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Gold Seeker Report Issue #40 ~ This Week in Mining: Opportunities Galore?

The mining stocks had a very bad week indeed. This was likely augmented by weak hands selling and because of technical damage on the Gold chart. While there is likely more downside, this could be the last best buying opportunity.

Gold Mid-Tiers’ Q3’20 Fundamentals

So the mid-tier gold miners’ stocks are again setting up to achieve more massive gains during gold’s next bull upleg. Far-higher stock prices are fully fundamentally justified.

Hycroft Mining: Financial & Operations Update

A Look at the company's financial position after the recent financing and key changes in personnel overseeing the multi-year expansion of the Au-Ag Hycroft mine.

Mining Stocks: An Incredibly Frustrating Move

After this corrective, frustrating whipsaw is over, huge potential to reach all time highs in mining stocks -- Video Update

Gold Seeker Report Issue #39 ~ This Week In Mining: Volatility, Earnings, and Weakness in Gold Stocks

This was a very volatile week for precious metals and related mining equities. On Monday, gold sold off $100/oz. on the rumor, there might be a successful vaccine for CV19. But this won’t impact gold as the bull market commenced well before the outbreak of CV19. Even if it does work............

Gold Miners’ Q3’20 Fundamentals

These amazing fundamentals justify much-higher stock prices after this correction ends.

Calibre Mining: Let The Good Times Roll

Following a dismal Q2, when operations were suspended for most of the quarter and incurred significant cash outflow, the company has since been reporting non-stop positive news flow.

Gold SWOT: AngloGold Ashanti Just Doubled Its Dividend Payout Ratio

Strengths The best performing precious metal for the week was palladium, up 12.64%, despite hedge funds cutting their positioning to a 10-week low. Gold had its best weekly gain since July as Joe Biden moves closer to winning the presidential election and on prospects for further Federal Reserve stimulus. The yellow metal hit a six-week high, also boosted by the declining U.S. dollar. Velocity Trade Capital analyst Michael Siperco wrote this week that the election outcome won’t change…

Gold Seeker Report Issue #38 ~ This Week In Mining: Some Amazing Q3 Earnings & Has The 3-Month Consolidation Ended?

A volatile week in the metals but gold broke the $1,920-$1,925/oz. resistance level on good volume and just as importantly, the mining stocks led the way on Thursday and Friday. Countless Gold & Silver Miners set records across the board.

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