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Market Updates

Gold Price Update Video: Gold stuck in sideways land

The next piece of the puzzle for the Fed is the CPI. Gold has been caught in a sideways action for a long time now.

Gold Price Update Video: Jobs data in hot focus

The market action did not mean much, the real market mover comes on Friday morning when the job data comes out. In the gold market, I am in the bear camp..

Asian Metals Market Update: Rate hike fears

The current state of panic among traders and investors indicates that traders are betting on 75bps interest rate hike in November, December, and January meetings. I do not think so.

Gold Price Update Video: A complete melting of markets

A complete melting of markets since Friday. Markets a bit spooked..

Asian Metals Market Update: Fear of continuous rate hikes making metals sell-off

The current bearish phase (in gold) is a passing phase which can last for another six months to nine months at the most. Gold is still the best hedge for long term.

Systemic Inflation & Euro Wasteland: Got Gold?

In regards to rate hikes specifically, I’ve asked investors to think about a scenario where Fed boss Jay Powell has watched the US government become the main driver of US inflation..

Gold Price Update Video: Everyone is going to fight inflation

Central Banks are saying they are going to fight inflation, taking the lead from the head central bank...the Federal Reserve. Powell will not blink at the next meeting. 

Asian Metals Market Update: Key dates in September

Trading volumes will rise in precious metals and base metals as the week progresses and in the month of September.

Currency Chartology Is The Big Story

I still firmly believe we are in a secular bull market that began at the 2009 low with at least ten years to go which I know sounds ridiculous to most of you but outside of a cyclical bear market, 2011, 2016 and 2020 the secular bull market has remained intact.

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