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Gold SWOT: Bullion Notched an Eight Month High on Friday. Can It Climb Further This Week?

A survey of 13 local Russian banks last year states that Russian citizens bought 57 tonnes of gold in 2022, as they sought to safeguard..


Most commodities were in a severe bear market until everything crashed in the spring of 2020 including the PM complex and the US stock markets. What followed next was one of the strongest bull runs..

Technical Scoop: Positive barometer, moderated CPI, rising reserves, ceiling crisis, expert predictions, landing risk

Markets act as predictors. A solid up January may be portending only a mild slowdown. But many risks remain and a mild slowdown can suddenly become a hard landing.

GOLD (finally) Regains $1900 with VOLUME

Indeed Gold settled yesterday (Friday) precisely at 1923, its first weekly settle above 1900 since that ending 22 April. Is this finally the squashing of those who arguably suppress price?

Asian Metals Market Update: Key US economic data releases next weeks..

Chinese on week long holiday can cause profit taking in copper and industrial metals. Next week, it will be a technical trade...

A Speaker Listens As Gold Glistens

The US government has become the world’s largest brat, using fiat and debt to relentlessly bully citizens at home and in faraway lands. What happens now?

CPI Impact on Dollar Will be Market Moving Event

We have a huge battle going on! There is a camp thinking that the Fed is wrong and the other camp is saying that inflation is going to be sticky.. 

Asian Metals Market Update: China is closed from 23rd January

Chinese spending (within China and worldwide) will be closely scrutinized.

Sentiment Speaks: Market Makes Fools Out Of Investors Yet Again

This past week provided yet another surprise reaction to an economic report, which seemed to fool most investors yet again. It seems many simply do not learn their lesson.

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