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Gold Is the Only Way Out for Central Banks

Many years of loose and unconventional monetary policy have severely damaged financial markets and the global economy. Currently, central banks find themselves cornered, as the financial system is drowning in debt and addicted to ever easier money. Gold, however, provides multiple solutions.

Here’s Who Wins the November Election

Cantankerous, divisive, even violent—choose your adjective, but the upcoming US election is on a level we haven’t seen in a long time. Even on my own street there are strong feelings on both sides, and a third side that is simply trying to stay out of the line of fire.

Something Bad Is About To Happen

Many people believe that black swan events are unforeseeable. Well, I would agree that the “event” itself may be unforeseeable, but the market declines that accompany them are not unforeseeable.

Gold SWOT: Could We See $40 Silver Within the Next 12 Months?

Citigroup estimates silver could surge to $40 an ounce in the next 12 months due to a recovery in industrial demand and strong investor appetite for precious metals.

Announcing the Winner of the U.S. Election!

Regardless of how you count total debt, and how economists rationalize, DEBT is an obvious “winner” in this race toward self-destruction.

Robert Lambourne: BIS' maneuvering in gold hits another high

The BIS' use of gold swaps and derivatives has been extensive so far this year, with September's level being the highest in the period since August 2018 as highlighted in Table B below. By contrast, in May 2019 the bank was carrying only 78 tonnes in swaps.

The Green Shoots of 2020

Those who lived through the last financial crisis might may recall the Green Shoots episode. It drew laughs on March 15, 2009, shortly after the Federal Reserve fired its heaviest artillery and, we now know, launched the longest bull market in history.

Gold and Crypto: Is This How Charts Look Before A Monetary Collapse?

It is the massive debt. It cannot be serviced. It will collapse the whole system.

Central Banks Don’t Understand “the Way the World Works”

Here in 2020, with the very soul of America torn at the line between the rich (getting richer) and the middle/poor (getting poorer) and with the Fed in balls out inflation mode, it’s a macro Groundhog Day where the same damn thing happens cycle after cycle.

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

Suddenly it seems that nearly all of The Banks and Bullion Banks are raising price forecasts and rallying around the precious metals. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

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