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Humpty Dollar Dumpty & Gold

All moving averages have some failed signals, but the 6,90 is very good at highlighting the start of massive moves in the price of gold… and a positive signal is in play now.

A Time to Add to One’s Gold Stack; (for the S&P, Prepare Hard Hat)

Moreover, as we turn to Gold’s weekly bars from one year ago-to-date, the blue-dotted parabolic Long trend continues to ascend such that we continue to seek..

Keep Your Eye on the Dollar; It's Acting Weak

Gold is stuck not too far from its recent highs. That is not too bad. Gold's trend and bias are down short-term but the market is oversold..

Asian Metals Market Update: Traders Prefer to Go Long

Sharp rise from the day’s low yesterday suggest that traders will prefer to go long in gold and silver and short the US dollar index before key US economic data..

Gold SWOT: Central Bank Gold Buying Continued in February

Central bank buying continued in February with global gold reserves up by 52 tons, higher for the 11th consecutive month. January and February net purchases totaled 125 tons, the strongest start to a year since 2010.

Get Rich Slowly or Get Poor Quickly

Investing is one of the most difficult industries to get rich at, but not getting rich slowly. The biggest mistake many novice and other investors do is try to get rich quick. 

Technical Scoop: Threat chronicle, change cycle, safe haven, agriculture impact, market headwinds, commodity stumble

Markets are trying to go higher but face headwinds. Last week was quite mixed as we are starting to see signs that the economy could be slowing but also are sometimes surprised at unexpected strength.

It's All Good, Sort of...

My gut feeling is that the increasingly volatile stock market is close to an important top.

Market Remains Focused on Dollar for Headwinds

Are you watching what is going on in Chile? This is what bothers me about Gold on the weekly charts and what I am looking for.

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