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Market Updates

Crypto Concerns & Gold Blastoff

Crypto enthusiasts would be wise to stop comparing crypto to gold.  They should do the right thing… and just buy some gold.

Gold SWOT: Gold Prices Up 5% Over the Past Month

ETFs continued to sell, bringing this year’s net sales to 9.11M ozs. Total gold held by ETFs fell 8.5% this year to 98M ozs, the lowest level since May 13, 2020.

Gold Update Video: $2,000 by early 2022?

The week of October 22nd, there was a momentum shift in gold. It is hard to be bearish with this kind of chart action.

Asian Metals Market Update: Fed speak this week

They will keep on manipulating the global financial markets.

Gold Update Not Sure Gold Is Ready to Breakout of the Handle Just Yet

I'm still a bit skeptical that the handle of the cup-and-handle formation is finished. Not just yet. Gold has to break the $1,920 area high, which gold could potentially do on this pretty powerful move..

Gold Update Video: Gold giving no entry points

Gold is about to get a bullish crossover with the 18 day moving over the 200 day moving average. Gold is pushing the upper band of the Bollinger Band.

Asian Metals Market Update: Very crucial few days from a technical perspective

Global focus will be on inflation and its impact on growth and monetary policy.

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