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Is the Gold Price Too High to Buy? The Train Hasn't Left the Station!

It’s been an interesting week in the markets this past week. Action in the Middle East has left much of the world appearing as though they are watching a tennis match with heads going back and forth to see what each side’s response will be.

Sadly it appears as though this won’t be a case of ‘all talk and no action’. At the time of writing the US and EU look likely to be placing sanctions on Iran, in support of Israel. Meanwhile, Western economies and central bankers are slowly coming to the realisation that things are in worse shape than they had appreciated. Jerome Powell has admitted that inflation is not yet under control and the Bundesbank has described Germany’s economy as ‘weak at its core.’ 

I interviewed Crag Hemke earlier this week. At a time when many gold investors are feeling increasingly vindicated, it seemed apt timing to speak with someone who has been writing his markets blog (and discussing gold investment) for nearly fifteen years. As he says in the interview, he has been calling for gold to reach these prices for some time. And, he expects to see it take another step up, in the coming weeks. 

Those of you who are also interested in the miners, should be sure to listen to his own analysis on their performance. He has some strong thoughts on Newmont!

With the gold price steaming ahead, many of you have been in touch to ask if now is a good time to buy gold. Jan Skoyles takes the question head on. Let us know if you agree with her or not!

To help you we made a video: “Is Now The Right Time To Buy Gold”? 

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