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Market Updates

Another Gold Pop n’ Flop

Despite Gold having taken a bit of a blow for the week, the fresh parabolic Long trend “ought” see yet another All-Time-High, shall we say, “sooner than later." 

Asian Metals Market Update for 19th July 2024

I am not calling this week’s fall in gold and silver a bearish trend. This is just a correction and nothing else. Sector-wise position squaring and rebuilding is there.

Gold Stock Bears: Should They Retire?

The bottom line: There will be bumps in the gold bull era road, but gold bugs in the West likely have 36 years of very happy times ahead.

Gold SWOT: Uganda Plans to Start Domestic Gold Purchases to Build Forex Reserves

Gold was the best performing precious metal this week, up 0.78%. Uganda plans to start domestic gold purchases to build up its foreign exchange reserves.

Ira Epstein's Metals Video

The pattern is a stepping ladder to the upside. So, the trend is intact until you take out the lows of this day: $2396.10.

Technical Scoop: Panic Trigger, Speculated Cut, Toppy Gold

Given that gold is now over $2,420, it suggests that we could see new all-time highs above $2,454.

Asian Metals Market Update for 15th July 2024

Gold, silver, and other safe havens will rise till the conclusion of the US presidential elections. In between sharp sell-off (if any) will be part and parcel of the bullish trend.

Gold, Rates, & Oil: Key Wave Counts

Trading Recommendation: Go Long gold. Use puts as stops. Active Positions: Long gold futures from about $1070 for a long-term C-wave hold, with puts as our stops!   

Gold Fights the Negatives; Eyes Higher Determinatives

Gold looks poised to break out to the upside, certainly supported (understatement) by its fundamental positives.

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