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Market Updates

Gold Stocks Languishing

Oversold gold stocks riddled with capitulatory bearishness is an anomaly that will be short-lived. They are due to mean revert sharply higher with gold.

The PCE Inflation Report: Rocket Fuel For Gold!

Crypto has a wall of dumb money flowing into it. My super gold signal could flash a huge buy alert on gold stocks with this week’s close.

Metals: PCE Price Index & US Jobless Claims Will Be Market Movers

You have the same number practically for the 18-day average and the 100-day average. That's called a bullish convergence right there, now which way is it going to go?

Stock Market Icarus vs. the Gleam of Gold

What lies ahead for America is likely 1970s stagflation on steroids, and Thursday’s PCE report just might be a golden trigger day!

Dollar Down to Key Support Area; If it Holds Gold Should See Resistance

The pattern is still bullish and notice that in order to break the uptrend, you've got to take out that $2025 area.

Central Bank Gold Buying Expected to Remain Hot Over Next Several Years

Analysts at the Australian bank noted that annual central bank gold demand has nearly tripled and now makes up 25 to 30 percent of total global demand.

Gold SWOT: Gold Was Poised for a Weekly Increase Amidst Unclear Timing of the Fed’s Policy Shift

According to JP Morgan, gold has remained more resilient than expected...They maintain their bullish forecast with an upside target of $2,300/oz...

Dollar Down Into Key Support Area, If it Slips Might Fall Another 50 Pts

The pattern is bullish. You don't want to see $2025.40 taken out. If it is, it doesn't start a downtrend, it just wipes out the chance of an uptrend.

Technical Scoop: New Highs, Precious Accumulation, Due Debt

What worries us about gold is the forming of what appears to be a descending triangle. Naturally, we don’t want to see that, but if that bottom end near $2,000 falls out, the fall could be a drop to $1,835.

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