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GOLD SWOT: Following softer U.S. PPI data, gold extended its gains last week

Bitcoin has fallen more than 6% while gold is up more than 1.5%. Betting on gold for the next 1,000 years might be the safter wager.

Bond Market, Gold, Yield Curve and the Changes to Come

Unlike the trillions in debt attached to the US and many global bond and currency markets, gold has no such liability as it pays no income and is just an old rock that ancient societies used as money.

Gold Biding Time; Bitcoin Prime Time

Directionally near-term for Bitcoin, we’re clueless.  Broadly for Gold we’ve no concerns. But for the Casino 500, we’re worried the whole roulette wheel could fly right off the spindle..

Technical Scoop: Gold driver, slowing signs, expected cuts, 1970s similarity, trifecta lean, Dow divergence ​

Gold and money are closely linked and we attempt to show that in our opening essay as we examine the explosion in money supply, debt and deficits. Gold stocks make up a very small portion of global markets yet they have remained ultra cheap for years in relation to gold.

Gold-Inflation Disconnect

The gold price will normalize relative to inflated money supplies.  That portends much-higher gold prices in coming years, catapulting battered gold stocks way higher.

US & UK Strike Houthis in Yemen

In the gold, you can see how the market is just sort of hanging right here. You can see that you're up $16.80 as we're talking. There is no trend, you came down.

Asian Metals Market Update for 12th January 2024

American traders will prefer to be long in gold and silver for the weekend and Monday holiday. There can be very sharp two-way price moves in gold, silver, and copper.

Inflationary Yield Curve Steepening?

If the macro flips inflationary – even if only for a phase – the nearly sunken ‘inflation trade’ boats could sail again… for a phase, at least.

Jobless Claims, US CPI & Earnings Season Kickoff

What I do know is gold in a downtrend, the next stopping spot could be the $2013.5 area, which is the 200-day average and the Bollinger Band is waiting for it right there at $2015.5 –  so that's your support zone.

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