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Technical Scoop: Swoon trigger, increased rates, Dollar jump, silver divergence, golden poise, precarious DJI, preferred stocks

We hope this divergence holds as it could be favourable for gold and the precious metals going forward. We have a look at the Gold/HUI ratio, the Dow/Gold ratio and the Gold/Silver ratio as well. Gold stocks are cheap...

Gold SWOT: Gold Fell As Inflation Data Came In Hotter Than Expected

Central bank demand remained robust in July. Global gold reserves increased by 37 tons (net), below June’s 64 tons increase. Added to the 270 of net purchases over the first half of the year, this pushes year-to-date central bank demand toward the 300-ton mark.

Gold Further Screwed in 2022

Now we're not anticipating that Gold is actually going to break below $1600. Wishful thinking perhaps, as there must be some entities that are buying Gold..

Hope and Confidence On the Downslope Now

And now the expansive mindset needed to propagate even fake rallies has succumbed to the growing likelihood of a severe global downturn. Nor is there a way for the central banks to significantly taper their exposure to worthless paper..

Gold Price Update Video: FOMC on Wednesday

Gold's monthly chart shows the downside bias. Gold hit its 4 year average, 200 week moving average. Gold is not going to cut through this very easily.

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - September 16, 2022

Positions as of  Tuesday, September 13, 2022.

Gold Price Update Video: Nothing but problems

Gold is oversold, does it bounce here or does it embed?

Gold Price Update Video: Gold oversold, strong support under $1,700

The bias in gold is down, the gold price remains the 18 day moving average. Gold now trying to figure out what to do as well, its next move. $1,694 area is the next support, the market is oversold.

The CPI Report: Rally Time For Gold?

Western governments are promoting green energy transition, which is a good thing, but they are trying to make a 30 year transition into a 3 year deal that features the “bonus” of ruining Ukraine and much of Europe.

Gold Price Update Video: CPI means 75 or 100 basis point hike

Gold is not in a downtrend. Bias is down, swingline up. We have nothing. Support around $1,700..

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