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Gamestop $GME: The Return Of Meme Stock Idiocy

Meme stock mania is back in full idiocy. And it’s time again to revisit $GME as a short.

Gold Update Video: Pretty stable in the metals

We have been in this pullback correction. Is gold forming a base? Is it a sideways top? The current trend is bearish, below 18 day moving closes..

Gold SWOT: A Digital System Is Being Created to Track Gold Through the Supply Chain

Seven out of the top 10 gold producers beat analysts' normalized EPS expectations for Q4. Total known ETF holdings of gold surged 5.30% in March to over 105.7M...

Gold Update: Still in the Frustration Phase?

I promise you that the gold cartel will fight tooth and nail to prevent the gold price from breaking out. This means that the gold price will be stuck in a sideways..

Technical Scoop: Currency wars, supremacy attack, food riots, low jobs, cloudy rise, inverting yields, golden divergence

Yield curves are inverting. Another signal for a recession? Gold faltered this past week but the gold stocks went up. A positive divergence?

Gold Update Video: Monthly Chart Update

Late 2019 was the first time the gold price had broken out of years of stuck within the Bollinger Bands, hovering around the 18 month average, then in February 2021 the rally started to..

Gold Update Video: Volatility bands contracting

What a terrible month for traders. Gold's resistance temporarily at the $1,950 area, the 18 day moving average and then above at $1,999.50. Supports at..

Gold Update Video: Can't rally despite all the positive news.

U.S. economic data remains good. Gold can't rally despite all the bullish news, quite the disappointment. 

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