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FOMC Minutes and NVIDIA Earnings After Market Close

Now, as we take a look at the gold market, as you can see on the weekly chart you are down to a major number. How often do you hear me say when you get a correction if it lasts, you get back to that 18-day average, or in this case the 18-week, this weekly chart, and you challenge it? When you were under this, you came back, you came up here and if I showed you, you stopped literally there then you came back to check it out. Then you moved

So, now, the big question is, it does this market just hang in here and what does it do? Let's see if we can see anything on the daily. For those of you who get my twice-daily reports; I know I wrote that I think you're gonna go, but it was well before this happened to the $2039 level and that's where the 18-day average of resistance was and that's where I thought the market was headed. 

The swing light is still down, with lower highs and lower lows, and lo and behold $2039.70 – the 18-day average. So, what I was looking for happened...a couple of things. Number one, the first challenge of a 200-100 day average and I know went through it, like, a hot knife in butter, but it did come back and where the market held was the Bollinger Band combination with it...and I know that if you learn this, you start saying, 'Okay. This is not about catching bottoms and tops. This is about catching zones in a market that help you make decisions.' 

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