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The Sky Is Falling – Gold and Silver Are Following!

Gold and silver prices peaked in August at monthly and weekly over-bought levels. A three-month correction is reasonable and could indicate a price low in October. Another gold cycle low is due in December.

Gold, Silver And The “Sh*t-Show”

Last night’s debate was nothing short of a complete tragedy:  the tragedy of a collapsing empire.  I saw an ad on one of the financial propaganda cable channels that billed the debate as “The Main Event”  as if it were to be promoted like a championship boxing match.

Bullion Bank Criminal Corruption

What you first need to know is that Bullion Bank price manipulation in the precious metals has been going on for decades. And don't think for a second that a few fines and convictions will suddenly bring all of this to an end. There's too much easy money involved for a Banker to simply walk away.

DOJ Gives Epstein-like Slap on the Wrist to JPMorgan Chase

Department of Justice officials refuse to apply the rule of law fairly. Their dereliction of duty is crushing confidence and generating outrage.

Tech Bubbles And SPACs

This was further fueled by the $1 trillion-plus in stimulus the Fed injected into the mortgage market. That, combined with the Fed’s zero-interest rate policy, pushed mortgage rates to the lowest in history.  I expect the burst of housing market activity to taper off quickly, similar to what we’re seeing in the reports for general economic activity for August and early September.

Welcome to THE GLOBAL GULAG Part 2 - the Fight Back...

With the debt bubble set to implode, virus or no virus, we were destined to plunge into chaos and anarchy anyway, so what the NWO have decided to do is to take charge of the collapse, using the old adage “Never let a good crisis go to waste” and steer the world in the direction they want it to go, whilst at the same time taking robust measures to prevent revolution by isolating people.

Doug Pollitt: MMT's Stephanie Kelton meets the grifter of imperial France, John Law

Futures markets in which the government intervenes behind the cover of intermediary brokers have done the job nicely, though at the enormous cost of destroying the market economy, impoverishing the working class, enriching the ownership class, and exploding economic inequality.

Tick, Tock Stock Drop

The market’s downfall has, however, been the truly big news for this month in terms of how I’ve anticipated this economic collapse will play out. It was one of the signs to watch for to see if the economic trends are holding as forecasted for the Epocalypse.

Great Reset Update: $50 Trillion Debt Coming

We are going to learn how much the US can borrow before it all collapses around our ears. I have no idea where that point is. It’s probably a lot more than any of us currently believe.

Why Did Precious Metals Get Clobbered This Week?

Strength in the U.S. Dollar Index seemed to be the catalyst that got the selling going. Once key technical levels got breached, the selling intensified.

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