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Market Updates

Gold Update Video: Unusual situation with China

I am fearful for the fall as I do not see China changing its zero covid policy. Gold moved to its 18 day moving average as expected, but what's next?

Gold Update Video: In a strong support valley

Gold is in a support valley. An event took place in gold that is very important. The embedded reading has lifted!

Asian Metals Market Update: Stock futures in quesiton

Crude oil supplies from Venezuela and Iran can sink prices. Even if these nations are allowed to sell in a limited quota.

A Marching Gold Stocks Band

It appears that junior mining stocks are poised to decouple from the US stock market, anchor to gold, blast up from an immense H&S bottom pattern… and stage the biggest rally in the history of junior mining! 

Gold Update Video: Still stuck in a bearish set-up

Gold trying to get a bounce going but still the picture remains bearish. Lots of resistances above. Strong support just below $1,800..

Gold Update: Gold options expiry week

Bullish on the metals and I think we are preparing for a breakout to all-time record highs, possibly this year.

Gold Update Video: Prepare for China to come back

The gold market is losing its embedded reading -- wants to run higher.

Asian Metals Market Update: Stagflation is underway

Stagflation is happening really. I still believe that gold and silver are the best hedge against stagflation.

Technical Scoop: 1939 precedent, crypto vapor, depressing news, possible low, oily buoyancy, tenacious gold

It has been the worst start since 1939. Yes, we have to go back that far to find a year off to a worse start then 2022. Then the crypto market crashed. Well one, Terra Luna, a crypto that literally vaporized overnight wiping out $40 billion in a heartbeat.

Gold SWOT: For the First Time Since October, Copper Slumped Below $9,000 Per Ton

Investors in the world’s top gold ETFs are rapidly pulling out their cash, reports Bloomberg, as markets are roiled by the Federal Reserve’s hawkish return. Over the last three weeks, in fact, the SPDR...

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