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Maybe an anti-U.S. and anti-dollar faction is running the BIS now

But the new "In Gold We Trust" report does include something by way of explanation. It is a long commentary by the third anonymous participant in the "Friend of Another" series of commentaries that began two decades ago..

The Fed’s Argument That It’s Not Directly Financing Government Debt Finally Fails

The Fed is directly financing the government and monetizing its debt at whatever level the government demands (with almost no restraint on the government’s part for its role).

Biden's Alternate Universe

The Fed is a vampire that sucks the economy’s life blood little by little over decades. But it operates in the dark of night and most effectively when under cover of deflation.

Deflation Talk

If you could ask the world’s top central bankers what really terrifies them, I think the honest answer would usually be “deflation.” It is their greatest nightmare.

Fed Offers No Holiday from Inflation

Now the Fed is trying to downplay the recent surge in consumer prices as “transitory” so that it can continue to pursue extraordinary stimulative monetary policy – while egging on Congress to rack up gargantuan deficits and dole out trillions of dollars.

Inflation Flying in Hotter than Ever!

All those economists who went along with the Fed’s inflation-is-temporary-and-going-per-plan narrative are stunned by the data they now see coming in. They shouldn’t be.

U.S. Congressman Seeks Full Audit of America’s Gold Reserves

“Given the dramatic levels of debt-financed spending by the federal government and the potential this could trigger an inflationary nightmare, ensuring America’s gold reserves are both secure and fully accounted for has never been more important,”

Current & Future Supply Side Inflation Shocks

Surging inflation is currently hitting the United States - but it isn't the kind of inflation that many people believe it is. Inflation can arise from a number of different sources, and money creation is only one of the sources.

What's in the Gold Box? (And How Robust Demand and Uncertain Supply Are Cleaning it Out!)

Here Are Some Big Mining Projects That May Never Make It… Pascua-Lama, a massive gold-silver deposit owned by Barrick Gold, straddling the Chilean-Argentine border.

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