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Gold: Beware of a Cartel Trap

We've got our second test of the intermediate uptrend line this morning. Gold has bounced again. I'm going to caution again...

Gold SWOT: Iraq's Central Bank Has Been Steadily Buying Gold

Iraq's central bank has been steadily buying gold as part of its strategy to diversify its foreign assets but recently added 2% to its gold reserves in a single day.

Treasury Funding Has Begun - How will it Impact Markets?

The U.S. Treasury has to do a lot of funding! needs to sell $1 Trillion by the end of the year to refund the treasury, that is going to be a headwind if the money comes from bank deposits. 

Technical Scoop: Blowout jobs, unemployment up, narrow rally, AI rises, mining down, ceiling passes, oil rebound

The debt ceiling finally passed (as expected) but then next comes the fallout. It's just a suspension then in a year and half they get to do it all over again.

Gold: Still Looks Like a B-Wave Bounce

As it stands right now, gold has been rejected from the $2,000 level and appears to be in the declining phase of the intermediate cycle.

Strong Dollar and Rising Interest Rates Still a Headwind

Gold is back to the 18 week moving average and looking to establish itself around here. I am not bearish on gold..

Gold Gets the Grip n’ Trip Treatment

Either way, ’twas a “nothing week” for Gold, which given the approval of the DDD ought rightly have sent the yellow metal to the moon.

Gold’s Fedspeak Pullback

The bottom line is gold’s hawkish-Fedspeak-driven May pullback has likely mostly run its course.  Top Fed officials have been talking tough on future rate hikes, but now they have to..

The Jobs Report Will Determine Today's Activity

A super dove at the Fed speaks yesterday but ADP was super strong. The jobs report out this morning will be a market mover. How strong of a number will it be? Gold had a bounce..

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