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COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - September 23, 2022

Positions as of  Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Gold Price Update Video: Short covering bounce at anytime

Central Banks doing all sorts of moves. Just about every central bank raising rates except Japan which intervened instead. China, on the other hand, is looking better.

Gold Breaking Down but Multiple Non-Confirmations

Most importantly, unlike in 2013 (and few have looked beyond the nominal chart), Gold has yet to make a new low against the stock market.

Bear Market in Everything Right Now

The overall trend in stocks looks like a bear market, the bear market rally has appeared to have topped and working on a new lower-low. There will be convincing rallies..

Gold Price Update Video: $1,709.20 next test?

No surprise by the Fed yesterday. The dot plot calls for 1 to 1.25% rate increase this year. If inflation sticky then 2023's 1/4 point increase expectations will be more. Powell is fighting..

Inflation: Tactics For Ebb & Flow

In the big picture, it won’t matter what Jay says or does today; US rates appear to be heading far higher (and rightly so) than most investors think is possible.

Gold Price Update Video: Selling pressures, relief rally?

Gold still facing lots of pressures. Selling embedded has not happened yet, will it happen today? The downtrend is intact until $1,688 is taken out. FOMC is in focus today..

Gold Is Not Undervalued – Expect Lower Prices

It is quite possible that the gold price will continue  dropping due to the risk of credit collapse and the possibility deflation (see Effect Of Deflation On the Gold Price). To a lesser extent, any moderation in the effects of inflation...

Gold Price Update Video: Nobody wants to take big positions before FOMC..

Gold is in a difficult position here because of the strong US Dollar..

Asian Metals Market Update: Federal Reserve meetings will increase volatility

If the Federal Reserve once again makes interest rate hikes dependent on data, then I will bet on a 0.25% to 0.50% hike in November followed by a pause.

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