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Copper Continues to Say Economies Still Have Trouble

All right, as we take a look at the gold market, again, I do see support at $2014.5 if it's attacked. When we come over and we look at a daily bar chart, it's difficult to make a trade right here, and the reason it is; everything's narrowed in. Do you really see much movement going on? I can make an argument that you have higher lows. I can move that up there and say the higher low, higher high.

I'm arguing that support is at the $2047 level. So if the bulls are going to buy, I think that's where they'll buy – they'll put stops under the $2030.80 area but that's an awful lot of risk. This pattern is not the best pattern for people to be trading off of...and I'm looking at the resistance of $2068.20, which is the upper Bollinger Band – momentum is just flat in the water.

So this has turned into a market that just drifting sideways. These are the hardest times for Traders. They want somebody to always say buy here, sell there do this. They're looking for a so-called quote, unquote action. There isn't any just yet. When we look at the gold-silver ratio, it continues to favor the gold well over the silver market.

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