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Stock Market’s Caged Bear about to Rattle Himself Loose!

I’ve been saying the stock market will take a turn for the worst sometime between mid-August and October. Numerous market metrics now show a market that looks ready to turn over. The bear may soon be back in charge.

COMEX EFP (Ab)Use Has Collapsed

In a sure sign that the times have changed, the scam of "Exchanges For Physical" that The Bullion Banks have utilized for several years as a risk-free profit method appears to have finally collapsed.

Pension Funds Start Looking to Gold to Avert Disaster

Public and private pension plans face a dual crisis. The first and most obvious threat to pensioners is that defined-benefit vehicles are severely underfunded. By one estimate, pension systems taken as a whole are $638 billion in the red.

How Will the Election Impact the Bullion Market?

Anyone who thinks Biden has a good shot at becoming president should definitely stock up now.

Heading Towards a Multi-Reserve Currency System

When it comes to the development of the price of gold, it’s important to know in what direction the international monetary system is evolving.

Technical Scoop: Precious Metals rose helped by some policy shifts from the Fed

The most hated stock market rally in the world just keeps on going higher. Will anything stop it? Or do we now take our cue from Irving Fisher whose quote is above? Or is our cue from economists Carmen M. Reinhart & Kenneth S. Rogoff who wrote a book entitled, This Time is Different – Eight Centuries of Financial Folly? We can’t take our eyes off it.

Jerome Powell Confirms Intent To Hyperinflate The Dollar Supply

The bottom line is that “letting inflation run above the 2% target rate” is code for: “we have to print a helluva lot more money to keep the stock market and the big banks from collapsing.”

Light in the COVID Tunnel

Traps and Catastrophes, Horn of Plenty, Virus Killer, Light in the COVID Tunnel, Puerto Rico, Cyberpunk and Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

Fed chairman Powell is vowing to wreck the currency

As the Federal Reserve embarks on a new campaign to raise inflation rates, markets may be in for a change in character. 

Precious Metals Better Investments: Uncle Sam Cuts Interest Payments to Bondholders

At some point, Americans are going to have to wake up.  With the Fed funds rate set at 0.25, Americans can no longer earn any interest with their money in the bank.

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