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Market Updates

Gold $3000: The Ascent Begins

Is gold’s long-awaited surge to $3000 an ounce finally underway?  Are all the traffic lights green?

Gold SWOT: Biggest Gold-Buying Day of the Year Following the Festival of Diwali

Chris Wood, global head of equity strategy at Jefferies, has upped his allocation to 10% from 5% for Bitcoin at the expense of gold bullion in his recent Greed and Fear report.

Gold Update Video: What a Strong Performance

A major bottom formed in gold? Pros will buy gold pullbacks now. $1,838.80 is the upper resistance on the weekly Bollinger. 

Beyond Gold Buggery; Sectors Reviewed

Gold miners have been fundamentally impaired by the inflationary macro as costs (energy, materials, humans) have outpaced product (gold) for well over a year.

Bubble Update: Melt Up in Progress?

Gold market is not an easy market to make money in. Up a little, down a little. Almost impossible to make sustainable gains right now. Virtually impossible to time the tops and bottoms during this churning stage. 

Gold Update Video: Fed continues to add money on a regular basis

$1,756 area support for gold on pullbacks. Trend and bias down, not in an oversold condition.

Asian Metals Market Update: U.S. nonfram payrolls in focus next

Interest rate hike expectation by the Federal Reserve will be key theme for global financial markets till Easter of 2022.

Asian Metals Market Update: FOMC Day

US October private ADP jobs number (before FOMC meets today) can have a far bigger impact than taper in precious metals market.

Pre FOMC All Market Update

Friday's action indicates that the market has inside information that the Fed is going to taper? The attack of gold on Friday was a warning sign..

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