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Market Updates

Dollar Collapse

The last line of support near 91, nothing below until 88 area if breaks.

Precious Metals Update Video: Relief Bill Focus

Gold did not stay under $1,800 for long, silver very strong. Market is watching what the prospects are of a relief bill.

Asian Metals Market Update: Chinese retail gold demand should be strong

Chinese retail gold demand and Chinese retail silver demand (jewelry and other forms) should beat the best of forecast.

Gold $1788: A Price Of Importance

In the world of private money (gold and crypto), elections also take place… at major support and resistance.

Precious Metals Update Video: Huge move higher in Silver!

Gold moved off the lower daily Bollinger Band support. Will Gold get out of this area and turn bullish?

That Precious Metals Rumor Mill

Silver shortage? Famous Buyers? Big Transactions? Let’s look closely at the data.

One Last Chance For The Bears Before We Rally To 4200SPX In 2021

To this end, while a retracement as deep as the 3050SPX region has become much less likely, I would still like to see a higher degree retracement back to the 3330-3450SPX region in the coming weeks.

Precious Metals Update Video: Stability in the Metals

Money mangers short covering here at month's end.

Asian Metals Market Update: Great long term opportunities

Silver would have crashed a lot more but was saved by the best month in a decade for industrial metals. Copper and zinc were the leaders. The untouchable aluminum also rose.

Gold SWOT: Will Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Be Good for Gold?

The largest gold-backed ETF, the SPDR Gold Trust, is headed for its largest monthly outflow since 2017. The ETF has already lost over 50 tons of bullion so far in November.

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