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Market Updates

Long Term Cycles Stocks, CRB and the Dollar

Here are the next targets for the next market cycle lows. Lots of counter-rallies.

Gold & Silver, Real Estate Crisis, Recession & More - Adam Taggart

Adam Taggart joins us to discuss the current gold & silver markets, the coming real estate crisis and the coming recession.

Asian Metals Market Update: Our View on the FOMC meeting

The Federal Reserve chairman was very candid in accepting that they are helpless in addressing supply chain issues. They are just hoping...

Terminal Point to Current Decline Drawing Near

Gold's 72-Day Time Cycle: If correct, then the probabilities are above-average that a push back above the 2083 swing top will be seen into mid-Summer of this year, then to be..

Gold Stocks: A Green Light To Buy?
Chinese lockdowns and a failing stock market there have gold buyers in a lacklustre mood. Some miners are trading where they were when gold was $500-$600/oz and that’s obviously disappointing...
Stewart Thomson Wed, 05/04/2022 - 05:40

Gold Update Video: FOMC Meeting Today with built-in expectations

Buy the rumor, sell the fact? How does it impact gold? If it keeps the US Dollar strong, then it creates a headwind.

Gold Update: Buying Opportunity Coming

Gold is in an intermediate decline. Now we are making lower lows and lower highs but near the end of the intermediate low/bottom. Any moment now.

Gold Update Video: Disappointment again

At the moment, the biggest issue are global central banks raising interest rates. Gold is fighting this and is unable to overcome this. Gold nearing its 200 day moving average..

Gold's Lower Grind and the Fed's REAL Bind

Yes, Gold's price continues its lower grind, (the current Short trend in mind), but 'tis the Fed that's in a REAL bind. StateSide annualized REAL Gross Domestic Product just shrunk for the third..

Rampant Dollar Is About to Undo the Fed's Best Plans

A lone deflationist on the lunatic fringe of economics 30 years ago, I wrote in Barron's that an out-of-control dollar eventually would do us in. Specifically, I asserted that a short squeeze on dollars...

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