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Dovish CPI: A Super Surge For Gold?

All precious metals investors should be prepared to buy gold, silver, and the miners with significant aggression on a price dip to $2100.

Why Did Gold Go Boom?

I have to be honest that the metals complex is my favorite segment of the market to trade, especially when it is rallying.

Gold SWOT: Central Banks Continue Adding Gold to Their Portfolios

Gold, and in particular, silver, had a buoyant week, climbing higher last Friday despite the surge in nonfarm payrolls. One would expect the release to temper gold back, as it will be longer before any rate cuts materialize now.

Gold ‘Overbought’ is Great!

The key point here is that gold finally and rightly is getting repriced to a somewhat more reasonable level, albeit still well below said Scoreboard valuation.

Technical Scoop: Fight Fear, Precious Highs, Monetary Expansion

Its breakout above $2,200 appears to be busting above the handle. If that is correct, the pattern suggests that gold could have targets up to the $3,050 zone with potential minimum objectives of $2,375/$2,385.

It’s a New Macro, the Gold Market Knows It, But Dead Men Walking Do Not (yet)

The gold breakout represents a major positive move in the making for the anti-bubble and as such, a negative one coming for traditional bubble beneficiaries.

Gold-Stock Upside Targets

gold stocks’ upside potential is massive.  Not only have they been battered technically, but they are deeply undervalued fundamentally.  They are earning fat and fast-growing profits thanks to these high prevailing gold prices. 

US Jobs Data

You can see how the market's holding up over all key moving averages, and it's trying to move to the right-hand side after spending five days in a row over the upper Bollinger Band.

Metals: Initial Jobless Claims Will be Focus

How do you deny that the gold market's on a tear? It's up 3.63%, $80 for the week as I said it began a vertical run and once it began if you weren't in and positioned, you missed this swing of the play.

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