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Asian Metals Market Update: Fed's Powell Speaking Tomorrow

Electricity bills world over are way over the affordability index.

Gold Update Video: Saudis are saying the futures market is rigged

Saudis are saying that the futures market is rigged (oil) -- if you keep this up, we will cut production. That is quite the warning shot!

Asian Metals Market Update: Americans are obsessed with living their life in debt

At the end of the day, American people are obsessed with living their life in debt. The reduced debt burden (if any) will be used to buy consumer durables or for a vacation..

War & Inflation: Rally Time For Gold?

The 2021-2025 war cycle is poised to become the biggest in US history.  It’s a dual cycle, both civil and global.  On the global side, US government war worshippers are using mountains of new debt...

Gold Update Video: Oversold and finding support

Nobody knows what will happen with rate hikes into 2023, all just guesses. Strong dollar creating headwinds for gold and silver. Gold oversold, hitting support...

Asian Metals Market Update: Market expecting the worse from Jackson Hole...

The worst is getting factored in before the Jackson hole speech. Comments from Powell will reflect the stance for stocks, bond yields and forex.

Gold SWOT: Gold Pared Gains Last Week as the Dollar Advanced

RBC anticipates incremental addition of larger-cap names back into the GDXJ ETF in part driven by 1) greater investor interest in larger, more liquid names and 2) continued industry consolidation...

Gold Repressed Back Below Resistance

Shut down was the price of Gold this past week, sufficiently so that the 1760 settle is below the 1779-1854 resistance zone. That is not good in the minds of the pure technicians who..

Asian Metals Market Update: Physical Demand in Asia this week..

Physical demand will be very high in Asia this week if price continues to fall. I am advising our jeweler clients in India to start building physical silver stocks (for the October festive month).

Gold Update Video: The Event of the Week = Jackson Hole Symposium

All sorts of press and Central Bankers. Hawkish talk is expected.

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