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Market Updates

Gold, Silver, & GDX Big Waves In Play

Our initial projected endpoint is...$2,234.50. We expect higher prices over the next number of weeks...Our current projected endpoint for the end of wave .v. and wave -iii- is: $2,531.10!                                                                                               

Gold Mid-Tiers Miners Q3 2023 Fundamentals

Mid-tier gold miners reported a spectacular quarter, winning against inflation, mining costs back lower; combined with higher gold prices made for enormous earnings growth.

Gold Stocks To Rise As Positive Leverage Returns

The next leg of the gold stock bull market is in play amid confusion, misunderstanding and noise.

Gold to Gold Stock Index Ratio Charts Portend Massive Prolonged Sector Bullmarket...

These ratio charts could scarcely look more bullish for the PMs sector than they do now and this being the case it is perfectly in order for us to be raving bullish on the sector now and since..

Metal Markets are no Longer Paying Attention to Crude Oil Prices

The pattern is one of bullish; there's higher lows and higher highs. The market to me as I said yesterday, I think it's got clear sailing here.

Gold: Bank Analysts Vs COT Traders

Commercial traders would almost certainly be buyers at $1925. That’s the number I suggest gold bugs focus on for any new buys while cheering for gold to go to the $2080 highs...

The Stock Market & the Policy Behind it

The problem is that this policy was not heroic on the big macro picture. Quite the contrary, this “victory” was destructive… of the middle and lower classes and by extension, society itself.

Weak Dollar and Falling Interest Rates Driving Gold Higher

It's like a thruster jet just kicking up in a way. You can see that big powerful move - markets got higher lows and higher highs.

Can A Crash Be Averted... For Now?

How the S&P takes shape over the coming weeks will likely tell us if we can get to a new all-time high before that long-term bear market begins in earnest.

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