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Keep Your Eye on the Dollar

Fed members are now talking and saying that rates will have to raise to 5% and stay there for a while. That has taken out some air.

As Goes Gold's Annual Start...

Thus Gold's 2023 start ranks eighth-best from 2001-to-date; but hardly is it predictive of an "up year" as made clear by..

Gold SWOT: Call Activity in Largest Gold Miners ETF Is the Highest since March

Bloomberg reported three leading Chinese solar-panel makers are ramping up production in a boon to clean energy. Solar demand has been growing...

Technical Scoop: Good jobs, hikes aside, negative divergences, market defiance, golden shine, low energy, January barometer

Gold also had a good week but there were divergences with silver. The gold stocks had a particularly good week and were the best performers. But energy was a gross..

Buying comes in off weak US Dollar...

The US Dollar is the key driver at the moment. My problem with the moment is the Bollinger band. The 18 week moving average turning up..

Asian Metals Market Update: China Reopening

Traders are expecting the Chinese to empty their pockets on everything. The big Chinese splurge expectation is the only reason for Monday's..

China Continues to be a Drag on Copper

Note ONE member of the FOMC member saw a rate cut this year. But here we are with the gold market where we hit new highs. Trend clearly up..

Gold Now above the 50 Week Moving Average

I am still waiting for the final confirmation that this is the start of a new 8-year cycle, where gold gives us the final bubble phase. Not quite there yet, but gold has to close above this pivot...

In Spite of Sharp Rise in US Dollar, Metals Rally

The are 3 events to watch in the coming year: Recession possibilities, War in Ukraine, China-Taiwan.  What was very interesting yesterday was gold and the U.S. Dollar rallying together.

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