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Market Updates

Gold Update: Don’t Get Complacent

Currencies are the most manipulated markets on the planet. The intermediate cycle low is over? Will the gold cartel attack gold here near the 200 d.m.a.? A hard stop below $1,760-pivot is a good idea..

Precious Metals Update Video: Fed has to prove transitory, but market senses inflation

Gold $1,796.80 and $1,799.60 are the two major moving averages to break above today. Gold will get over this, I believe it will. What will happen then?

Asian Metals Market Update: US Economic Data Releases

Inflation, growth and coronavirus will be the key focus once Taper is done by the Federal Reserve on 3rd November.

Gold update: Rally until the Dec. FOMC meeting

November third meeting for the FOMC, the US Dollar Index is correcting and a "big game" tapering talk will help it to reverse but this will fail. Gold will have a lot of attacks..

Gold Stocks: Massive Buy Signals In Play

An upside breakout appears imminent, and it should be awesome!  Note the red GOAU sell signal in the summer of 2020.  That signal was defined by the arrival of gold at ...

Precious Metals Better Investments: Silver Soars!

Silver soared! Gold backed off again, it was a failure day. It did not get above the 18 week moving average around $1,787.

Commodity Update: 2022 Could be Difficult

Investors think they can just throw a dart at a commodity and it will go up. I suspect next year will be a lot different. Over a year and a half where commodities have gone straight up..

Precious Metals Better Investments: Gold $1,750 and $1,800

Gold still needs to get above $1,783 area, the 18 week moving average. Gold is at a zone of support, but must not take out $1,749.90. Lots of resistance around $1,800.

Technical Scoop: Perfect storm, markets rising, swift rebound, oil highs, struggling gold, leading stocks, elusive breakout

Gold continues to struggle but silver and the gold stocks could be leading. But the elusive breakout points to the upside remain keeping alive the potential for a downward thrust.

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