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Hycroft Mining: A Turn Around in the Making or a Dog?

Hycroft is reviving and expanding a previously producing mine that was shutdown due to low gold prices. But will the company succeed?

Outlaw gold mining? Imperialists and totalitarians would love that

Gold's great value is as a mechanism for preserving individual freedom and restraining government. Outlawing gold mining would make imperialists and totalitarians very happy, and they already are having too much fun.

Gold Seeker Report: This Week in Mining Issue #28: Volatility & Consolidation Continues

Volatility & Consolidation was the major theme this week and will likely remain so for a bit longer. There are so many potential catalysts to send metal prices higher, not the least of which being the upcoming election and the size of the next stimulus bill....

Gold Miners and Inflation

Gold has utility against inflation. But depending on the cyclical backdrop other assets can have better utility than gold against inflation. Where gold really shines is on the counter-cyclical phases when things are falling apart. Then it is unique, as money and as a haven.

Gold SWOT: SkyBridge Adds Gold for the First Time Since 2011

Ghana is moving ahead with its initial public offering of the gold royalty fund in September to be listed in London and on the local bourse. Africa’s biggest gold producer hopes to raise $500 million through the IPO, reports Bloomberg.

Gold Market Update - upside breakout and advance to new highs looking imminent...

$GDX is now in a dynamic Stage 2 advancing phase that should see it run quickly into the resistance approaching its 2011 highs.

Gold Seeker Report: This Week in Mining Issue #27: A Quiet Week Following Earnings Season

The volatility continued in the metals again this week, something that we shouldn’t expect to change anytime soon. There wasn’t much news-flow this week, following earnings season.

Gold, Silver And Mining Stocks Are Just Getting Started

Eventually – and I want to emphasize “eventually” – the precious metals sector will do what the tech sector/Nasdaq is doing right now. That is to say will undergo a blow-off top that will take gold, silver and mining stocks to all-time highs.

Gold Mid-Tiers’ Q2’20 Fundamentals

The mid-tier gold miners in this sector’s sweet spot for upside potential have had a spectacular run since March’s stock panic!

Gold SWOT: Warren Buffett Invests in Barrick

In a Bloomberg interview, Lu said there is still huge upside potential for gold prices and they “might hit $5,000 per ounce on a five-year horizon.” Due to rapid money printing, Lu is bullish on gold and said gold-related assets account for the biggest weight in his portfolio.

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