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Submission: Fed Rules Out Yield Curve Control (for now)

I assume that the ‘tool’ known as yield curve control (per this article) is part of MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) TMM (Total Market Manipulation) that the eggheads promote with not an ounce of historical monetary grounding, caution or even human-like soul.

Asian Metals Market Update: Consolidation phase

Enjoy the consolidation phase in gold and silver as it will not last long. Month end position squaring and rebuilding will start from today and will continue till 1st September.

Housing boom or housing stock bubble? Got Gold? Silver?

Eventually unpaid housing bills and mortgage delinquencies will pull the rug out from under the housing market and homebuilder stocks. This also explains why, despite the propagandist housing market hype plastered all over the media, private residential construction spending is contracting rapidly.

The "Speculative Bubble" in Gold and Silver

Just because prices have been rallying, the market generalists and their sycophant media have been pushing the idea that gold and silver are somehow in a "speculative bubble". However, even just a quick, basic review of the COMEX market internals reveals that this is nothing but lazy misinformation.

Buffett’s Indicator tells him to buy GOLD

As comedian Rodney Dangerfield used to say, “I don’t get no respect”. The same might be said of the gold market. Gold is often criticized by Wall Street as kind of a useless investment.

Warren Buffett Shorts The Economy

While Buffett’s 180 on gold is exciting to folks in our circle, it’s also a warning of things to come.

The Elite Grand Conspiracy or the Energy Cliff: Which One Should You Be More Worried About?

So, it’s time to switch our attention to the issue that really CONTROLS everything… and that is ENERGY.  If you understand the coming energy dynamics, you will be much better prepared mentally and financially.

Technical Scoop: Gold mini-crash, high failure, DJI lag, mixed TSX,different time, consumer-Dow correlation, weakest months

Gold’s mini crash caught a lot of people by surprise. It reminded us of the mini crash back in 2011 that eventually signalled the high that would stand for years until now. So is gold’s run over? Or is it “this time it’s different”.

The Case for a Platinum-Plated Metals Portfolio

Platinum is more than twenty times rarer than gold. It is so rare that all of the platinum ever mined could fit into a room measuring 25 feet by 25 feet.

A Huge Opportunity For Investors In 2021

I think the EEM could provide us with a nice long opportunity for the next few years.

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