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Inflation: Phase One Is Over

I’ve suggested that gold investors need to be prepared to watch gold dip below $1800 (and perhaps as low as $1566-$1450) before an enormous rally towards $3000 gets underway.

Gold Update Has the Intermediate Decline Begun

I tried to warn gold bugs that this was likely to happen, that the intermediate cycle was getting late. This last rally failed short of making a new higher-high. The rally did not do what it needed to do.

Gold Update Video: What a washout! $1,790..

Gold buyers now awaiting the $1,790 level. Now some big support levels coming into play again..

Asian Metals Market Update: Why the gold price crashed yesterday

Tomorrow’s close is the key. Trend of gold and silver after London AM Fix is the key.

Gold SWOT: Artemis Gold Received Silver Stream Offer from Wheaton Precious Metals

With third quarter earnings now complete for gold producers, a common theme in the results was a discussion on cost inflation. Fuel continues to be the area most cited along with rising pressures on consumables/reagents..

Gold Update Video: Pattern remains bullish

Weekly chart remains bullish, just a correction with major support around $1781/$1792. The weekly Bollinger band providing as a resistance.

Gold Update Video: Pros looking for $1,900

Gold sideways but remains strong. Slow stochastic above 79, bullish. Pros are buying the pullback and targeting $1,900 area next.

Gold Update Video: I believe pros are buying with both hands

Gold is about to see the 100 day average crossing over the 200 day. Another bullish sign. Upper Bollinger band around $1,894.

Gold Update Video: Pros are buying gold

Gold has not lost its embedded reading, pros are buying down here.

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