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Gold the Immovable Object, but to Stocks Let No One Object

So a month into 2023 and the never-ending pricing of Gold being half what it "ought be" and that for the S&P being double what it "ought be..

Everything Hangs on What the Dollar Does

I believe it takes 1-1.5 years after rate hike after rate hike to get an impact on inflation. That is when the full impact takes place.

Keep Your Eye on the Dollar, if it Weakens it's Supportive Gold

FOMC next week and that is where the focus is going, what kind of rate hike will they go for? Canada did 25 basis points yesterday. Gold remains in an embedded..

Keep Your Eye on the Dollar, Need it to Stay Down

$1,962.60 is the next band resistance with good support on pullbacks. The key remains the US Dollar, supporting this market rally..

Gold Update: Making Bank

Really powerful trending move here in gold which I do not think is over yet...

Gold Steady as Econ Baro Plunges

The trading volume increase in the yellow metal as herein detailed a week ago is still in vogue lending to price buoyancy for Gold..

Sentiment Speaks: The Market Fleeced You Again - And, You Probably Do Not Even Realize It
Moreover, there is a better way to approach the market which will usually keep you on the correct side of the market moves. And, when it is wrong, it provides objective and early signs..
Avi Gilburt Tue, 01/24/2023 - 03:16
Still Appears That Gold Gets Well Bought on 10 to 15 Dollar Breaks
Gold's next zone to challenge is around $1985 and as you can see in the daily chart, the bullish pattern continues.
Ira Epstein Tue, 01/24/2023 - 01:01
Asian Metals Market Update: Rising Bearish Bets on USDX
Bearish bets on the US dollar index continues to rise with passing of each day. This is one the reason why gold and silver recouped yesterday’s losses as if there was never a fall.
Insignia Consultants Tue, 01/24/2023 - 00:13
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