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Shelves Begin to Empty as Supply Chain Buckles under Inflation

Individual states cannot bring soundness to America’s monetary system on their own. Regardless of what policies they enact, the Federal Reserve will continue to recklessly expand..

GoldSeek Radio Nugget -- Peter Eliades: US equities may be entering extremely overvalued territory

Bullish market euphoria is reaching climax levels with the current ratio 80:1 - leveraged long vs. leveraged short funds. With the risk of higher rates and inflation..

Gold and Silver Price Outlook 2022

Andrew Maguire shares his gold and silver price projections for the year ahead and explores the bullish momentum triggered by Basel III implementation.

Big Macs May Get to $2,000 Before Gold

If the U.S.government keeps getting its way -- and if all major central banks keep cooperating -- the price of a Big Mac will reach $2,000 before gold does.

Food Shortages Punching the Populace in the Gut; No Bubble Here, Folks!

We’ve just seen the fastest, highest rocket ride in stocks in the history of the world! Because that makes sense during a time of global plague and global economic lockdowns, creating extreme..

Inflation Is Just Getting Started – Got Gold? Silver?

When the money supply increases at rate that is greater than the wealth output of an economic system, it reduces the value of each marginal dollar created. Dollar devaluation has been occurring since the early 1970’s...

2022 Forecast

Economic reality is going to bite a lot of people who enter 2022 under the false assumption that they've got it all figured out and everything is under control.

Foreign Treasury Buyers Take Pause: A Story Told in Charts

China and Japan are by far the largest buyers of US Treasuries, as of September 2021, foreign countries held $7.55 trillion in US Treasury securities. Of this total, Japan owned $1.3 trillion and China owned $1.05 trillion...

We Need a Revolution

A free market with a sound currency would release lower-income Americans from the Federal Reserve’s inflation tax as well as provide them with expanded economic opportunities.

How Bad Is the Stock Market Route Now, and How Bad Will its Collapse Get?

With the Fed still consuming around $100 billion in bonds a month, there is still a long way to go before we are entirely back to actual market pricing, free of the Fed’s rigging..

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