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Just How Smart IS the Smart Money?

I've avoided the pandemic, politics and economic doomsday as topics recently because there's only so much one can say about them. This is especially true of the coming bear market.

Fed and Treasury Steer Their Unsinkable Ship toward Iceberg

While bond yields had already begun to rise and compete against stocks, the Fed stayed the course, iceberg dead ahead.

It’s the Bond Market, Stupid

Who could benefit? Well, there’s the gold mining sector, which has logically and rightly been impaired by cyclical inflationary forces. Gold sentiment is registering an extreme on the Bleak-O-Meter.

Volatility Increases as Markets Worry about Higher Rates

Owning fungible gold and silver bullion gives you liquidity similar to cash since precious metals are widely recognized and traded everywhere in the world. And their value will endure long after any online fads have fizzled.

Broken Debt

This is a massive poker game. The market knows the Fed has a strong hand, but doubts the Fed’s willingness to play it. The Federal Reserve hopes markets will fold.

Stocks in Bondage but Fed Not Fazed

Chairman Powell of the People’s Bank of the USSA would have you believe inflation is no concern because the Federales are in control.

Call for domestic mining of critical minerals is finally being answered

North America relies heavily on foreign supplies of critical minerals — the raw materials it needs to become a leader in high technology, transportation, energy, and defense. Materials like lithium, graphite, and tin.  

When To Properly Use The F-Word (Fundamentals) When Investing

I am often asked about my perspective regarding fundamentals, and why I see value in some fundamental perspectives and not others.

COMEX "Delivery" Update

After a tumultuous 2020 for the Bullion Banks, the delivery demand at COMEX has continued unabated in 2021. Are we getting close to "breaking the COMEX"?

Everything Bloomberg News wants you to know about gold isn't much

Nothing is said about the Bank for International Settlements, which provides camouflage for that intervention and whose surreptitious activity in the gold market on behalf of its central bank members is now at a record level.

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