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Market Updates

Precious Metals Update Video: Jobs Report Day

Gold broke $1,800 and did not look back. 200 day moving average at $1,867.

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold trend and bias is up, resistance is solid

The 18-dma continues to support gold on the drops. Resistance around $1,800 is a lot of big resistance.

Precious Metals Update Video: END OF AN ERA -- CME Closing Down the trading pits..

CME said the lone exception would be the options pit for Eurodollar contracts.

The Gold Money Train: All Aboard!

The big picture?  Well, investors need to ignore the $100-$200/oz gyrations and focus on the fact that gold is the ultimate currency. 

Gold Update: Cracks in the Cartel Manipulation

I am of the opinion that the gold cartel will lose this battle to keep gold under $1,800. But expect the cartel to attack, but soon gold will break through the resistance zone.

Technical Scoop: Bubble tears, inequality plague, Indian collapse, stellar numbers, May sell, shallow correction, gold bottom

But economic numbers this past week for the U.S. were stellar. Did the markets soar? No, for the most part they were flat or down. Sell on news? Sell in May, and go away? We continue to believe we are near at least a temporary top but any correction should be reasonably shallow.

Gold SWOT: Fortuna Silver Mines Is Acquiring Roxgold

Fortuna Silver Mines is acquiring Roxgold. Fortuna shareholders will own 64% of the combined company. The price offered is a 42% premium to the pre-announcement price but is at 0.88x of NAV.

Gold's Pullback: A Buying Opportunity

Technical chart updates on precious metals and stocks.

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold has to make a decision soon

Gold pushing the 18 week moving average.  Big supports just below $1,700.

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - April 30, 2021

Positions as of Tuesday, April 27, 2021.

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