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Market Updates

Gold Price Update Video: Metals Correct Off US Dollar Short Covering

Lots of rate decisions all at once and everyone is now saying we are headed for a worldwide recession. Now the Fed members are going to be talking throughout the day.

Gold Update: First Correction Underway?

Gold looks like it is moving into its first daily cycle low and odds are very good that it will not drop below the low $1,600s lows. Gold is breaking its trendline which indicates...

Gold Update Video: The Bank of England and ECB Release Monetary Policies in the Morning

The Bank of England and ECB Release Monetary Policies in the Morning

Gold Update: Getting Closer to $1900

We have still a huge gap until the 200 day moving average, near 97.39 on the USDX. Gold is now in a strongly trending environment. $1,900 is my final indication that...

Gold Price Update Video: 1PM Central FOMC Meeting will be Market Mover

Wild swings, 1K swings in the DOW left and right. The markets look like they want to still rally but we will need to see what Powell says today. Gold is hitting a brick wall at the upper Bollinger band..

An Era Of Stagflation: Investor Tactics

Both charts look fabulous and both have price targets of about $2000, but in one scenario (the first chart) gold moves up from “about here”, and in the other there’s a pullback to the $1700-$1680 zone first.

Asian Metals Market Update: Risk appetite has increased sharply

Risk appetite has certainly increased sharply once it became known that interest rate are nearing a top globally.

Gold Swot: India’s Trade Ministry Is Discussing a Reduction in Import Taxes on Gold

The world’s second-largest consumer of the precious metal, almost all of which is purchased from abroad, has asked the Finance Ministry to consider reducing the tariff to about 10% from 12.5%...

Gold: Final Confirmation at 1900

Of course there will be a huge battle here. There will be corrections along a generally trending, climbing price action. This is an environment where you can make a lot of money.

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