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Chinese Economic Implosion Not Supporting Gold

The basic implosion taking place in China's economy in real estate and now shadow banking is like a slow-rolling disaster. It just seems to spread. We keep hearing new names popping up - large and midsized companies - one after the other having the problem. The government seems to be very good at creating a task force and doing nothing. Sort of like our president. 

We are going to hear more about Trump this week because he's not going to participate in the presidential debates; instead he has said he will be interviewed by Tucker Carlson on X (Twitter.) 

When you look at the gold weekly chart - are you going to make a run for 1852.80? It certainly has all the makings of it. It doesn't mean gold won't hold, but it's the only number I have to work with on a weekly chart. 

When I go to the weekly chart of closes, the market is still down. You have the pattern of a higher high and a lower low. I don't see a trend. 

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