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Market Updates

Sentiment Speaks: Market Approaching A Potentially Major Bottom

And, to this end, the next rally in the market will likely tell us if a major long-term bear market has indeed begun earlier than I had expected, or if we have one more rally to be seen to new all-time highs before..

Gold Price Update Video: Everything came alive as dollar pressures eased

The U.N. issues a rate warning to the FOMC. Everything came alive as dollar pressures eased. Gold is in a true uptrend!

Asian Metals Market Update: China is closed this week

China is closed this week. There will be some knee jerk price moves in base metals if price rises this week. There will be a short covering rally..

Gold SWOT: Gold rebounded last week after the Bank of England restarted its pandemic-era bond buying program.

Despite a 75-basis point interest rate hike by the Fed last week and a surging U.S. dollar, there are other factors emerging that support gold. The Bank of Japan spent $19.7 billion..

Gold & Silver Big Picture

The precious metals complex is in a positive risk/reward situation, but that is different from a situation imminently ready to resume a bull market. It’s a process. A long and grinding one.

Technical Scoop: Growling bear, depression cycle, precious reversal, Canada outperforms, oil cut, hurricanes compared

We get asked questions as to whether we are headed for a depression so we look at some comparisons and differences with the 1930's and how the 90-year cycle of depressions appears to be in play.

Crash or Stair Stepping Bear Market?

Do not use BULL MARKET INDICATORS DURING BEAR MARKETS! I am not sure yet which one it will be with this bear market breakdown...

Gold Forecast Beached; Stocks' Target Reached

Regardless of pending revisionist history, given our failure to correctly forecast Gold's high for a second straight year, where did we err?

Gold Update Video: Big event day (end of week, month and quarter)

Energy markets looking at production cuts next week at the OPEC meeting. Gold is back near the 18 day moving average at $1685.90. Now a relief rally is occurring, gold's momentum flipping..

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