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Technical Scoop: Inflation storm, FOMC hike, confidence tank, capitulation opportunity, detached gold, green need, good jobs

But something is starting to detach itself from the market. This week while the stock markets tanked gold reversed and went up. The DJI/Gold ratio is falling in favour of gold.

INFLATION: It’s Much Worse than we Thought … but Wait until this Little Monster Grows Up!

The new thought for me was the realization of how quickly, even in a place like America, hyperinflation could take hold, and all it requires is ...

Time’s up for the dollar! Gold takes centre stage. Feat. Peter Grandich

With the dollar’s days seemingly numbered, the two old friends contemplate the value of gold as a means of wealth preservation and capital appreciation.

Interest Rates Could Double/Treble Again

Interest rates have risen sharply of late. But they are only a fraction as high as interest rates forty years ago.

What the Heck Happened in Silver & Gold on Friday?

Of course what happens going forward continues to be in the hands of the commercial traders of whatever stripe, as they you know all too well, either directly or indirectly control the prices of everything precious metals-related...until they don't.

Lyn Alden: Fed Tightening Until Something Breaks!

Investor and analyst Lyn Alden join us today to discuss her views on the current state of the economy, and where is she currently investing.

A Trillion Here, a Trillion There...

Pandemic-driven fiscal and monetary policies have changed the debt situation considerably, and for the worse. At some point this becomes unsustainable, and we will have a painful reckoning..

Two Primary Pointers to Recession are Rapidly Diving Deeper

GDP evidence is falling head-over heals into recession, not showing any evidence of climbing out.

Fed pivot? Next catalyst for Gold & Silver - Alain Corbani

Alain Corbani joins us today to discuss this topic and whether or not the Fed will eventually go back to easy money and what all this means for precious metals.

Sound Money Movement Scores 2022 Wins

As inflation rages on, the folly of endless currency printing becomes more undeniable.

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