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War, Gold, & Rates: Key Tactics Now

As empires reach their “blowoff” stage, not only is debt-funded war mongering a key theme, but market overvaluation is ignored… and sometimes worshipped.

Gold Update Video: Selling momentum in control, rallies will get hit

The 18 day moving average is steeping, falling faster towards the 100 day moving averages. The Gold price supports below are..

Technical Scoop: Bear similarities, economy ok, jobs good, inflation lingers, stocks down, energy up, golds struggle

Back to back volatile days up and down both making it into the top 20 up days and down days. Volatility reigns. Are we in a bear market?

Gold SWOT: Nomad Royalty Announced a Friendly Acquisition by Sandstorm Gold This Week

ETFs cut 57,382 troy ounces of gold from their holdings in the last trading session, bringing this year's net purchases to 8.81 million ounces.

Gold Tests Support; Stocks Further Abort

Inflation data highlights the week with that at the Retail level on Wednesday, then that for the Wholesale level come Thursday. And some highlighted upside Gold grind against stocks' decline would be most welcome!

How High, Interest Rates?

My long-term forecast has called for a 3.24% top in the U.S. Ten-Year Note. On Friday the rate hit 3.13%, just an inch from the target. The rally has been so ferocious that I double-checked..

Asian Metals Market Update: Broad-based selloff in all asset classes

Traders have started pricing in a 0.75% interest rate hike in the June meeting by the Federal Reserve. I expect a 0.50% interest rate hike...

Gold Update Video: China is killing themselves and the world..

China is killing themselves and the world with their covid lockdowns. Zero tolerance is taking a heavy toll. Gold's monthly chart looks good!

Gold Update Patience the Cartel Isn't Done Yet

Be careful here, the gold cartel is not done yet with their..

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