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Market Updates

Gold: Trend Line Resistance

Looks like they will be able to keep gold below the downtrend line this week, under $1,900. Silver is leading the metals!

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold got hit, Silver a dramatic move

Will be traveling and resuming updates around January 7th.  Daily gold prices hit the upper Bollinger band, acting as resistance setting up lower highs.

Bitcoin Mania Blows Past All Previous Benchmarks

Disclaimer:  I think bitcoin is, if not an outright hoax, then a cleverly marketed investment scheme on a par with alchemy and cold fusion. I get emails all the time from bitcoiners convinced cryptocurrency should be prized over all other investable assets, particularly gold.

Gold: Intermediate advance underway but the bull is still bucking traders off

One of the hardest things to do is to buy early in at the start of a new intermediate cycle. 

Precious Metals Update Video: Keep your powder dry this time of year

Markets are in holiday mode, more jumpy and illiquid.  $1,892.60 is the 18-week moving average, resistance.

Precious Metals Yellow Flag

The other PM stock indexes have broken down below their respective necklines which is a warning sign the potential H&S bottoms may be failing.

Precious Metals Update Video: Holiday Market Action

Dollar rallied sharply, gold still has upside bias above the 18-dma which is near $1,834. Silver still has a stronger chart than gold.

Silver Bells Ring: Are Investors In Tune?

A rally to about $1920 for gold should see the miners begin to outperform bullion again.

Christmas Good Cheer for Investors in the Chinese Stockmarkets…

The New World Order (NWO) is on a mission to destroy US exceptionalism. Since the end of the 2nd World War, and especially since the end of the Cold War, the US has been the undisputed economic powerhouse and leader of the world, that is until the rise of China.

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