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Gold at $2,300, Where to Now?

It wouldn’t be totally crazy to suggest that the market participants are waking up to the fact that there is some serious misalignment in the global economy. This is resulting in an increased demand for gold.

The Evils of Paper Money Have no End

The founding generation believed in real money - gold and silver. They understood that gold and silver could not be easily manipulated and printed for government purposes like paper and that it would retain its value over time.

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - David Haggith: Fed's Impact on Gold

Haggith predicted the Fed's reluctance to pivot on interest rates, highlighting the challenges of combating inflation and the impact on gold.

The Single Wisest Thing You Can Do With Your Money

Tilt the odds in your favor by developing pro-survival attitudes, and the law of large numbers will take care of the rest.

Navigating Fiscal Challenges

Notably, the continuous rally in gold and silver prices amidst economic conditions underscores the resilience and appeal of precious metals as safe-haven assets.

Underperforming Precious Metal and Copper Stocks Poised to Correct

Gold has outperformed gold equities the past three years. Gold mining stocks have performed well following periods they have significantly trailed bullion.

Inflation Is Down, but It’s Up; Jobs Are Down but They’re Up, Too

If you are oddly inclined to believe Reuters, if prices are on the rise in aggregate, why are almost none of the component prices inside of the report rising?

GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Aaron Brickman: Gold Surpassing $2,500 Sooner Than Expected

Brickman comments on gold surpassing $2,500 earlier than anticipated due to bullish sentiment and Armstrong's cyclical analysis, influenced by geopolitical events.

An Unusual Dynamic: Gold and Treasury Yields Rising Together

If the markets are realizing that the long-term inflation outlook isn’t as rosy as the Fed wants us to believe, it would make sense for yields on the long end of the Treasury curve to rise in anticipation of higher inflation.

The Senate Calls Out-of-Control Spending a National Security Threat, Keeps Spending Anyway

Senate voted yes to $1.2 trillion for child gender butchery without parental content; anti-2A laws to seize firearms; and the usual warmongering and welfare state.

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