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Gold SWOT: Gold Snapped Three Days of Declines To Close Out Last Week

RBC views potential for more robust M&A activity in 2023 following a muted year, particularly if recent strength is sustained. Since 1990, historical M&A activity..

Technical Scoop: Intact bear, negative signs, strong labour, debt limit, Dollar attack, Japan zombies, golden resistance, oil up

Gold rose once again but silver's weakness has us still questioning the gold rally. But we are now through some key resistance zones and the debt limit..

Thin News Begets Thick Craziness

If you think the trend has gone far enough, be careful what you wish for, since, in the unimaginably hard times that may lie ahead, we could get free cereal dispensed one cup at a time..

Gold Price Update Video: Classic bull set-up in averages..

Strong market in copper, gold backed off a bit. What about the economy, labor ... The pressure on gold $2,000 remains alive.

Market Continues to March Higher in Gold

Pushing the upper Bollinger Band and looking good. Gold is $50 from those highs, next resistance highs..

Gold Price Update Video: Has to do some work..

Wow what a day! A mini crash in the markets. Retail sales were weak, PPI and they are weakening..

Gold At $1925: Key Investor Tactics

Will gold have a meaningful pullback now?  Well, it’s rallied more than $300/oz from the $1610 area low, so of course that’s possible, but it may not happen.

Gold Update: Final 8 Year Cycle Low Confirmed

Major attacks after gold broke the 200 dma has failed. Cartel will lose a lot more battles, a lot of money. Gold had to get above the $1,825 area to first confirm the end..

Japanese Monetary Policy will Impact Dollar

Gold $1,870.90 and above keeps the gold market in a bullish posture. The upper Bollinger Band has been keeping the price from rising faster..

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