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Market Updates

Ain't Just Gold Been Headin' Down

The firming Dollar suggests the Fed’s foot is “expected” to stay on the interest rate pedal. The Bond, Euro, Gold, and the S&P 500 (BEGOS) Markets are down except for Oil.

Big US Stocks’ Q2 2023 Fundamentals

Investors can hedge some of this selloff risk in counter-moving gold and its miners’ stocks, which tend to surge on balance when stock markets materially weaken. 

Gold Stocks: It's Time To Nibble

In the GDX, following a double bottom, we're at support and could head upwards. We hold about 50% cash in the SGS Gold Portfolio.

Rising Real Interest Rates Cause Dollar Rally

Gold and all the precious metals are under pressure. There is a serious slowdown in the Chinese economy - one of the biggest we've seen.

Dollar’s Strength is a Major Headwind for all Metals

When I can earn 5-6% on a certificate of deposit (CD), why would I want to own gold? Inflation is still here. If the dollar drops, then I want to own gold.

Asian Metals Market Update for 11th August 2023

Except for energy price, inflation in the month of August should fall. I still expect a pause in interest rate by the Federal Reserve in its meeting on 20th September.

How the Dollar Reacts to CPI Data Will Drive Metal Prices

I get so many people saying, "Ira, when is the time to buy gold?" It isn't yet. It'll be the time when the Fed says that it's through with the rate hikes. The market is saying the Fed's not done.

Dollar Gets Bid Off Weak Chinese Economic Data and Moody's

The gold market is still under pressure because the dollar is up another 50 points. In the stock indices, we woke up and saw that Moody's had downgraded as many as 10 banks.

Minor Economic Reports Due Out on Tuesday

We are getting a little bit of a bounce in the gold. Gold had a reasonable range but under pressure most of the day. Bonds and notes continue to add yield.

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