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GoldSeek Radio Nugget - Bill Murphy: Market Manipulation And Opportunity


Bill Murphy comments on the gold and silver break-outs to record high prices, noting a short-squeeze could be imminent in the heavily shorted, AG market.

- We discuss how $2,000 Trillion in global fiat money could soon be searching for safety.
- Is the break-out in the price of gold and silver signaling that the above is imminent?

We've discussed before; gold broke out because the Chinese has been destroying what I call the gold cartel. It was trying to suppress the gold price. That went first.

Silver broke above $30 which we've discussed how important that was, and it came back the other day, $29.99 [to the penny] went back up and then they knocked it down today...but JPMorgan, if I'm correct is behind the whole scheme and [they just got to find] 100 million dollars for rigging the market, and then you're gonna have the shares which have been in total neglect, they're going to go nuts, they're so cheap. It's going to be kind of exciting and we're having a lot of fun with it. 

- Given the price action in gold and copper, is silver on track for new all-time records?
- Will $50 cap the price of silver or is triple digits in the cards?
- Why is Jim Rickard's new gold price forecast near $37,000?
- Like many of our recent guests, Bill expects metals shares to be the next big-bull story.
- We continue to discuss a must-read FREE book with free audio to Michael Saylor's AND Prof. Nassim Taleb's key book, a must for every investors summer-reading list: Text and Audio.
- If you'd like to ask our guests a question - dial our Q&A hotline 24/7, leave a message, 828-554-1203 and send a message -

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