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Sentiment Speaks: Gold And Silver May Be The Outperforming Assets For 2023

When I was younger, I was taught that if you cannot say something nice, don't say anything at all. Well, when many of you have asked why I have not written about metals in quite some time, now you know the reason.

Gold Price Update Video: Watch the US Dollar After FOMC Meeting

Getting ready for a very active week. CPI on Tuesday, FOMC and Wednesday. For the CPI, looking at the breakdown because on one hand you have had the energy price crash.

Gold Losing Some Zip but Buyers Grabbing Each Dip

The point is: irrespective of Gold not being in near-term trend decline, it is clearly losing some of its zip.

Gold Price Update Video: Watch PPI and Consumer Sentiment Impact on US Dollar

Sentiment data and PPI will dictate today's action leading into next week's FOMC meeting. Volatility will get rather big over the next week and half and then die off.

Gold Price Update Video: FOMC Meeting Will Set US Dollar Tone

Gold's 18 day moving day average remains obvious support. Volatility bands narrowing. Are we entering a trading range scenario?

Key Levels for Gold & Silver Into 2023

Initial support is $1735, with the strongest support around $1680. If Gold loses $1735, look for a test of the upper $1600s.

Gold Price Update Video: Metal Markets Falling Back into Key Support

The economy remains too strong, where is the lag effect? Gold bulls buying near the $1,780 area support...

Exciting Times: It's All About Gold

The war cycle is big, but the empire transition cycle is vastly bigger, so it’s important that all gold market investors are properly positioned to manage their personal greed on rallies and fear on dips.

Gold Buying Opportunity Coming

Precious metals retail traders leveraged too much in the short term trying to make it rich-quick. What we will likely see is the markets correct, a rally the US Dollar...

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