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Market Updates

Gold SWOT: Anglo American will list Anglo-American Platinum in London

Last Friday morning, nonfarm payrolls data came in much stronger than expected, knocking $20 off the gold price and dashing hopes of near-term Fed rate cuts.

Gold Is in an Intermediate Degree Profit Taking Event

Most people at the top of intermediate cycles, they've got the fear of missing out (FOMO), and that causes people to buy too early if caught in the beginning of the decline.

Asian Metals Market Update for 10th June 2024

I believe there was a leakage in US May nonfarm payrolls last Friday. The excuse and guse of stopping gold buying by the Chinese central bank was just media hype.

Technical Scoop: Inflation History, Precious Bull, Golden Caveat

Gold had a volatile week as the recent corrective period continues. But despite a huge overreaction on Friday to the job numbers the bull remains intact.

Inflation’s Strain Remains Gold’s Bane

So fragile now is the state of the economy, the state of the stock market and the state of the world in many respects. Therefore Gold is the place to be! 

Gold Summer Doldrums ‘24

After being overbought in recent months, gold could use a healthy pullback. Gold also has good odds of surging further. So rather unusually, gold could move either way this summer.

Non-Farm Payrolls Data Out Should be Market Mover

Gold has broken the pattern of lower highs and lower lows, signaling the downtrend has ended. Closing above the 18-day average signals an upward bias, with the battleground around $2390.

Asian Metals Market Update for 7th June 2024

Interest rate cuts initially will be bullish for precious metals and base metals and energies. The overall trend will be there for gold and silver and copper for the rest of the year.

The NY Fed Is Getting Concerned About Banks And No One Is Paying Attention

The NY Fed disclosed data on maxed-out borrowers with high credit card utilization rates, which typically signals tight cash flow and financial issues for the borrower.

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