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Asian Metals Market Update: Food price inflation

Central banks and nations cannot tame food inflation. Even a quicker interest rate hike by central banks will not be able to curb food inflation.

"Battle Stations" For 'Da Boyz' in New York on Friday

As of this moment, there are no upside daily limits as to how high gold and silver prices can rise in the COMEX futures market. In gold, 5 U.S. banks are net short 71,460 COMEX contracts in the April BPR. That's the fourth month in a row...

Gold Update: Major Breakout Imminent!

It is time to buy metals aggressively! Third attempt to breakout will succeed, a week or two left at most here to accumulate..

Gold Update Video: Fighting the moving average

We are fighting a battle against the 18 day moving average. Gold's narrowing volatility bands..

Gold Update Video: Holding on..

The gold market is holding on. FOMC minutes came out with hawkish tightening and the markets are digesting it. The big question now is can the economy deal with QT..

Asian Metals Market Update: FOMC Minutes -- Aggressive tightening in the offing

Fed officials "generally agreed" to cut up to $95 billion a month from the central bank's asset holdings as another tool in the fight against surging inflation.

Gold Update Getting Close to a Breakout

We are getting pretty close to starting with some momentum to the upside. The gold cartel is trying to push gold back down below the support line around $1,920...

A Bull Era For Gold Stocks

Mining stocks are poised to deliver the kind of outperformance against the underlying metal that was last seen in the 1970s!

Gold Update Video: volatility bands are narrowing..

The market did not like Fed speak with more aggressive talk for the coming May meeting. Gold's volatility bands are narrowing..

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