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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Peter Kendall: Gold Has Room to Run


Peter Kendall returns with gold blasting through $2,325 this week, yet another record high! we review the charts of key markets in real-time. He co-edits Elliott Wave International’s Elliott Wave Financial Forecast with Steven Hochberg. He also provides commentary on cultural trends, the economy and the U.S. stock market for the firm’s Global Market Perspective.

- Elliott Wave analysis on the gold sector suggests gold price just started the most significant 3rd wave.

December 1st [2023]...We walked through the pace is about gold was in [Steven Hochberg's] forecast. And as I look at your [live gold] chart, I can see the waves as they've played out and as he suggested they would. We talked a lot about October and exactly what Steve had said in the short-term update in October...and then by December, you know that we were fairly certain that that low was in place and that we would continue to new highs which happened pretty soon.

After you know that this the first set of new all-time highs that took place in. I guess it was still December, it might have been January but there we were... we got it and then we pulled back; that's wave two that pulled back into earlier this year and now we're in a third wave up, which is exactly what Steve was calling for and it's playing out very nicely, as you mentioned.

- We review the US equities chart - our guest expects a consolidation.
- With the epic GPU maker, NVIDIA higher by 10x in about one year, is the price nearing a key zenith and if so what steps can investors take to shield their portfolios?
- Are nascent money managers blissfully unaware of the risks associated with price excesses?
- How closely does the global financial asset bubble resemble the key financial manias of the past?
- Further Elliott Wave analysis suggests $3,000+ in the coming years.
- The COT data suggests the herd may once again be wrong, hinting at further gold gains for contrarian-minded investors.

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