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Gold Stocks: Morning Stars In Bullish Play

We have morning star candlestick action on a boatload of mining stocks. We could be looking at a major move higher starting now for the gold stocks.

Dollar Makes Two Month High Which is a Metals Headwind

There is no reason for gold to go up, outside of a world event. It can't be because inflation talk because the dollar keeps going up.

Gold Grips a Bit, but Silver Rips!

Whereas Gold settled Friday at 1943 for a +1.3% weekly gain, Silver settled at  24.285 for a reigning +6.8% weekly gain. 

Everything Hangs on What Fed Chair Powell Says in Today's 10AM ET Speech

Fed Chair Powell's speech today is huge. Don't underestimate it. Gold's problem is a strong dollar and a Fed that is determined to beat down inflation. 

Asian Metals Market Update for 25th August 2023

Please ignore all the news on trend of interest rates. Interest rate bets are overhyped as of now. Use a buy on significant crash in gold and silver and copper till 15th September.

Short Covering Rally Carried Across All Metals Yesterday

The gold market got a little bit of a bounce - not a trend change per se. The momentum is still down. You're under the 18-week average of closes. 

Gold Stocks and a 100-Yard Dash

Fiat is a barbaric relic. The real progressive movement is about gold, a savings mentality, personal humility, general goodwill, and common sense.

Battle Shaping Up As to Whether the Dollar Has Another Leg Up or Not

Gold hasn't collapsed anymore. It's found its legs. Silver seems to have found its legs against the $23 level for the moment. Interest rates keep doing one thing: adding yield. 

Asian Metals Market Update for 23rd August 2023

Gold and silver rising along with bond yields implies higher safe haven demand. (Generally there is an inverse correlation between bond yields and gold/bullion price.).

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