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Gold: Buy the Next Dip

Human nature never changes! When I was beating the drums that gold was near the lows, nobody believed me. But now that gold is up...

Gold, War, & Central Bank Panic

All the gold charts are incredibly positive.  The only question is whether a right shoulder forms now as part of a beautiful inverse H&S pattern, or gold simply begins a vertical move towards $2000.

Sentiment Speaks: The Market Fooled You Twice. Shame On You

And, I will be watching the market quite intently over the coming week to see if we develop the bottoming signals that I want to see.

Technical Scoop: Difficult year, escalation possible, Ukraine war, persistent inflation, recession threat, commodity hope

We look at stocks, bonds, gold and the U.S. dollar and oil. The past year was highlighted by the war in Ukraine, the collapse of the crypto king, the richest man...

Gold Price Update Video: Pullback in Gold, Will it Become a Buy?

Is the Fed going to back off like most traders think will happen? No I am bullish gold, short term we need to watch..

Gold SWOT: The merger of St Barbara and Genesis Minerals will create a major Australian gold miner.

Total known physical gold ETF holdings look to have climbed this week after falling in the prior two weeks. Investors have largely pulled money out of the gold ETF since the peak this year back in April.

'AAPL Indicator' Predicting a 10% Plunge

Unfortunately for the smart guys, the trick has stopped working. That's because iPhone is facing a deep global recession that will flatten sales as never before.

Gold Price Update Video: The only way the FED will pivot..

Fed Powell is the choir boy and the rest of the Central Bankers sang. I've never seen Lagarde so hawkish before. The only way the Fed will pivot is..

The Gold Gauntlet Thrown

To be sure, the "sure thing" stock market has become a vastly-overvalued comprehensive crap shoot. So much so that the odds of making money are perhaps better by playing..

Fed & Options Expiry: Buy Gold & Oil

Technical stock chart updates on $SQQQ, $GDXJ, $BOIL, $GLD, $XLE, $GOLD and more.

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