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Gold Update on the Bloodbath Phase

In gold, we are on day four of a five-to-seven-day bloodbath phase. Most emotional retail traders will panic-sell. I will get lots of emails from trolls telling me how wrong I am, and that gold is never going to turn and go back up. And a month from now, I am going to be telling you "I told you so" again. 

The banking cartel has not been able to make a lot of money in the shorts, so they need to trigger this bloodbath phase so they can cover their shorts into a panicked selling event. They need large volume in order to cover large short positions. They will break a support zone to trigger retail traders to panic-sell.

Many traders who know what's happening and who have been through dozens of these, emotions are more powerful than logic, and they still panic-sell. Then they can't buy it back for the ride higher. And these create massive bearish sentiment. That is the fuel for a big move. 

We've got at least another one to three days of this, then we will get a powerful move that will break out above all-time highs. The banking cartel will cover their shorts out of this, then the banking cartel will get out of the way of the next rally. 

If you have bought, you need to hang on. You don't want to do something stupid. You don't want to sell your position into this. Once it's finished, you get a huge move to the upside. This produces a huge multi-week rally that I am convinced will give us the break out above 2090.

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