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Gold Price Update Video: A tidal wave set off by the Bank of England

The big question now was this event big enough to put a trading bottom in the markets? Gold made a lower low and then reversed. We no longer have a downtrend.

Metal Miners: Gold $1610 Is The Key

If a nation is themed on fiat, debt, and can’t have an orderly backyard, can it really call itself an empire that is mandated to lord over the world?

Gold Price Update Video: Hard to get overly bearish

Rates keep rising, LOTS of havoc globally. Gold is stuck. OPEC talking about cuts. Russia will acquire carious regions by October fourth.. It is hard to get overly bearish on gold with all that is going on.

Gold Price Update Video: Two year low, Fed is Engineering...

Market after market getting taken down. American goods are being priced out of the market with the Dollar. This is all engineered by the Fed.. Central Banks. Gold has no trend..

How to Look Like a Genius

To think that #Bitcoin can come back anytime soon is defying history. It would take at least 10-15+ years for it to recover in price IF IT IS EVEN A VIABLE asset.

Gold SWOT: Gold Sales in India May Suffer This Year Due to an Erratic Monsoon Season

According to UBS, platinum has diverse end uses; 85%-90% of palladium demand is for automotive catalysts. Since April, there has been a 36% recovery in ICE passenger..

Technical Scoop: Multiple breaks, soaring Dollar, sovereign potentials, shrinking earnings, possible relief, negative spreads

Can things get even worse? Yes! This past week the DJI broke 30,000, gold broke $1,675, oil broke $80 and the US$ Index soared to the highest level since 2002. DJI, gold and oil are all pointed..

Gold Price Update Video: There is an emergency going on with the Pound

The Dollar took off and everything around it cratered. Everything priced in Dollars suddenly gets a lot more expensive, bearish. The break in the energies is going to be short-lived. Bonds are screaming that ..

Asian Metals Market Update: Hedge funds are short

The general perception is that gold will trade with a softer bias long as it US dollar index continue to rise.

Gold and Silver Still Look a Little Lower

By the Dollar Index (which is all the rave) having settled out its week yesterday (Friday) at 112.820, how far is that below the all-time high? Answer: -32%. Since 1980, the population of the U.S. has risen +49%; by how much..

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