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Market Updates

Asian Metals Market Update for 15th September 2023

I prefer a buy-on-dips strategy as long spot gold trades over $1890-$1895 zone and spot silver trades over $21.90-$22.20 zone till next week.

Deflation, Stag or Crack-Up Inflation?

A profound change has come upon the macro. A nearly four decade long trend is done, kaput. A system saturated with inflationary policy is no more.

PPI, ECB and Blasé Attitude to a Hot CPI

Gold is still trending downward and keeps slipping away. The next support line is the 1915 to 1920 area. 

CPI & FOMC: Prime Movers For Gold

To buy more gold, I would need to see a price of $1850.  For silver and the miners, I would need to see gold trading at about $1810.

It's All About US CPI Number

All eyes on the CPI. The market will react in a big way to the CPI increase, and the question is: what does it do to the Fed's thinking for next week?

Gold Market Update - How it Will Perform During a Stock Market Crash

A percentage of your assets in cash now puts you in a position to scoop up incredible bargains in precious metals in the event of a crash.

Dollar on Cusp of Staying Bullish or Turning Down

August CPI comes out on Thursday and CPI will be released Friday. If the numbers are high, there's a chance the Fed will raise rates in response.

Iffy Markets, Seminal Events, Surprising Jobs, Languishing Gold, Rising Energy

For gold prices, the effects of our long-term cycle lows are still hanging around. We don’t expect to see any meaningful up move in gold until December.

Gold SWOT: China’s Gold Reserves Rose in the Month of August

People’s Bank of China added about 29 tons to its gold reserves in August, its 10th consecutive monthly purchase, diversifying China away from the U.S. dollar.

Asian Metals Market Update for 11th September 2023

There will be a medium term technical breakdown if gold, silver and copper and nickel fall this week.

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