient regulation. But the root cause of SVB (and other bank failures) is much scarier than hoping the problem is unique to SVB.

Treasuries: "Risk Free" or "Risk Unlimited"?

No asset is "risk free." That is a marketing term coined by Wall Street bankers and bureaucrats to peddle debt backed by the "full faith and credit" of our now hopelessly insolvent Uncle Sam.

GoldSeek Nugget -- Professor Laurence Kotlikoff: Impending Lehman / Merrill Lynch / AIG moment?

Decades of overleveraging is threatening the financial system. The absolute importance of diversification via a balanced portfolio during risky moments. PMs, the ideal panacea..

CONTAGION: Terrorist Fed Wipes out Banks as Cryptocollapse Flushes through the System

The more they say they are working to make sure there won’t be any contagion, the more you know there will be. The fact is there is already contagion and lots of it.

Building Better Cities, Marxist-Style

For Americans eager to embrace socialism, China's take on the so-called 15-minute city will warm your hearts.

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